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The Beautiful Game [Ch. 1 v0.5]


The Beautiful Game Free Download Latest Version

The Beautiful Game Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – you jump into the life of a freshly graduated sports scientist and massage therapist who’s just landed his dream job at an elite all-girl sports team.

Developer: Daggum Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.5
OS: Windows, Linux, MacAndroid
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, male protagonist, pov, big ass, big tits, groping, voyeurism, lesbian, milf, mobile game, animated, masturbation, squirting, massage, milking table, threesome, oral sex, handjob, sex toys, dildo drone


In The Beautiful Game you jump into the life of a freshly graduated sports scientist and massage therapist who’s just landed his dream job at an elite all-girl sports team. But as it turns out, great things don’t always come easy. Meet an ensemble of gorgeous, diverse, and athletic girls – and maybe even find some romance along the way.

Download The Beautiful Game
Download The Beautiful Game
Download The Beautiful Game

Images are already compressed to reduce file size.
– over 6,000 lines of code
– over 1,200 renders
– 3 animations
– the story continues from where it left off through to Friday evening.
– re-wrote some of the beginning interactions with Penny and Ivy to flesh out the story more regarding MC’s appointment to a sport science role at OCFC, taking on board useful feedback from F95 users (thank you to all).
– completed the biographies screens for main and side characters.
– added functionality that allows you to re-choose your name and your fetishes near the beginning of the new content. While this means that people playing through from the beginning will see these features twice, I hope you understand that many people will want to jump straight in so I need this functionality while the game is in active development i.e. when old save games will not always be compatible. I will try to come up with a better solution to this moving forward but this seemed a reasonable quick-fix at the time.
– three save game files included to allow players to start off (near) where they finished.

– added in buttons to choose/avoid certain fetishes – this screen appears early on in the story.
– re-did all renders for the training ground scene.
– re-did all renders for the velodrome shower scene.
– re-did all renders for prologue with Penny.
– re-did most of the renders in the clothing store with Pippa.
– changed the office sauna scene by removing Hana from any sexual scenes, and activating the fetish choice button to select/avoid lesbian sexual content in this scene.
– added biographies and affection system screens.
– further updated the music.
– added in an elevator scene when you arrive at OCFC’s offices.
– changed the dialogue text and character names according to the character category. So different colours for the MC, love interests, and side characters.
– added a stadium name following a Patreon-only poll.
– did post-render work in an image editor to improve quality of images.
– mopped up a few typos.

Old saves will not work with this version, so if you have already played v0.4(a) you probably don’t need to look at this version, better just wait for the next ‘proper’ update. Also, please note that for the next ‘proper’ release you won’t need to play through from the beginning – I’ll have some ‘save’ files in place, and I’ll also have a tech solution so you can pick your fetishes yes/no before jumping into the new content.

– The visual novel is now played using the first person. That’s right. I converted the entire script from third person to first person. I might have gone slightly mad in the process.
– I added a feature that allows you to choose the name of the main character (MC).
– Improved the GUI across all operating systems.
– Added a credits page.
– Improved the music and sounds selection.
– Re-did the renders on several early scenes to make sure they match the quality of later scenes. This quality difference represents the fact that I have learned a lot on this development journey, and I am still learning loads.
– Converted some lengthy narrative into dialogue, especially early on in the story. The aim is to improve the flow and balance.
– Added a splash screen.
– Added an introduction scene, where Jasmine shows you how to navigate the visual novel.
– Switched from accessing the affection system via a quick menu and instead to a cool football in the top right of the screen. This looks better, and means that this change allows Android players to have a similar experience as PC, Linux, and Mac players.
– Replaced the opening scene, and we now start in the MC’s home town.
– Added more back story to several characters.
– Tweaked some of the storytelling technique I have been using, reflecting a slight shift away from ‘tell’ to ‘show’.
– As you can see from the preview images there’s more content included. The story continues. Highlights include: a velodrome session, a monster truck, and some TLC from Jasmine.

Initial release

How To Install The Beautiful Game

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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