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    HornyCraft Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – This world is fraught with a lot of vulgarities, be sure of it!​

    Developer: Shadik –
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.09
    OS: WindowsMac, Linux, Android
    Language: English, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Chinese
    Genre: 2DCG, Adventure, Parody, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Animated, Big Tits, Lactation, Monster Girl, Bestiality, Handjob, Oral Sex


    Welcome to the world of HornyCraft game!
    This is an 18+ fan parody where you have to play as a guy named Steve who lives in a cubic world. This world is fraught with a lot of vulgarities, be sure of it!​

    HornyCraft Download 
    HornyCraft Download 
    HornyCraft Download 

    Update 0.09

    • Meet the new mob – Warden!


    • Added a scene: The first meeting
    • Added scene: Lunch


    • Added a scene: Delicacies of the Upper world


    • Added a scene: A new toy


    • Added scene: Uncontrolled Lust

    Wandering Trader:

    • Added scene: Special anal service

    Other changes:

    • New location – Warden’s house.
    • A new view of gallery. Now the scenes will be sorted by characters. This way it will be easier for you to understand which character you are missing a scene with! In order for a character in the gallery to become available, you need to talk to her!
    • Bug fixes
    • Herobrine (not) removed
    • New mine improvement – Labyrinth. With it, you can get gifts, as well as find a Warden

    Update 0.08


    • New Scene: Beach Day
    • New Scene: Sleepover
    • New outfit: Swimsuit


    • New scene: To the beach in the morning
    • New outfit: Swimsuit


    • New scene: Late morning
    • New Scene: Breeding Season

    Other changes:

    • Changed the texture of the Minecart
    • Simplified fishing mini-game (now you need to score 5 points, before – 10)
    • Herobrine removed
    • Bug fixes
    • Sparky’s Barn location is now active
    • Other minor changes
    • French language removed

    Update 0.07
    The Spanish translation has been temporarily removed from the game


    • Added a scene: Potion Preparation
    • Added scene: Hangover Cure


    • Added scene: Brand new Swimsuit


    • Added a scene: Buy me a sex toy!


    • Added scene: Product (For Endergirl)

    Other changes:

    • Changed the screen before talking to the Trader
    • Added a new dream: Some kind of magic school
    • Now the minecart has a maximum upgrade level – 10. Also, the cost of upgrade has been slightly increased
    • The beach is now always available (previously: only after going there with a Cow)
    • Added a new fishing mini-game (also added crafting fishing rods and a new resource – fish)
    • Changed the crafting interface, fixed the problem of lack of screen space for mobile devices
    • Added Home button: go directly to the house from the map screen
    • Added a Changelog button: read the list of all changes right during the game
    • Bug fixes

    Update 0.06.1

    • Bug fixes

    Update 0.06

    Added a new location “Swamp”, which can be accessed after the first meeting with the Witch.

    Meet the Witch!

    • Added a scene with the Witch «First meeting»
    • Added a scene with the Witch «Important Ingredient»

    The portal to Nether can now be used. Don’t go to Nether without golden armor!

    • Added location “Piglin Village”
    • Added a Piglin!
    • Added the “Golden Monument” object
    • Meet the Piglette!
    • Added a scene with Piglette «First meeting»


    • Added the «Gangbang in the Nether» scene (The idea of one of the players – omegaheross – who won the contest)

    Other changes:

    • The mine can now be upgraded to level 3 (gold).
    • Added a new craft “Improve the Trolley”, which increases the amount of extracted resources in the mine
    • Slightly changed (increased) the amount of resources extracted in the mine
    • Herobrine has been removed
    • Platinum cheat codes have been moved to a separate, special platinum version of the game
    • Fixed translation errors into French and some errors that occur when playing with Spanish
    • Many other smaller changes and bug fixes

    Update 0.05


    • Added the “Night Picnic” scene
    • Added “Ask” -> “Sex”
    • Added the “Morning Surprise” scene

    Meet the Endergirl!


    • Added the “Meeting in the Forest” scene
    • Added the “You’re a block too!” scene
    • Added related “Show” functions

    How To Install HornyCraft

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

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