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    Sexy Quest: The Dark Queens Wrath [v0.7.1 Beta]


    Sexy Quest: The Dark Queens Wrath Free Download Latest Version

    Sexy Quest: The Dark Queens Wrath Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is a story about a young man training to become a Royal Knight.

    Developer: Siren’s Domain Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.7.1 Beta
    OS: Windows, Linux, Android
    Language: English
    Genre: 2d game, 2dcg, adventure, animated, big ass, big tits, combat, fantasy, handjob, male protagonist, mobile game, monster, sandbox, titfuck, turn based combat, vaginal sex,


    Sexy Quest is a story about a young man training to become a Royal Knight.
    Things go awry when an evil presence begins her plan to conquer the world at all costs necessary.
    When an evil power is finally awoken, it’s up to our hero and his team of beautiful women to save the day!

    Taking place before the events of Town of Passion, experience a grand adventure with grand cities,
    vicious monsters, and of course, sexy quests!​

    Sexy Quest: The Dark Queens Wrath Free Download
    Sexy Quest: The Dark Queens Wrath Free Download
    Sexy Quest: The Dark Queens Wrath Free Download

    == Beta 0.7.1 Changelog ==
    -Added Autosave during map changes
    -Icon will display in the bottom right corner
    -Added ability to skip new boss fights on easy mode
    -Other misc bug fixes

    Sexy Quest – Beta 0.7 ChangelogNew Scenes:
    Carmin Handjob (Echo Scene)
    Berry Paizuri & Blowjob
    The Woodland Trio Fluff Fluff

    == Beta 0.7 Contents ==
    The journey continues back home in the Kingdom of Valencia where the Woodland Chateau reaches a conclusion to it’s side

    Carmin, Berry, and Juniper all have special trials for you to pass. But what exactly are these trials for? And who is
    really in control of this place?

    Each part of the Woodland Chateau’s quests can be activated at different points of the story-
    Trial 1 – Immediately
    Trial 2 – After reaching the Desert of Grockia
    Trial 3 – After saving Obsidia
    Trial 4 – After opening the Cyrstal Cavern

    == Bosses & Difficulty ==
    Bosses are designed to be pretty easy at the moment since overall game balancing still needs to be done. Expect these
    new enemies & bosses to receive slightly tweaked movesets and overall increased fire power in the next update.

    The fourth trial is intended to be an endgame leveling/grinding location so exp rates will also be adjusted eventually!

    == Misc Changes ==
    -Few small bug fixes

    == Beta 0.6.2 Changelog ==
    -Fixed a few locations where snowy weather was sticking around

    == Beta 0.6.1 Changelog ==
    Removed debug NPC in Valencia
    (Interacting will cause a severe sequence break, do not attempt if you are still on Beta 0.6)

    Sexy Quest – Beta 0.6
    New Characters:
    The Dark Queen
    New Scenes:
    Farona Sex

    == Beta 0.6 Contents ==
    The journey continues to the north west as our hero’s make their way to a cold town named Glissvale.
    In an attempt to meet with the Fairy of Water, a disturbance is felt nearby. Could the Black Knight have made a return?
    Or could even more danger be lurking in wait…
    == Misc Changes ==
    -Few small bug fixes

    v0.5.3 Beta
    Act 2 hits the ground running in this update with the hero’s travelling to a new island with it’s own set of natural disturbances! Will you be able to brave the wild terrain and find the Fairy of Flames?
    Valerie officially joins the team as well bringing the team up to 5 hero’s!
    She brings some new water/thunder based attacks to help your team cover a few more weaknesses.
    She’s also capable of dual wielding so be sure to take advantage of that extra offense!

    How To Install Sexy Quest: The Dark Queens Wrath

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Sexy Quest: The Dark Queens Wrath Free Download






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