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    LifePlay Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – LifePlay is a life simulation RPG that allows you to play in 186+ real world cities.

    Developer: Vinfamy Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 4.1
    OS: Windows, Linux
    Language: English
    Genre: 3D game, Animated, Simulator, Character creation, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Dating sim, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Group sex, Corruption
    Optional: Pregnancy, NTR, Incest, Rape, Netori, Business simulator, Prison, Bestiality, Transformation, Lesbian, Gay


    LifePlay is a life simulation RPG that allows you to play in 186+ real world cities. The game has extensive character customization and includes 632+ scenes, depicting life situations where your choice matters. The 3D sex scenes have 250+ animations, accompanied by well-written erotica.

    With a new update every 2 or 3 weeks since its first release in April 2018, the game already has a lot of playable content you can enjoy for tens of hours. It’s also very moddable – click on “Third Party Mods” from the main menu to check out what modders have made, or check the Docs folder to start modding yourself.
    The game covers many different fetishes, but all of them are optional and can be disabled / enabled depending on your taste.

    LifePlay Free Download
    LifePlay Free Download
    LifePlay Free Download

    This update adds no new content and focuses entirely on fixing crashes and bugs, the most notably of which that have been fixed are:
    – The crashes some people have when going into a new building and the game starts to load NPCs there.
    – Fix an issue with average attractiveness for both men and women dropping to 0 as a result of a data reading bug, causing a huge percentage of obese NPCs. If you have this issue before, make sure to go to Esc > NPC Distribution & Beauty Standards) and Reset Default when loading your old save.
    – An issue some people report about NPCs’ moaning being silent during sex (I actually was never be able to reproduce this on my game so I assumed it was save-related, nevertheless, I put in some extra code whenever a sex scene starts to make sure everyone has a ‘voice’ assigned before fun time)
    – Minimize startup / start menu crashes as much as possible by optimizing the initial loading process a bit more. These are usually quite rare and random and the game usually starts fine simply by trying again, still it’s good to minimize them as first impression counts after all.
    (For those curious of the cause of the new location loading crashes last update and why it was so unpredictable and inconsistent across different PCs (mine and many others never had any crashes at all, but for those that had them, they were so frequent that the game was unplayable): It turns out the crashes were caused by a coding flaw that must have existed in the game for years but has never been exposed till now. When you go into a new location, there are two aspects of the game that are loaded concurrently in two separate processes. Firstly: The objects in the building itself as well as a little analysis to identify what type of building this is. Secondly: The characters and their clothes, including the uniforms. Now, at first glance, the two loading processes seem independent enough to happen simutaneously, but they’re NOT, cause the game needs to know what type of building this is before knowing which uniform to load. Up until to the v4.0 overhaul, this flaw was never exposed because the old clothes were so heavy and took ages to load, so the first process always beat the second process by far and the game always knows which building type before it gets to loading the uniforms (since normal NPCs are loaded before ‘working here’ NPCs). The new clothes in v4.0 however are much better optimized so for many fast PCs (not neccessarily high-end, maybe you just have fewer background processes, etc) possibly running the game on a SSD drive, it suddenly became possible for the second process to get to the uniform loading stage, not knowing what to do and crash, before the first process get to the ‘identify building type’ stage. Mine and the other crash-free PCs were just not as fast (again, not neccessarily low-end, just maybe having more background processes, mine probably wasn’t loading fast because as the dev, I have Unreal Engine running in background while playtesting the game) so everything ended up going according to plan. The fix was therefore to make sure that the building type is identified first, before any loading takes place. As an extra safety measure, I also make sure that if somehow in any circumstances, the game is asked to put someone in uniform but not knowing what type of building it is for, instead of freaking out and crashing, it just dresses this person completely randomly.)

    v4.0 Stable
    This is the final of the five updates making up the v4.0 Variety and Polish Overhaul
    – Another smaller but more selective batch of new male and female clothing items, focusing on uniforms, ceremonial / religious attire, and accessories. Basically, for Beta 3 & Beta 4, I simply went down the list of assets I have collected, so most of what’s been added are just everyday clothes. In v4.0 Stable, I’ll review what’s still missing and seek out the specific pieces that the game still needs for its different building types, jobs, scenes and ethnicities. Also, I deliberately avoided jewellery and other accessories in Beta 3 & 4 because they must be rigged, morph-transfered and tagged a bit differently from normal clothes, so I leave them for v4.0 Stable to do all in one go for efficiency.
    – Add all the logic to use all the new clothes for NPCs (which piece should go with which to avoid clipping, what to wear for which location, etc) will come in v4.0 Stable.
    – Remove all the old clothes (which clip a lot) from the game files, along with some other assets no longer used, making sure to remove any references to these in the game code as to avoid crashes. This is to save space and keep the game’s download size down. Obviously, during this overhaul, over 900 new clothes have been added so even with this clearing out of old assets, the final download size of v4.0 Stable will still be significantly higher than the v3.x versions, but still, it should be a couple hundreds mb smaller than the last update v4.0 Beta 4.
    – A new slider in the Morphs section to “Counteract Vagina Deform”. As you know, the vagina starts to deform if you use tons of morphs when creating your character, this has been minimized a lot in the Beta 1 update, but not 100% resolved. This new slider will do the trick for even the most heavily morphed character, so this should put this long-standing issue to rest finally. Special thanks to Mossrock for testing and helping me come up with this solution.
    – Some improvements and refinements to the NPC randomization logic based on the community’s feedback so far
    – Checkbox next to each line in the Esc > NPC Distribution & Beauty Standards to completely exclude a certain body type / face preset from any new NPCs being generated from then on under any circumstances. For players wanting a world where absolutely everyone is hot perhaps.
    – Bug fixes, stability improvements and performance optimizations. This update is called “v4.0 Stable” after all! Some minor, non-gamebreaking bugs may still remain though and will be worked on in v4.1 instead. Unlike the v3.0 or v2.0 overhauls in the past, I didn’t have the luxury this time to add no new content and focus entirely on bug fixes for the final update of the overhaul (mostly because of the huge number of new clothes). As a result, after all the asset adding and extra coding, I was down to only final two days before the release date to fix bugs so I could only focus on the most important ones and making sure the game is stable.

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