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    Caliross The Shapeshifters Legacy [v0.9998a]


    Caliross The Shapeshifters Legacy Free Download Latest Version

    Caliross The Shapeshifters Legacy Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is a fantasy-themed game, which will follow a young up-and-coming historian…

    Developer: mdqp Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.9997a
    Platform: Windows
    Language: English
    Genre: Mind control, cowgirl TF, corruption, submissive


    Caliross, The Shapeshifter’s Legacy, is a fantasy-themed game, which will follow a young up-and-coming historian, as she takes her first steps outside her hometown and into the real world, to learn more about the elusive nature of her own kind, the shapeshifters. Will she become a member of the Mage guild, or of the Adventurer’s guild? Will she find out more about her heritage, or will she be too busy working extra time in sleazy bars to make a living?

    The game will feature several factions, each with their own goals and objectives. With your actions, you might willingly or unknowingly benefit this or that group, as the event unfolds, but the open-world nature of the game will leave it up to you if you want to get more involved with the politics of the world, or if you want to just do your own thing.​

    Caliross The Shapeshifters Legacy Free Download
    Caliross The Shapeshifters Legacy Free Download
    Caliross The Shapeshifters Legacy Free Download


    • Magical theory lessons (with the option to get involved with the female prof in an illicit relationship, adding some spice to the lessons themselves).
    • Current scenes with Professor Newell: a) Guidance session with optional “naughty” content if you want; b) Possibility to fantasize/flirt with professor during lesson after you pick the naughty option above; c) After the first guidance scene, option to get into a mind-control laced relationship with the prof (1st hypno scene); d) Extra follow-up to being naughty in class if you were hypnotized; e) Making progress in the “magical theory mini-game” grants you a new spell, if you pass the first 3 levels;
    • Daily “freebies” you can craft by asking help to one of the professors;
    • Eloise is in her room in the academy, and she has a mini-quest for you if you didn’t help her previously. You must talk to her and be friends, if you want to see her showering in the mornings afterward;
    • First scene with the “mean girls” of the academy (just go to the female dormitory to see the cutscene);
    • Added bathroom area to the academy (door to the north, at the opposite end from the entrance);
    • First scene for a “bubble butt bimbo” scene (requires you to be a bimbo to meet a new NPC near the bathroom in the afternoon, then the scene proper requires 55 INH or lower to enter the bathroom and at least a bubbly butt to get the follow up);
    • First scene with Charles (assuming you flirted with him during the quest to keep him happy despite not retrieving the book);


    • 1 new bimbo scene (if you had sex with Lucas, you have a random chance of meeting him at the beach when you go for a swim with the regular bikini);
    • Added entrance exam for the Magic Academy;
    • 1 new scene with Eloise (2nd floor at the academy, if you passed the exam);
    • 1 new scene with an exhibitionist student (2nd floor at the academy, if you passed the exam);
    • 1 new date with Tania;
    • 1 new scene with Gaspar;


    • 1 new scene with the secretary job (follow-up to the “new dress” scene);
    • 2 new scenes with Tania;
    • Added dialogue options to ask for Jin or Lea’s freedom when you are buying them (they both refuse) and made it so that Jin can move to and from Golden Leaf;
    • Added carts for transportation in Golden Leaf (if you repair the town as a noble);
    • Improved teleportation room in the travel sphere;
    • Added purchasable house in Rahib (current price 30000 G).
    • Added schedule (for jobs in Tarkas) to the game;
    • 1 new scene for Marintas’s charm (One of the locked doors in Tarisa now is open, and leads to a small room with a girl in it);


    • New werewolf challenge added;
    • 2 new scenes at the secretary job;
    • Made some improvements to the Travel Sphere;
    • Added chapter tracking to the save files info;


    • New quest (chapter 5, check outside your house in Tarkas during the day to get started, must have also interacted with the mermaid in the second temple);
    • 1 new scene for Jin (“Erica in control” path);
    • gloryhole option added to the brothel job (must have met all the random customers during the “regular” job, for the option to unlock);


    • Added a really minor (+2) mana regeneration, when advancing from one time slot to the next;
    • New quest: Trip to Solina with Angelica to spread the cow verbe (chapter 5, must have finished “Party Hard”). Sariandi can appear if you have met her already;
    • New part to the mana smuggling quest (talking to the bank’s director);
    • New scene for the weird pendant (schoolgirl uniform);
    • New masturbation fantasy with Sonya (must have progressed far enough in at least one of her paths);


    • A wild, sexy mimic appears! (Rahib docks at night);
    • New romantic scene with the Emperor, sneaking outside, and dressing as commoners with Erica (you need to ask him for a new date, to get the scene);
    • Part 1 of a new quest (talk to the Emperor if you reached chapter 5, and finished the smuggling ring quest in Tarkas with Gaspar);
    • 1 new scene in Santhora’s temple (must have picked her “blessing” at the start of the game);
    • Alternative route to become a cowgirl (only available if you have the zanti maids, but aren’t involved with Eliza or Beatrix);
    • 1 new scene for the crotchless bikini (shady shopkeeper in Solina);
    • 1 hypno lesson scene with Olivia, one of the maids in your mansion;


    • Added Sonya to the ending if you got far enough in one of her paths;
    • Zanark library expanded to actually have a third floor (need a rare book to get in). The second floor also got slightly remodeled;
    • Nelson in Solina got various changes (some related to the Zanark change);
    • Added belly dancer scene (lessons from Sole and Luna in the Red Dune. Now some customers also have some extra lines. This all happens if your reputation there is high enough. You need perfect dances to raise it, and avoid failures);
    • improved maps outside of the first temple (and removed the empty stairs if you went back to the temple);
    • New scene with a domme (Sheryl, she can be found in the VIP area of the QoH);
    • Added the other half of the “secret” musical sheet, and at least one use for it (probably more to come);
    • New random event at night (“lost” succubus);
    • New scene with Skylar if you declared her innocent after sleeping with her;


    • Added option to add pocket dimension access in Golden Leaf for 10000 G. You can also teleport between the two houses this way (MIGHT cause some issues, so the teleport needs testing and could be removed in the future);
    • Added option to see the scenes for the latex outfit and the babydoll in Golden Leaf as well;
    • Added option to start new chapters from your mansion, if you spent money to improve the second floor;
    • Added questlog and option to decide what to do about Erica’s book, as well as consult with her father about it (chapter 5);
    • Improved Tarkas map (city entrance and commercial district exterior, keep an eye out for any issues!);
    • Added option for Lea to move between Tarkas and Golden Leaf (again, keep an eye out for bugs/glitches!);
    • Added some extra lines of dialogues for minor NPCs, depending on the chapter you are on;
    • Improved Rahib map (same deal as with Tarkas, keep an eye out for issues);
    • New scene for the wardrobe (complete the adventurers guild main quest, and then talk to the manager, to retrieve a bikini chainmail from an “admirer”);
    • Added proper ending and start to chapter 6, and some improvements throughout the chapter (more feedback welcome!)


    • Chapter 6 alpha complete;
    • New scene for the weird pendant (as with the previous one, take a nap with the pendant on, while having accrued enough slut reputation);
    • New scene for the babydoll (you can pick it up from the wardrobe in your house in Tarkas, if you got the babydoll as a reward for “Noblesse Oblige”);
    • New scene for Jin (nightly bell summon, 50% chance. Only happens if you didn’t have sex with Jin at night before going to sleep)


    • Work for chapter 6 (still not completed)
    • New scene with Ronald (the married guy, and added the chance for him to get you pregnant);
    • Mr. Geralt (your boss if you work at the imperial offices) can now get you pregnant if you become his “special” secretary;
    • New scene for losing to Tristan (bad end);
    • New scene for losing during the slave competition (bad end);

    v0.995 PUBLIC

    • New content for nobles (Judge work in Golden Leaf);
    • 3 new scenes (Golden Leaf court hearing, Skylar, Eliza, Marika);
    • 2 new pregnancies with the slimes or slimegirl in the forest (also added a couple of respawning slimes on the mountain near Golden Leaf), and with the drunken sailor at the inn in Tarkas;


    • 1 new scene for Lea (“freedom” path);
    • 1 new scene for Lea (“slave” path);
    • New content for Jin’s “subversion” path (2 short scenes and 2 long ones);
    • added some minor variations in Lea’s latex scene, if you progressed to the turning point of the freedom or slave path (getting the choker or going on a date ending at Santhora’s temple);
    • 1 new scene for home masturbation (you must buy a dildo, now available from the merchant near Rahib’s slave market);
    • 1 new scenes for the harem path (if you help Sariandi and she becomes the favourite). Bathing is now available once per day
    • 1 new scene for Ajna (this also involves bathing, like Sariandi’s scene);
    • Added option to invite the succubus from the fourth temple to live with you (if you have the pocket dimension spell);
    • New scene with all the dungeon girls, if they are all living with you;


    • 1 new quest (final adventurers quest, includes 2 sexy scenes);
    • 2 more scenes for Jin’s “domme” path);
    • 1 new scene during pregnancies (the pub is now visitable at night);


    • New vampire path quest added to the game (plus 2 new scenes with Beatrix);
    • 1 new scene for the “bimbo bikini” at the beach (interact with the towel at Solina after you put the bikini on);


    • 2 new sexy scenes with the emperor (harem path);
    • 2 new model job scenes;
    • 1 new self-hypnosis (follow up to the hypnosis lessons) scene (outside the theater in Tarkas, during the day);
    • 1 new scene for the weird pendant (also requires slut reputation, triggers during a nap at home);
    • 2 new scenes for the Succubus brothel (repeatable);
    • Updated map outside Erica’s house;


    • new mage guild quest (chapter 2 or later);
    • new adventurer quest (1 scene + 2 optional scenes if you are a bimbo, chapter 2 or later);
    • 1 new event and 2 scenes (1 sexy) for the harem path;


    • Royal library added;
    • quest with the Spider lady;
    • bonus scene for Eliza’s ending;
    • 1 new scene if your “slut reputation” is high enough (“rough guy” at the slums’ entrance, during daytime).


    • Re-opened Highrock after the quest there;
    • 1 new scene with Esmeralda and Catalina (two Naris, living in Highrock after the quest);
    • 3 new scenes with Eliza (one involves Keiko as well);
    • 1 new scene with Dominique;
    • Added Catherine the ghost to the paths you can reset with the Dragon;


    • Introducing the succubus brothel, with 2 new scenes;
    • 1 new scene for the vampire doctor;
    • new challenge in the werewolf path + miscellaneous writing + 1 new scene;
    • 2 new scenes for Ginnuk;
    • 1 new scene with Dominique;


    • 1 new scene for the model job;
    • 2 new scenes with Lord Kairos;
    • 1 new scene with Lea (latex bracelet required);
    • 1 new harem scene (+ writing for the path);
    • 1 new scene with Carla;
    • 2 new scenes with Kira (one sexy, one “normal”);
    • 1 scene with the vampire lover (if you told Beatrix to keep her around);


    • 1 new scene with the young man at the beach (finally, he gets to have sex with you!);
    • new summon mini-dungeon complete;
    • 1 new scene with Kira;
    • added 1 trainer in each guild (magical attack from the fire mage and defense from a new NPC in the adventurers guild);
    • 1 scene if you buy an item from the merchant outside the slave market (the scene can only be triggered from your room in Tarkas, for now);
    • 3 new scenes in the Harem path;
    • Early test for the memory room;


    • Added visual cues options for audio puzzles in the game (Second shapeshifter temple and Fort Andor ruins);
    • 1 new scene with Chief Neroma;
    • Added 1 new scene with Dominique;
    • Added Zanark to fast travel system with carts;
    • Added 1 new quest with Gaspar;
    • Added 1 new scene with Lord Kairos;


    • Pregnancy content with minotaurs (chief Neroma);
    • wrote 1 new scene for the drunk guy outside the pub, and removed the randomness to them showing up (needs Marintas’s charm);
    • 1 new scene for Lea (if you freed her);
    • 1 new scene with the bikini shop owner in Solina;
    • Final part of the mage guild main quest completed;

    New intro for visiting Lord Kairos (as well as a new map, adding the area in front of the mansion);
    2 new scenes for visiting Kairos (anytime after the first visit);
    2 new scenes for the harem path;
    1 new scene with Eliza;
    added way to remove cursed items (visit priest at the “pantheon temple”);
    made the Zanark inn visitable;
    1 new scene for Marintas’ Charm (a girl staying at the Zanark inn)

    Added a new quest for the adventurers guild;
    Added 2 scenes for visiting Lord Kairos in Zanark (must have gotten his vote and then met him at your party to gain access)

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    Caliross The Shapeshifters Legacy Free Download






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