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    Cabin by the Lake [v0.18d]


    Cabin by the Lake Free Download Latest Version

    Cabin by the Lake Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Although it might not go well at first…

    Developer: Nunu – Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.18d
    OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
    Language: English
    Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Adventure, Animated, Sandbox , Big Ass , Big Tits, Corruption, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Incest, Male Domination, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Titfuck, Twins, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Voyeurism


    When you were younger you were inseparable from the girls you grew up with, but as time past they moved away and you grew apart.

    But now you are coming to a reunion, to reconnect and see how you’ve all changed and grown.
    Although it might not go well at first, you find yourself back there again, with the power to change how things went.
    What will you shape your relations into? Why is the past changing? And how is the reunion repeating?​

    Cabin by the Lake Free Download
    Cabin by the Lake Free Download
    Cabin by the Lake Free Download


    – If Carla entered your room, Lin will be having words with her when you are all leaving
    – When brushing Carla’s hair, you have several options to grope her – You can get a new mail from Carla about this
    – There are several new corruption to find in this scene
    – Carla’s Godiva is now a corruption
    – You can talk to Jenny about a book she has found on sunday early in the morning
    – Jenny’s sprites have been completely redone (Her CG’s have not yet been redone)
    – Finished Carla Sex talk scene
    – Multiple Carla Corruptions available
    – You can say Lisa has the best boobs
    – Carla can give you a massage on saturday afternoon
    – Carla will share some tea with you on sunday noon
    – Carla has new C2 text scattered through her all her advice event
    – Carla will now vent her desires in a more interesting fashion on early Monday morning
    – You can overhear a conversation between Lisa and Carla on Sunday afternoon

    – Increased responsiveness of the car ride intro
    – Carla’s Bio is now a little more interactive

    Bug Fixes:
    – Variety of small guide fixes
    – Fixed the bug where you can repeat Saturday dinner events
    – Fix in the Sami swim guide
    – Fixed mismatched Alex posing Photo
    – Variety of small guide fixes
    – Fixed the bug where you can repeat Saturday dinner events

    v0.17: Bazzongas

    – You can investigate a disappearing Haily with Alex on Sunday
    – You can investigate a disappearing Haily with Jenny on Sunday
    – Haily can flee when you go to watch movies with people
    – Complete new sprite set for Haily
    – Lina Nerve available in the Haily progression scene
    – You now have to deduce Haily’s location to reach her progression scene on Sunday dinner (You only need to correctly deduce once, not every loop)
    – There is a scene if you deduce Haily being in her bedroom
    – There is a group of small scenes with if you deduce Haily has been hypnotising you
    – New Monday morning bits for Haily that make sense with her progression
    – New Alex Dream (Disabled if Pregnancy is disabled)
    – You can investigate a disappearing Haily with Jenny on Sunday
    – Small C5 updates to Alex forest when you ask her how she’s been (And one or two other small things)
    – New Alex C4/5 saturday night bedroom scene (With more to come)
    – Asking Alex who has the best breasts at Saturday dinner (With more options to come)
    – At C2 Carla will want to speak with you in your room on Saturday Early Morning
    – Carla’s Bio section
    – Tooltips! In the scene overview of the guide, All event checks now have tool tips informing you roughly where to get that event
    – All Mails now have tool tips
    – Lina’s Nerve have tool tips

    – Slight rejigger of when Haily deliveries happen as it was inconsistent
    – The very mysterious package can now only be active at Haily Corruption 2
    – You an no longer get conflicting events during Sunday night on Alex C4
    – A significant amount of Haily content is disabled properly while she is avoiding you
    – Added Lina Mail, Nerve and (duplicate) Corruption to the bedroom scene
    – A mini extension where you can ask Jenny why she doesn’t want larger breasts
    – Reduced requirements on alternate Discovering Haily scenes
    – If you get the panties from the bedroom scene, Sami can now find them
    – Complete new sprite set for Haily
    – Movie night clue now makes more sense at all points
    – Cleaned up the scene guide as it was getting very full
    – Cleaned up the scene guide EVEN MORE… sadly this one should be invisible to most of you

    Bug Fixes:
    – Fixed the incorrect booleans that stopped you from being able to unlock the mysterious package normally
    – Increased usability of some guide sections
    – Missing corruption added to Sunday breakfast guide
    – All the package guides now have the correct corruption levels in the guide
    – Lina’s panties now trigger Lina’s panties for the Sami Panty Scene
    – Fixed several missed Haily scenes that should have been disabled for both hunting Haily and burnt
    – Fixed a bug where you couldn’t talk with Sami about BJs after most BJs
    – Searching for Haily with Alex now properly activates all following scenes
    – All the package guides now have the correct corruption levels in the guide
    – Carla Hair braiding now has the correct conditions in the guide
    – One of Lina’s mails no longer overwrite the other

    – Finished the reconstruction of C4 Alex Forest fun
    – New option when Lin takes you into your room for a good time
    – You can get a mail from Lin with enough mood
    – If Haily is around, Alex can invite the two of you to the hot tub on Saturday afternoon
    – Sami can now be interacted with during Sunday Dinner if you had a bit of a heart to heart in the shower
    – Her progression event is in this scene
    – You can get a mail in this scene
    – Some new dialogue when talking to Alex in the forest in C4
    – Alex will say good bye in a more appropriate way for C4
    – Sleeping with Alex will progress her to C5
    – New interactions with Carla during Saturday dinner (Corruption 1)
    – New interactions with Lin during Saturday dinner (Mood 4)
    – Haily’s Bio can be accessed
    – Alex’s Bio can be accessed
    – Added the extras menu in the main menu (No new content but it has the anniversary special in it)

    – Massive update to Alex’s sprite use for a lot of early and common scenes
    – New Render for touching alex in the first loop
    – Rewrote the management of Alex’s BE so it can support arbitrary sizes (No new content)
    – Under construction screens for the secret hidden bios
    – Changed requirements for Sami’s 4th Mail
    – Clarified which option in Lina peeks on Sami is prompted by Carla’s Advice
    – Improved responsiveness to do with the new scenes
    – Complete redo of Alex’s sprites
    – Minor update to Alex’s Friday dinner content
    – Minor update to Saturday dinner content
    – Redesigned the system for Saturday dinner so that it can handle events
    – Alex Forest scene non sex scenes rebuilt

    Bug Fixes:
    – Fixed a bug with Alex’s goodbye missing a variable
    – Removed the blocker from development so you can actually help Lin braid hair
    – Fixed a bug that would write a call to the wrong image into the progress log
    – Lots of minor Guide fixes
    – Listening device option in Sami touching herself now doesn’t falsely trigger
    – Alex’s C5 now unlocks properly
    – Several sprite fixes to Sami’s Dinner Lake scene
    – Alex’s goodbye no longer overrides the normal run end scene
    – Fixed a crash issue with viewing the about page
    – Mail Icon no longer clips into the title when it has a two line name

    – With a little corruption, you can walk in on Sami in the shower after her saturday exercise
    – Haily can now join you when you and Lina investigate Sami midnight activities
    – Stub for Sami progression during Sunday Dinner

    – Jenny and Lina will have a new render when you first arrive

    Bug Fixes:
    – Standard half a dozen guide fixes

    – Progression guide brought up to date
    – At C1 Sami can have different reactions to finding Alex in your bed on saturday morning
    – If you hurt yourself in your room, Carla will rush to the Rescue
    – The corruption point in that scene
    – You can ask Sami about these events when talking to her
    – You can now burn Haily in the early mornings if you surprise her without enough love
    – You can talk to Carla briefly about Haily
    – Carla’s progression can be triggered by Haily’s burning

    – Minor rejigger of jenny burnt conditions to make them easier to happen
    – Played a little with text size in the set corruption levels

    Bug Fixes:
    – Fixed the Livingroom LivingRoom variable bug
    – Fixed several more guide issues
    – Lina no longer floats around like a spooky ghost

    – Carla can now be asked about Sami (Included about the bribe)
    – You can now burn Lina on saturday night both during the movie and while peeping
    – You can now burn Jenny in several locations
    – If you apply Carla’s advice and things don’t go well, You will tell her on monday
    – This will unlock her next corruption level
    – This comes with a new mail

    – The conversation map now maintains it’s position while you are navigating through it

    – Jenny and Lina will have a new render when you first arrive
    – Carla will give some new advice on various characters, including Lina
    – Various improvements to the drinking buddies scene
    – You can now brush Carla’s hair on Sunday Early Morning

    – Buttons to enter sub scenes in the guide now have frames so they look like buttons

    Bug Fixes:
    – Huge amount of guide fixes
    – Fixed several mispelled variables
    – Fixed the Sami pic not disappearing from the teaching to swim scene
    – Fixed the kissed someone check for Haily that always passed
    – Finally got the guide issue in Haily and Lisa making cookies
    – Found several unfinished lines

    0.13e The Jiggling

    – With enough Love or Jealousy, Sami will have an interest in you when it’s time to leave on Monday both these are essentially separate scenes with their own Corruption Progression events
    – Two potential mails from Sami in this scene (One love, one jealousy)
    – Sami can be progressed to Corruption Level 1
    – Sami will behave a differently if you try to peek on her on friday at C1
    – The missing third message where you gave both Lina and Jenny larger breasts can now be gotten.
    – You can now trade with Lina for panties
    – You can overhear Sami and a corrupted, concerned Carla talking about something on saturday night
    – Sami will mention that she wants to speak to you if Carla is concerned enough
    – You can speak to Sami by going on a run with her
    – Progression guide has been updated
    – If Sami gets a bit horny when watching the movie, Lina might be able to see something
    – New Sami dream (Preg content)
    – New Lin dream
    – Sami can now teach MC to swim on sunday
    – This new scene includes all the options from the previous Sami beach scene but several have been expanded slightly
    – Haily Milking Dream
    – Post Movie Sami masturbation

    – The mail you can get from Lin when carla is showing off has a new render
    – Minor Sami C1 alteration to the arrival car ride
    – Lisa’s Footrub now has a render
    – Redid some of the names of Lina’s nerve so they fit in the box better
    – Increased Sami responsiveness to other events
    – Carla’s arrival talk is now corruption based instead of world corruption based
    – Increased Carla concern available during friday dinner
    – You can trade the new photo with Haily
    – Investigating with Lina, she no longer mentions giving a photo of Sami
    – Sami is now more animated in the original lake visit scene

    Bug Fixes:
    – Alex Photo guide sub section now auto enters properly
    – Minor guide fixes
    – Variety of minor spelling fixes
    – Fixed a bug where number of kisses was not resetting
    – A bug when play poker where you would lose as a foot massage and perform crossdress
    – Fixed a bug where one of Linas nerve was highlighted wrong

    How To Install Cabin by the Lake

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Cabin by the Lake Free Download








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