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The Fixer Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – The Fixer is an adult life sim lite visual novel. You take the role of our protagonist, Samantha who is a Fixer.

Developer: Sam_Tail Patreon
OS: Windows, Linux, MacAndroid
Language: English
Genre: Sandbox, 2DCG, Female protagonist, Anal Sex, Creampie, Handjob, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Rape, Sexual Harassment, Transformation, Vaginal sex, Virgin


The Fixer is an adult life sim lite visual novel. You take the role of our protagonist, Samantha who is a Fixer. She has to make “problems” your employer has, go away. From investigating industrial sabotage to diplomacy between factions. All the while trying to balance your normal day to day life.

After playing through one of the origin stories, you find yourself in Blaston, having been rescued by the cities main power base and in return you agree to work for them as a “Fixer”. Someone who solves potentially sensitive problems using tact, diplomacy or underhanded means. Will you manage to make a difference to the town and it’s power brokers or will you fall into the pit of depravity and despair along with the majority of residents in Blaston?

The Fixer Download
The Fixer Download
The Fixer Download


Added (again) the animated drunk effects and the floating hearts effect now performance has been fixed.
Fixed some save compatibility issues when loading from 3.0.
Fixed performance issues. This shouldn’t just be a minor improvement but a huge one and things should run very smoothly now. Please give feedback on how your performance is now.
Fixed rollback lag caused by the talking character highlight. NOTE. Performance should be SIGNIFICANTLY better. But I can only test on my own devices, so please inform me if you notice the improvements or if you cannot notice a difference. ANOTHER NOTE, If you are loading an old save, you need to move the game forward so none of the old saves rollback memory is in the buffer. The fixer has 50 steps of rollback so progress a bit for the rollback slowdown to be fixed.
Added new cleaning GGs. An upskirt with maid/bar/dungarees variations and a simple generic scene.
Added cleaning events depending on locations.
Edited and expanded the cleaning job so it can be used in all locations.
Added a debug test cleaning event for the bar to test how things work in multiple locations.
Added cleaning quest separate from the “paying rent” quest.
Paying rent cleaning stats/pay switched over to the cleaning quest.
Cleaning quest has a new maid quest image.
Pub can only be cleaned when Sammy cannot work the actual pub. If the time rolls over into actual pub work hours, Sammy is given the choice to switch to working the pub.
Cleaning changed from once a day to once every 4 hours. May switch to being repeatable if there are enough events for it (once prostitution is in).
Added cleaning events at the bar while working normal shifts.


  • In a nutshell…
    • New breast sizes added. Sammy can now have small, medium or large breasts
    • New locations, events and characters
    • All CGs updated for breast sizes, body writing, spanked ass etc.
    • Inventory added with a whole host of items
    • Perks added
    • New way to travel around town and location areas have been restructured
    • Custom colours for clothes/hair/makeup
  • Perks
    • Perks added to the game
    • Origin perks added where the player can select a defining trait for Sammy
    • There are 8 origin perks picked at the start of the game and many more normal perks
  • Sammy/customisation
    • Updated body writing. Sammy now has 2 pens in her inventory, a permanent marker and a felt marker. Permanent writing takes 5 showers to remove while felt marker is removed after one wash. There is also a tattoo variant that cannot be removed but this needs to be applied by someone else.
    • Added small and large breast variants to the surgery menu
    • Updated the art for Sammy’s body
    • Sammy’s stats are now heavily dependent on perks and are no longer capped at 100. Given the right perk balance, Sammy’s desire for example can now each 900, possibly more.
  • Scavving
    • New scavenge mechanic added where Sammy can look around the streets for anything valuable to sell. This is intended to be a non sex sidegrade for prostitution (prostitution will be in an upcoming update)
    • Vendors added who buy different types of scrap off Sammy
    • Scav events added where Sammy looks around the streets for junk
    • Sammy can also collect non scrap items at various locations such as beer/cigs. Some areas have more specific items not available elsewhere
  • Bus
    • Bus travel menu added. You now need to get the bus to travel to different districts
    • Added bus travel scenes. These can range from mundane to Sammy leaving naked
  • School
    • School art updated to give the school a more run down feel to it
    • New rooms added, the library and sew room
    • School locations have been restructured to accommodate the new classrooms
    • Can relax in the library or study to boost intelligence
  • Pub
    • Added new barmaid uniform
    • Updated all barmaid CGs to use the new uniform and have breasts/preg/tattoo/writing/spank/buttplug variations.
    • Added Trixie as a replacement for barmaid
    • Added in undress CG to the selling socks/pants events
    • Updated the pub KO event with the new ass up CG
    • Updates to many of the talking/serving events so you get a red ass when groped/spanked
    • Added new standing/harass CG for when Sammy is bringing beer to a table or returning from a table.
    • Updated sex CGs to use the barmaid dress
    • Updated pub work start where you buy clothes that are missing.
    • Added a shop to the back room in the pub to buy missing clothes
    • Added wardrobe and mirror to the back room.
    • Work in the pub is now started from the back room after your first day. This is in preparation for the dance/topless job that will be there later
    • Added rare abduction event to the pub if you follow a guy outside into the alleyway
    • Added in pub harass events when walking to/from the bar.
    • Added in some flavour comments while working at the bar for male start Sammy as well as comments when you haven’t worked there for very long
    • Added in a few new event branches
    • Added in perk specific branches to many of the scenes

Added art for the cosplay girls. Saskia and Frida plus pregnant variations
Added the event where you pick up clothes from the girls at the market as well as picking up the tracker from the junkyard
Haven mission can now be played after collecting the packages
v0.2.107 Changelog

New character Jaylee and Ashon added to the scrapyard. Jaylee is a scavenger who will introduce the job and her brother is the manager of the scrapyard
Jaylee’s trailer added. This is a location that will eventually act as a home for Sammy (one also occupied by Jaylee) when you are friendly enough with Jaylee
Added Jaylee x Sammy art. Kissing scene and two nude poses scenes
Added Dez (Alis boss) art
Updated the scavenge mechanic to now function. No proper events are added for it yet but you can spend time around most outdoor locations scavenging for items
Scavenging can also net you items such as nail polish, hair dye and other tool items as a rare find. Beer and cigs can also be rarely found
Strange pill and a variety of drugs can now be scavenged at the beach. Story explanation for why at the beach to follow
New item added, pepper spray. During any hostile encounter where Sammy is able to resist, the option for using pepper spray will come up and auto win the encounter. Pepper spray cannot be bought and will only be a very rare find while scavenging.
Removed the swap actions button and added personal actions to the main bar. Whoring and scaving needs to be unlocked before it can be done.
Removed the quick change action since this makes being stripped naked by events meaningless since you can just change
Added a new personal action where if Sammy is stripped of clothes and is exposed, she can scavenge for some rags to wear. Events to follow but this will be pretty rough for her
Added in mini events for when it is late at night (replacing the previous “send home” mechanic), Sammy is pregnant or Sammy is exposed
Added in a cheat that allows you to do each step of the gloryhole start chain and gives items
Fixed up issues with the gloryhole start chain, now fully works
Can use the gloryhole and earn money though doing it. 200 per customer is placeholder until I properly do the economy
Can do blowjob, vag or anal. Scenes are not properly written yet but are functional
When working at the pub. You can choose to serve the gloryhole instead of doing a shift, then return to work and carry on like normal
There are usually 4 shifts per cycle when working at the pub. Each visit to the gloryhole counts as 1. While there is no limit to how many times you can serve the hole, your colleagues might come looking for you the more you serve.
Added in the soccer boys/nate gloryhole quest. He will mention it to you where you have to collect the tools able to make a hole. The tools currently need to be cheated in but eventually will be gained either by scavenging or from the mechanic faction.
Added event where you make the gloryhole with Nate with option to service him after or leave him alone there
Tools are later given back to you where you will be able to create your own gloryholes elsewhere (currently cant create or use gloryholes outside of the intro)
New tool items chisel, saw and tape. Tape is a consumable item that is used up in creation of a gloryhole
Expansion of event where you ask Alison what’s the issue with her boss (Dez)
Expansion of event where you ask Dez what’s his deal with Alison
Added the ability to add gloryholes elsewhere (still no events yet)
Added in new scrap items for scavenging. Various different scrap materials to sell to vendors
Fixed some soccer boys conversations triggering when they shouldn’t
If you didn’t see the mechanics to find out what you need to make the gloryhole and instead got the items though scavenging (or cheats). You can now use the saw or chisel from your inventory to update the quest
New Job quest is started after you complete the Nate gloryhole quest chain. This is so all your glory hole stats can be tracked through that quest in the diary
Added a new mini mission before Haven where you collect packages in preparation for the Haven mission. This serves to introduce Sammy to the mechanics and people at the market
Added the first stage of the Ali/Boss quest. Currently just the setup and intro. It can be started after you collect the package from the mission mentioned above
Fixed an issue where if you played the game with Simon, refused sex, then met with bob and then offered to sell yourself to Simon, it will be reflected properly when talking to the psychologist
Fixed soccer boys/bully bug
Fixed reported typos

How To Install The Fixer

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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