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    Town of Magic [v0.61.010]


    Town of Magic Free Download Latest Version

    Town of Magic Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Celica, a young mage, and her magical and erotic adventures in the magical town of Agranor.​

    Developer: Deimus – Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.61.010
    OSWindows, Linux, MacAndroid
    Language: English
    Genre: 2D, Adult, Erotic, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Possession, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Turn-Based Combat, Animated, Groping, Monster, Tentacles, Living Clothes, Clothes ripping, Combat struggle, Yuri/lesbian, English (WIP)


    Welcome to Town of Magic, the sandbox adventure game about Celica, a young mage, and her magical and erotic adventures in the magical town of Agranor.​

    Town of Magic Download
    Town of Magic Download
    Town of Magic Download

    – 2 New Enemies
    – 3 New Locations
    – New magic Spell
    – New Events for Nel, Selena, Galiene, and a new character
    – New Cloth piece
    – More than six new items
    – Demoness will spank you if you repeatedly win against her after signing a contract.
    – Code optimization and improvements

    – New Enemy
    – New Locations, New World
    – New magic Spell
    – New Main Events + Events for the Demoness and Evie
    – Galiene now frees you from grabs
    – List of Items for Fusion
    – Continue after the Gameover screen
    – The new enemy is temporary and will only appear secretly in subsequent versions of the game

    Version 0.55.010

    • Level Cap Increased to 60
    • 2 New Worlds, 3 New Locations
    • New Ally
    • New Events for the Demoness, Nel and Violet.
    • New Enemy
    • 2 New cloth parts
    • New alchemy recipes
    • Updated Shopkeepers and Maid Art
    • Added Ability reordering
    • Added Censorship Option (Beta, Not fully working)
    • Fixed enemy health levels and experience

    Version 0.45.502

    – New Events
    – Level Cap Increased to 55
    – New Enemy
    – New World and 3 new locations
    – New Nel x Evie Event
    – New Demoness Event
    – New Slimegirl Event (When armor health less than 30%)
    – New Items and New Formulas
    – Reset abilities at Pawn Shop
    – Improved Treasure Finder
    – Updated Character images: Barkeeper + New Character
    – Updated Background images: Beach, docks, fisherman’s dock, Pawnshop, East Gate, Selena’s Home, and Intro
    – Nel’s location choice options improvements
    – Readjusted Skill points and Experiences

    How To Install Town of Magic

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Town of Magic Free Download



    LINUX (v0.60.002)
    MAC (v0.60.002)


    ANDROID (v0.60.002)



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