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Kingdom Harem [v1.0.1] [Completed]


Kingdom Harem Free Download Latest Version

Kingdom Harem Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Adventure, love, and slice of life story awaits you.

Developer: Ortus – Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.1
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: Vaginal sex, Anal Sex, Male Protagonist, 3DCG, Big Tits, Handjob, Harem, Adventure, Fantasy, Point & Click, Romance, Sandbox, Elves, Voyeurism, Oral Sex, Group sex, Groping, Spanking, Virgin, Animated, Ahegao, Creampie, Humor, PoV, Pregnancy


After nearly dying you find yourself living with two cute elves and two redheads deep in the Dark Forest. Adventure, love, and slice of life story awaits you.

Kingdom Harem is a fantasy harem romance story with some freedom of storylines to pursue, freedom of movement at certain points, dynamic content, and freedom to interact with your environment. While there is some freedom, it’s story focused.

The Art is a combination of Honey Select 2 created characters and backgrounds created and rendered in blender to match the story, mood, and aesthetic of the game. The mood of the story is generally playful and light hearted but has a darker intro.

Kingdom Harem Free Download
Kingdom Harem Free Download
Kingdom Harem Free Download

Initial Release

SPOILER: v0.1.1
Spelling & minor dialog fixes.
Fixed Olivia’s behaviors so she won’t stay in the kitchen after scenes where she’s gone to bed.

SPOILER: v0.2.0
• Gobby’s Storyline: +9 Story Segments
• Meg’s storyline: +5 Story Segments
• Emily’s storyline: +1.5 story Segments
• Hidden Scene: “Big Splash”
• Hidden Scene: “Sleep Therapy”
• Under 18 selected/hidden event
• Exit Screen: GUI Redone. 8 Backgrounds created. Selected Randomly.
• Some background scenes cleaned up & improved
• Improve look of Hints Screen & Progress screen
• Created Default dinner for when there are no story dinners. Chooses one of 68 possible short dinner summaries randomly. Character sitting poses also randomized.
• Improved Traveling: removed walking backwards option for the tunnel, so people will learn the easier way which is turning around. Removed basement hall doorway for faster travel. Removed into the woods screen for immediate movement from woods to yard and back.
• Random Chance of Seeing Emily and Gobby Changing at night.
• Ability to walk over and watch Emily and Gobby Sleeping.
• All characters sleep at night now.
• Olivia only serves dinner in the evening, before every one goes to bed for the night.
• If you knock on Olivia’s or Mia’s door at night they will answer in their night wear the first time, and slowly get annoyed with you.
• Ability to use toilet with sound, animation & bladder system (controls duration of the stream)
• Can Look out toilet room window
• Fixed Bug in Emily’s route, related too player changing time while already on the roof.
• Got Kingdom Harem built & working for Android

SPOILER: v0.2.1
• Fixed a bug that caused you to be unable to finish Meg’s story if you finished Gobby’s story before getting far enough in Meg’s story.

SPOILER: v0.2.2
•Simplified easy movement & action system with context sensitive buttons
•Key House locations rendered with high cycles for increased sharpness and quality
•Gobby & Emily sleep animations for look upper & look lower
•Other minor improvements

SPOILER: v0.3.0
•More Story for Meg’s Storyline
•A little bit more of the main storyline
•Gold mechanics and a store with for Buying & Selling

SPOILER: v0.3.1
•More Story for Meg’s storyline
•Pregnancy & Baby possibilities for Meg
•New usable items purchasable from the shop
•Other changes such as sound and rewrites for existing content.

SPOILER: v0.3.2
•Bug Fix: Olivia talk while she’s fishing bug (not suppose to be possible but crashed when you tried it)
•Bug Fix: When Olivia’s story is two, she’s not suppose to be in her room (Not a game breaking bug but fixed).
•Bug Fix: Android build changed back to being only one file so it’s easier to install on android devices.

SPOILER: v0.3.3
•Bug Fix: missing window image in Meg’s 2nd story.

SPOILER: v0.4.0
•New Story for Emily’s Storyline

SPOILER: v0.4.1
•Fixed bug that allowed you to go on a date with Emily before she found out your secret in the main Harem plotline.

SPOILER: v0.4.2
•Bug fix (Compiled in more stable version of renpy for PC & Mac)

SPOILER: v0.5.0
•Added Story for Mia’s Storyline
•Olivia no longer able to be in two places at once.

SPOILER: v0.6.0
•New Story for Olivia’s Storyline.

SPOILER: v0.7.1
•New Story for Gobby’s Storyline.
•Spelling fixes from 0.7.0 (7 series beta).

SPOILER: v0.7.2
•New Story for Emily’s Storyline.
•Compiled with new version of Renpy which includes bug fixes

How To Install Kingdom Harem

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Kingdom Harem Free Download








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