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    The DeLuca Family [v0.09.0]


    The DeLuca Family Free Download Latest Version

    The DeLuca Family Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Our protagonist is a guy like any other normal guy. Lives a peaceful and uncomplicated life.

    Developer: HopesGaming Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.09.0
    OS: Windows, Linux, MacAndroid
    Language: English, French, German, Spanish
    Genre: 3DCG, Dating sim, Male protagonist, Voyeurism, Big ass, Point & click, Animated, MILF, Romance, Humor, Graphic violence, Teasing, Groping, Cheating


    Our protagonist is a guy like any other normal guy. Lives a peaceful and uncomplicated life. That uncomplicated life turns into a rather complicated one when he receives a letter from a mafioso, who tells our unfortunate protagonist that due to his parents past, he is now under a mafia contract. He is to serve for a mafia family, but not just any mafia family, the DeLuca family. One of the most dangerous and infamous criminal organizations in the country.

    The DeLuca Family Free Download
    The DeLuca Family Free Download
    The DeLuca Family Free Download

    v0.08.0.1 Bugfix
    * Fixed The Contract not getting assigned when starting new game
    * Fixed “X Quest Complete” notification when upgrading saved game
    * Fixed receiving all of the level up messages when you gain XP after upgrading save.
    * Fixed issue where saved game might fail to load after receiving an item
    * Fixed player level appearing higher than it should be
    * Fixed player money display missing in new games

    Changes and new features:

    – New sprite idle animations (3 Pood)
    – Save games can now be renamed
    – Several new soundtracks added
    – New MC theme created from scratch by a freelancer music composer for The DeLuca Family

    – Luna Event: Fearless Serpent – (bit story about M6 and the other girls from the past + lewd scene with 2 animations.)
    – Gracie Event: Work Seduction
    – Gracie Event: I Don’t Smoke
    – Gracie Event: Movie & Dinner
    – Gracie Event: Morning Job
    – Gracie Event: Business Toys
    – Gracie Event: Sessanta Nove
    – Gracie Event: Arrendersi
    – Gracie Event: Nepotism
    – Gracie Event: The Grind


    – Fixed performance issue that may happen after prolonged play (3 Pood)
    – Major code change and optimization (3 Pood)
    – Equipment/inventory database change (3 Pood)


    Changes and new features:

    Mission Contracts can now be fully controlled via keyboard shortcuts. Designed so it can be played with only the left hand
    -navigation: W,S,A,D. Explore: E, Interact: Q, Inventory: Z, Abilities: X, choices: 1-9, Continue: Space, Skip: Ctrl

    – Nimble finger now also give Hardened Leather Gloves (R) when getting S
    – Stats has been changed to icons (Visual change)
    – Icons has been added in appropriate choices (such as battle choices)
    – Gallery will stay unlocked even outside of the save game.
    – Added all missing events to gallery replay
    – Added new Explore stat for mission contract. Will give an overview of how much of the
    contract you have explored.
    – Added a little scene where the dog can save MC during nimble contract fight (Morbil)
    – Saves now inform people what version the saves is and if it is compatible or not.
    – Added an image of MC that shows the different gear you wear.
    Works with all current equipment.
    – Overhaul of the main mission GUI during contracts
    – Transparent dialogue box added
    – Many new translatable huds and gui

    – Fixed an issue where the Nimble Finger Fight gave the D rank no matter what
    – Fixed an issue that overlapped a mission and Wilfred when not having enough HP/MP
    – Fixed an issue where consumable quantities wouldn’t update
    – Fixed an issue where some room hotspots would persist into events
    – The Painter missing description fixed
    – New line markers in The Painter fixed
    – Can fall through to Painter Talk label in mission The Painter fixed
    – Prevents player discarding the pistol so you always have at least one gun
    – Peeking stealth bug fixed
    – Gallery replay bug fixed
    – Bonanzo Meeting top right broken map fix

    How To Install The DeLuca Family

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    The DeLuca Family Free Download

    WINDOWS/LINUX (v0.08.0)





    WalkthroughDIRECT LINK – MIRROR


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