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    Jikage Rising [v1.26]


    Jikage Rising Free Download Latest Version

    Jikage Rising Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Never having achieved much in Konoha, you suddenly find yourself back to the past.

    Developer: Smiling Dog Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 1.26
    OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
    Language: English
    Genre: 2D game, 2DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, BDSM, Parody, Mind control, Corruption, Impregnation, Footjob, Harem, Oral sex

    Never having achieved much in Konoha, you suddenly find yourself back to the past. With the help of the mysterious Saru, you unlocked the power of your clan and gained the ability to turn others into your followers. You will have have to track down and indoctrinate key kunoichi that will be useful in your quest to revive your clan.​

    Jikage Rising Download
    Jikage Rising Download
    Jikage Rising Download

    Jikage Rising 1.26 changelog
    -Kumo threesome (animation not done yet, will add it in when animation is done)
    -Hinata scene
    -Tenten scene
    -Mei outfits options unlocked
    -Background prep
    -Prepping stuff for Arc 3

    Jikage Rising v1.25 changelog:
    -Mei lvl 5 event
    -Mei x Tsunade scene
    -Karin lvl 5 event
    -Sakura x Karin scene 2
    -Compatibility readded for 32-bit
    -Gallery updated

    Jikage Rising v1.24 changelog:
    -Karin scene
    -Mei scene
    -Plot progression
    -Karin lvl 4 event
    -Mei battle for lvl 4

    Jikage Rising v1.22 changelog
    -Mei thighjob scene added
    -Mei level 2 minigame added (higher dex helps!)
    -Mei hj animation added
    -Shizune random event added (10% chance to occur when you visit Tsunade)
    -Stupid seasonal event with puzzle and outfit unlocks (No sex scene)
    -New cheat for materials added due to popular demand, details are in the walkthrough

    Jikage Rising v1.21 changelog
    -Mei’s introduction event
    -Mei’s handjob scene (animation still pending, waiting for it to be completed)
    -Spec outfit event available for Samui
    -Spec outfit event available for Karui
    -Spec outfit event available for Mabui
    -Spec outfit can now be worn in private
    -Tenten can now join you for missions
    -Replaced Samui’s boss battle sprite (Yukata, Sari, and Matsuri soon)
    -Mei’s status screen added
    -Swimsuit added for a lot of the girls
    -Bunnysuits added for a lot of the girls
    -Ino’s nightgown/yukata thing can now be obtained from the tailor
    -Mei’s assets added
    -Kumo girls have been resized so they appear more natural

    Jikage Rising v1.19 Changelog:
    -Added Kurotsuchi new event
    -Added anal scene for Kurotsuchi
    -Added Mating Press scene for Kurotsuchi
    -Added titjob scene for Ayame
    -Ino can now be invited to join you on missions
    -Missing Konoha orgy scene added into gallery
    -Kurotsuchi’s status can now be viewed

    v1.18b Public
    -Kurotsuchi added
    -Some UI updated
    -A scene for Kurotsuchi
    -Event for Kurotsuchi
    -Adding in animation for Tenten x Mabui scene
    -Ability to recruit Ino to join battles not added yet due to art not being done
    -Added ability to check girl’s stats in training menu in the Hokage building
    -Some other minor stuff that I probably forgot

    v1.17c Public:
    -Another Mabui scene
    -Mabui event
    -Plot Progression
    -More dialogue for the girls
    -Scene for Karin
    -New outfit for Hinata
    -Swimsuits for the Konoha girls
    -New outfit for Temari
    -Tsunade sprite updated
    -New Tenten x Mabui scene
    -Animation for Mabui’s riding scene added

    -New scene for Mabui
    -Progress for Karin
    -Added in the ability to recruit Sakura and Hinata
    -Added in the chance to gain stats when completing missions for the MC
    -Added in option to train the stats of the girls in the Hokage Building
    -Minor UI updates/ improvements
    -Added in some minor dialogue for Karin
    -Will add in missing scene for Mabui when I get back on Monday

    -Karin introduction
    -Mabui intro event
    -Mabui BJ scene
    -Mabui wohoo scene
    Also realised that we probably added the most art for this update so far some reason, mostly cause we have some “cutscenes” for non-sexytime stuff as well now. Let me know if you guys prefer to have stuff like this or if y’all just purely want sexy stuff yeah!

    -Samui level 5 control event
    -Karui level 5 control event
    -Threesome scene 1
    -Threesome scene 2
    -Changed the font as per request
    -Gallery updated, now includes Suna orgy scene, new threesome scenes.
    -Previous scenes for Karui and Samui updated, level 5 control variant added, Samui paizuri mind sealed animation updated
    -New Sakura wohoo scene

    Updated UI
    Sakura Stripping scene
    Tenten Stripping scene
    Separated Arc 1 from Arc 2
    Added in cheat menu
    Updated main menu to have a walkthrough button
    Karui level 3 event
    Karui woohoo scene
    Added animations for Karui’s woohoo scene, Karui’s HJ, Samui woohoo, samui riding scene. (Paizuri animation will be added once I get the files)

    -Karui event
    -Samui’s level up event
    -Karui scene
    -UI update for shops
    -Unlocking more outfits for the girls
    -Giving all Suna girls outfits
    -Tidying up loose ends
    -Now able to check status of Kumo girls
    -Suna girls are able to change their outfits now!
    Christmas Event (must have viewed Pain’s attack, option will be in room at night)

    -Combat system is back!
    -More outfits
    -Update outfit system
    -Updated scenes for multiple Suna girls
    -New animated scenes for multiple Konoha girls
    -Voyeurism scenes
    -More GUI updates
    -Beautifying some stuff
    Halloween event added
    -Halloween outfits added

    -Final Suna recruit mission
    -Scene for the new recruit
    -Scene for Yukata
    -Spec outfit scene for Sari
    -Added more variations for recruitment event
    -Progress for combat system
    -New events with Sakura and Ino
    -Mission report scenes (you can change this in the settings)
    -Bug fixes

    -Added new missions
    -Matsuri recruitment event
    -Matsuri HJ scene
    -Matsuri spec-ops outfit
    -Matsuri spec-ops outfit event
    -Tenten toy scene (animated)
    -Gallery for Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Hinata, Temari, Yukata, Matsuri added
    -Added variation for Matsuri’s recruitment scene depending on who’s in the team
    -Added something else but I forgot
    -Couple of bug fixes

    -More updates to the mission system
    -More outfits
    -More missions
    -Kurenai sex scene
    -Anko sex scene
    -TsunadeXShizune scene
    -Animations added for Temari paizuri scene
    -Animations added for Temari sex scene 1
    -Animations added for Temari sex scene 2
    -Animations added for Hinata masturbation scene
    -Animation added for Ino’s anal beads scene
    -Yukata recruitment event added
    -Temari spec-ops outfit (We need a new name for this) event added
    -Yukata spec-ops outfit event added
    -Reduced prices of outfits in shops again
    -Some other stuff that I probably forgot

    -Temari new wohoo scene
    -Temari’s final event
    -New scene for Ayame
    -New threesome scene with Shizune and Tsunade
    -More outfits

    -Mission system
    -Temari scene
    -Temari event
    -More scenes for Konoha girls
    -More UI improvements

    -Updating mission system (code pending)
    -Temari’s first event (code pending)
    -Temari new scene (code pending)
    -Hinata mast scene
    -Ino beads scene
    -Ino bathhouse scene 2
    -Hinata bathhouse scene 2
    -Item screen now works
    -MC status now works
    -Girls status now works
    A bunch of stuff in the UI work now and you’ll be able to see your progress with Temari now, though if it doesn’t work, try sleeping a day, it should do a check and get everything up and running!

    On the side of bad news, there was some changes done to the mission system and we kinda broke it for now, it’s not gonna be permanently broken, the coder is trying to fix it now and it’ll pretty much be a plug and play thing, I’ll update the game once he sends me the updated mission system and Temari should be ready to be leveled up!

    -New Sakura room scene
    -Sakura Bathhouse scene
    -Ino Bathhouse scene
    -Tenten Bathhouse scene
    -Hinata Bathhouse scene
    -Temari’s animation redone
    -Sakura’s old animation redone
    -Mission system added (Adding more missions soon)
    -Option to skip to arc 2 when starting new game


    Jikage Rising v1.02 changelog

    -Bug fixes

    -Sakura’s scene

    -Temari’s scene

    -Suna bonus girl 1 scene

    -Tsunade intro scene

    -Code overhaul done!

    -Added Tsunade level 4 event
    -Added Kurenai level 4 event
    -Added Tsunade cowgirl scene
    -Added Kurenai demonstration scene
    -Added a way to get rare items from stadium boxes easier
    -Added optional pimping Ino kissing scene
    -Added optional pimping Ino oral scene
    Well, that’s about it! As always, let me know if there are issues yeah!

    -Added Tsunade level 4 event
    -Added Kurenai level 4 event
    -Added Tsunade cowgirl scene
    -Added Kurenai demonstration scene
    -Added a way to get rare items from stadium boxes easier
    -Added optional pimping Ino kissing scene
    -Added optional pimping Ino oral scene

    -Shizune level 4 event
    -Shizune doggy style scene
    – Shizune x Sakura footjob scene
    -Kurenai level 3 event
    -Kurenai boobjob
    -Gallery error fixed (Let me know if it’s still wonky!)

    -Bonus girl 3 content
    -Hidden scenes for Hinata
    -Hidden scenes for Ino
    -Bug fixes

    -New high lust scene for Sakura
    -New high lust scene for Tenten
    -Bonus girl 2 content
    -Bonus girl 3
    -Tsunade content (Adding now)

    How To Install Jikage Rising

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Jikage Rising Free Download








    Walkthrough: PATREON

    ARC 1








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