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    Healslut Free Download Latest Version

    Healslut Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Just how will you handle the power… and consequences?​

    Developer: Davie Zwei – Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.6
    OS: Windows, Linux, MacAndroid
    Language: English
    Genre: 3DCG, Female protagonist, Transformation, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Monster, Monster girl, Prostitution, Handjob, Fantasy, Masturbation, Trap, Futa, Titfuck, Animated, Mobile game, Lesbian, Footjob, Bukkake, Vaginal sex, Groping, Teasing, Creampie, Futa protagonist, Humiliation


    Upon taking up the opportunity to join the brand-spanking-new expansion to the super-popular MMORPG Powerful Order Online as a beta-tester, you find yourself locked into the very odd (and apparently exclusive?) class of Healslut. Just how will you handle the power… and consequences?​

    Download Healslut
    Download Healslut
    Download Healslut


    • More of a voyeur than a roleplayer? Check the options menu to change the narrative from second person to third person! Now “Sparkle” is doing all this naughty stuff instead of “you”!
    • Want to try the different body variations? Check the options menu again to change to another variation at any time! (This does not work properly before the variations are available within the story and may cause bugs!)
    • Meet Fwawr Argarg, a fellow human! Requires choosing not to hard-reset and file a report at the start of the game. This is a one-off encounter for now but more is planned for Fwawr in coming updates.
    • Can now offer the Tavernkeep some “relief” in exchange for the linens for Lel (requires prior naughtiness of the same type with Rudedood). This, of course, does not help Sparkle circumvent the mushroom quest. HahahaHAA!
    • Continue to the Goblin camp (if on the “miners” route from Port Town), meet a buff bushy barbarian lass, and solve the mystery of the two brothers and one changling!
    • —OR—
    • Allow the town to enjoy using you for their various pleasures! Bone-chicka-bone-wow.
    • —OR—
    • Clean some outhouses if you like! Gross weirdo.
    • A long-time-coming confrontation with Kayden (if NOT on “miners” route (for now)).
    • Character creation screen updated with some *GASP* actual animation.
    • Panki’s “accent” has been reined in a bit for readability.
    • Getting ‘slimed’ in the mushroom quest now has consequences (still in work!).
    • “Skip Ahead” function when starting a new game has updated to the start of Act 17.

    v0.5h Public

    • Additional backgrounds added for variety
    • Fixed wardrobe bug not allowing selection of previous outfit for Act 16
    • Can how join Lel in the ship galley for her route (and/or Roar) after the “backup” or milking incidents
    • New outfits for everyone!
    • Get a language lesson from Lel (everybody loves language lessons)
    • Finally get off the damn ship – welcome to Port Town!
    • Meet some constables (and maybe get your face sat on if you have Assured Absolution) and then meet the mayor
    • Decide how to deal with unpaid docking fees
    • The return of… someone! Along with new revelations and mysteries
    • Meet three new weirdos

    Version 0.5G2

    • Fixed several bugs in the “skipping act” code
    • Fixed the bottoms on/off issue with collars
    • Now can get the after dinner scenes with Roopah easier (requires only getting with her on the boat the previous night)

    Version 0.5G

    • Fixed the looter bargag image bug (finally)
    • Fixed a bug making the blanket ‘outfit’ disappear
    • Fixed typos in the wardrode selection
    • Fixed cutlass disappearing when speaking to some individuals
    • Fixed the PIC outfit scenes for trap/futa during dinner
    • Trap/girl/futa “Mending Misery” tweak images fixed
    • Fairy form now has all alternative body type variations
    • Changed the way the collar outfits are referenced (faster, less bugs)
    • Re-rendered SNE dinner scenes to remove “sepia” look (by popular request)
    • After dinner scenes with Roopah complete (with optional ‘twist’ if futa)
    • You can now skip to any act you want from the start!

    Blanket bug fixed, Pez/Gaggie captain bug fixed
    Panki/Panki+Lel/Panki+Lel+Skylark night completed
    Meeting a helpful game developer
    Sparkle’s powerful new spell makes its debut

    Relegated to serving dinner if you are the (non-FU) looter
    Added end of dinner conversations
    A revealing conversation with “previously dead” Lel
    Introducing Skylark to Panki/Panki+Lel (and possibily adding her to your ‘harem’)
    Splashy after-dinner bath with Panki/Panki+Lel/Panki+Lel+Skylark
    Bit of bonding (i.e. bondage) with solo-romance Lel
    Possible night with Kayden (if boi)
    Roopah now imposes free-use if making your decisions (if looter & not with her)
    More options added to the ‘skip to Act 13’ menu

    How To Install Healslut

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Healslut Free Download





    ANDROID (v0.5g2)





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