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    Loser Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – After a year, his best friend was caught…

    Developer: Night City Productions Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.07.00 Public
    OS: Windows, Linux, MacAndroid, IOS
    Language: English
    Genre: 3dcg, Male protagonist, Dating sim ,Character builder, Incest, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Animated, Sandbox, Big ass, Big tits, Handjob, Oral sex, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Humor, MILF


    Story Overview: Nathan was sent to jail for cyber crimes his best friend commited, and tried to blame on Nathan. After a year, his best friend was caught, and confessed to everything, allowing Nathan to return home. Welcome home.

    Loser Free Download
    Loser Free Download
    Loser Free Download

    v0.07.00 Public

    What’s new?

    • 2 New ATs for Diane
    • New AT for Becky
    • New AT for Gina
    • New AT for Jesse
    • New Location: Boutique
    • New Location: Stripclub
    • New Job: Cashier
    • New Function: Temporary Reputation
    • New Function: Mood Modifiers
    • New Feature: Outfits
    • New Topics, Items, and Clothing
    • The intro scene at the beginning of the game
    • A new Animation
    • More Party/After Party Scenes
    • Lot’s of Bugfixes
    • Some UI touchups

    v0.06.01 Public

    Whats in it?

    • 1 new AT for Gina
    • 3 new Sub AT’s for Gina
    • 1 new AT for Becky
    • 1 new AT for Diane
    • Sally’s first base AT
    • 2 new AT’s for Jesse
    • 1 new Job: Personal Trainer
    • 3 new Locations: Jesse’s Bedroom, Downtown, Gym
    • Dynamic Afterparty Event
    • New Mechanic: Travel Cost
    • New Mechanic: Star Rating
    • Sex Minigame: Gina
    • New Lifestyles: Sexuality , Order/Disorder, Dominance/Submission, Moral/Immoral
    • Lot’s of UI Improvements
    • Bugfixes

    What’s it mean?
    1 new AT for Gina : Self Explanitory

    3 new Sub AT’s for Gina : It is now possible to revert Gina back to earlier AT’s of her, while maintaining any new permissions you may have earned. These Sub AT’s are SWB 4 star, Bartender 3 star, and Bartender 4 star. They operate just like her previous AT’s with those names, except you have more options now.

    1 new AT for Becky : Self Explanitory

    1 new AT for Diane : Self Explanitory

    Sally’s first base AT : Self Explanitory

    2 new AT’s for Jesse : Self Explanitory

    1 new Job- Personal Trainer : The Fitness and Healthy skills have been updated to unlock this job, and improve your pay with it. Fitness 1 Unlocks the Gym, and Fitness 2 unlocks the job.

    3 new Locations- Jesse’s Bedroom, Downtown, Gym : Self Explanitory

    Dynamic Afterparty Event : Rather than the Friday night afterparty relying on Becky’s AT, now the results of the Afterparty are determined mostly by what you do during the night. If you spend all night dancing with Morgan, she may drag you off into the closet. The same goes for all the other girls. There’s also some specific content for Jay + Becky if you spread your time between them, and meet the lifestyle requirement.

    New Mechanic- Travel Cost : Some places will now have a cost associated with traveling to the location. For Example…The bar takes half an hour to travel there, so to Travel to the bar I charge a little bit of stamina and 1 hour. Traveling home is free. I just make you pay upfront, so that you never get stranded. This also means some places may require Nathan to drive if he can get some keys, or ride the bus.

    New Mechanic- Star Rating : This is the system that determines Nathan’s general permissions with a character. This is how You’ll be able to progress Gina to her Latest AT which has 4 stars (sex allowed), and then transform her back to SWB(4star) and still be able to have sex, even though you didn’t have permission to have sex with SWB Gina previously.

    Sex Minigame- Gina : Self explanitory

    New Lifestyles: Sexuality , Order/Disorder, Dominance/Submission, Moral/Immoral all now have lifestyels that you can find on Nathan’s Skills page. Most of those skills have been updated, modified, and improved as well, with new Actions, Permanant Topics, and Embraced perks.

    Lot’s of UI Improvements:

    • Timestamps on Saves,
    • Trashing Full stacks of topics,
    • Pondering full stacks of topics,
    • Filtering Secondary Interests in the characters screen,
    • Item Count added to Hotbar Overlay (TAB)

    Bugfixes: Lots of em

    How To Install Loser

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Loser Free Download









    IOS (v0.03.06)


    ANDROID (0.02.01)



    WalkthroughDIRECT LINK


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