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Cabin by the Lake Free Download Latest Version

Cabin by the Lake Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Although it might not go well at first…

Developer: Nunu – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.37a
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Adventure, Animated, Sandbox , Big Ass , Big Tits, Corruption, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Incest, Male Domination, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Titfuck, Twins, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Voyeurism


When you were younger you were inseparable from the girls you grew up with, but as time past they moved away and you grew apart.

But now you are coming to a reunion, to reconnect and see how you’ve all changed and grown.
Although it might not go well at first, you find yourself back there again, with the power to change how things went.
What will you shape your relations into? Why is the past changing? And how is the reunion repeating?​

Cabin by the Lake Free Download
Cabin by the Lake Free Download
Cabin by the Lake Free Download


– A huge new scene can play after you get breakfast in bed from Carla. Bonus content if Haily is also pregnant
– Carla guides updates
– Completed 90% of new Carla sprites

– Carla Corruption 5 now requires her moonstone to be completed
– Many


– New short jenny dream
– New Cassidy breast expansion dream
– Haily has a new way of saying goodbye
– Haily now says something during Sunday dinner
– You can now finally get that hot tub blowjob
– In her room, you can ask Lin about her wedding ring
– In her room, if you ask Lin for Sex she can now follow through with enough mood
– You can see Sami and Lin doing their mourning routines on Saturday in the bathroom
– New Mail available in this scene
– A new Lin dream where everyone gets a facial
– When asking Cassidy about hypnosis, you can ask her some more specific things
– Joining Sami in the shower is now entirely new
– If you had a talk with Sami, you can bring Alex to your room after to try and resolve your differences
– This is Sami’s progression scene
– Moderate reworks to Sami Masturbating
– Moderate reworks to Sami Teaches Swimming
– Moderate reworks to Sami Changing
– Sami and Alex are sharing the bathroom on Sunday at Noon
– If Alex is Pregnant and you walk in on Sami changing, there are new options
– Alex will attempt to work out her differences with Sami over the BBQ
– Following this, Sami will run off to the forest

– Reduced the amount of Love Sami needs to get the Lin mail
– Updated missing sprites during Friday Dinner
– Updated missing sprites for Jenny and Haily Read
– Very minor updates to Alex in the forest Handjob if Lin and Alex have resolved their difference.
– Added Sami C5 progression guide
– Added in the missing Jenny sprites for her in her sleepware
– Minor updates to Alex bedcrawl
– Minor updates to Sami Piggyback
– Minor updates to Sami Exercise
– Sami can appear during the Hottub scene with Alex and Haily
– Updates to Sami over Friday Dinner
– Added a selection of missing Lina sprites for her flashing

– Sami’s shower 2 guide now fills itself out
– Alex’s hot tub blowjob now works when you have the relevant corruption available
– Sami can now find her own panties again
– Sami teaches swimming 2 now includes teaching swimming
– Sami is no longer Alex during the Sami Alex MC threesome
– Lina BE Mail sadly no longer resends itself
– Added the missing hot tub mail to the guide
– Cassidy now appears properly on the map on Sunday Night
– Guide fixes
– Spelling and grammar fixes
– Haily is no longer always pregnant during the movie night


If Sami has seen your scratches, she will notice Jenny sneaking in on sunday
– You can give Sami a foot rub on Saturday
– New Jenny hypnosis dream
– You can have Pregnant Alex Sit on your face in the forest
– A new section of Carla’s C5 breakfast is now accessible
– An entirely new version of Carla sunbathing
– An entirely new version of Carla’s massage
– When talking to Carla, you might ask her a pertinent question
– This is her Corruption Max progression scene
– You can get a mail from her after this
– You can get a new mail from Lin in the hot tub
– Alex and Carla BJ chicken moved into the loop and expanded as a part of Alex Fixes Sami
– You can get a mail from Alex in this scene if she is fertile and you haven’t otherwise had sex
– Updated all development cheats
– Minor updates to several Carla scenes
– You can now only have sex with Carla during the tea scene at C5
– One of Lina’s mails about Jenny is now gettable again


– You can speak to Cassidy in the forest when you first arrive
– Carla’s breakfast delivery will include a meal for her too
– When resolving your tea issue with Carla, you can have a more intimate solution


– A new Carla dream about taking home a stripper (Ask Lin about her hen’s night)
– Added a new Cassidy Breast expansion Mail (Technically from the last version, but missed the changelog)
– Just after arriving, you can visit Carla for practice
– Carla and Lin will be talking about something entirely different on the beach
– There is an extra option when talking to Carla about her scrapbook
– A new section of Cassidy Works on Friday night is now unlocked
– When Alex surprises you with her pregnancy, you can now be more excited
– Carla will have different things to say upon arriving to the reunion

– Carla’s Corruption 5 can be activated
– If you told Alex you don’t need her to keep secrets several characters will mention it
– Carla’s My Turn mail now requires C5 to unlock as intended

– Lina’s 4th corruption now plays the unlock animation
– Lina now always appears in the forest when she is in the forest
– The final image of the milkathon dream no long happens in an unreal engine default level


– When Asking Lisa for a challenge, she will have a new puzzle for you
– If you’ve experienced Lisa’s challenge before, you can ask for help from Lin
– This can progress Lisa to corruption 2
– You can unlock a mail from Lin if you succeed
– Pregnant Haily has a new version of her scene by the lake
– Expansion to Haily’s eating competition
– New version of Haily’s early morning milking
– Haily can now be pregnant during the movie night (She’s not drinking anymore)
– New set of options within Alex and Haily Can’t Sleep
– 2 new sub scenes within this
– 2 new tradeable photos (not yet tradeable)
– New Lina introduction scene
– You can help Lina with her game over Friday dinner
– Expansion to patting Lina when Alex is pregnant
– You can rub Jenny’s shoulders during Friday dinner
– After the hot tub, you can have a moment together with Lina
– During Saturday dinner you can take a group photo using Lina’s camera

– Sami will now fight Alex if she has jealousy 8, instead of requiring a specific scene (the specific scene will also still work)
– Haily no longer does her hair back up when taking off her clothes
– The photos from last week are now tradable
– Updates to Carla and Haily Talk
– Updates to choosing the best breasts with Alex
– Minor updates to several other scenes to cover Haily being pregnant
– Added the missing render for Preg Haily kissing you on arrival
– A short chunk in the hot tub is finally unlocked

– The game will no longer error when it errors… kinda
– Collapsed several quantum pregnancies
– Lin and Lisa no long call out from the void
– Haily no longer has three elbows when peeking through her fingers
– Fixed a misspelled variable definition in Friday dinner
– The new Lin mail is now accessible


– Haily will send you a new message on arrival
– Updates for all Haily scenes from arrival to doing the dishes
– Haily Pregnancy sprites for normal clothes and nude
– New Alex dream about spending some time with Carla
– During the BBQ, Sami with enough love might be behaving a bit weirdly
– After the BBQ, you will be able to go looking for Sami
– If things go well, the two of you will sleep together
– New Sami Mail if you get her pregnant at the end of her C3
– New Carla Mail if she is high enough corruption when Sami gets pregnant
– Another new Sami Mail
– New Lina (and Haily) Dream (Preg)
– When helping Sami out, you can now also have sex with her
– If you actively Breed Sami while she is fertile, she will send you a mail (Preg)
– A new short tutorial when unlocking your first corruption level
– When joining Sami in the shower, if you ask to watch there are new interactions
– You can meet Lisa in her bedroom on Saturday Afternoon and attempt to hypnotise her
– There are several mails you can get from this interaction
– Lisa will say goodbye differently if you follow… a certain path
– Lisa may be dressed differently before Saturday dinner if you follow a different path
– New Carla Dream
– New Sami Memory at Corruption 3
– Complete rewrite of Carla’s hair brushing scene for corruption 4
– You can rub Sami’s shoulders during Saturday dinner
– When Sami is masturbating you can now help her out

– You can now activate Haily Pregnant
– Sami progression guide updated
– Sami can now be burnt
– Adjusted the size of corruption buttons so there is less clipping
– Added Renders to Sami’s backrub
– Added a missing video for Carla Handjob during Talking with Carla
– Made it possible to activate Sami Masturbating at higher corruption levels
– When talking to Sami by the lake, she will no longer punch you when asking her to take her top off
– Minor updates to various scenes when Sami is at C3
– Haily’s Aubergine scene now only accessible during Sunday noon as intended

– The new Carla mail is now accessible
– The Head Trauma guide is no longer overriden by another scene
– The new Lisa mail is now accessible
– Fixed the set world corruption debug option
– Fixed several instances of photos of Sami not disappearing during Trading
– Fixed that you could not give a normal photo of Sami to Lina
– Lin’s new mail is now accessible


– A new memory with Carla where you can take her on a date
– If you have talked to Lin about her relationship with Alex, you can call her to your porn date in the forest
– There is a mail from this scene
– Carla progression guide
– You can ask Carla and Lin by the lake about your father
– When you stub your foot, you can ask Carla to kiss ‘it’ better
– When you arrive you can rather scandalously headpat C5 Haily
– When receiving the watch in the mail, you can attempt to hypnotise Carla
– When having tea with Carla at low corruption levels, you can find Carla’s Moonstone
– During Sunday night, if you have indulged in Carla and your corruption levels are high enough, Lin will want to have a talk with you
– If you get Carla Pregnant there is a mail
– Lin will have some things to say when you leave
– While showering with Carla, you can now wash lower
– While talking to Carla, she will now demonstrate things in a more hands on fashion
– When asking Carla about Alex’s breast goals, you can suggest Carla gets larger breasts
– There are two possible Mails from this, one if Carla loves you, another if Sami is also jealous

– Carla sneaking into your room to feed you now has a different intro if Lin has given her blessing
– Haily’s spy name now has a better guide
– Standardised display of blurbs under corruption levels
– Choosing Lin during Alex on breasts now also prompts knowledge of their strained relationship
– Carla no longer gives you the sex talk if someone is pregnant
– Added the progression guide for Jenny C2
– Haily sending you photos of her leaking is now an actual message
– Lina C4 progression is now no longer overridden by a failed event
– Fixed the reveal scenes only debug option
– Fixed a huge number of instances where you could cum inside girls without ejaculating

– Playing with Carla’s boobs in her room is now no longer in the shower
– Minor spelling fixes
– Added the missing nodes in Jenny’s progression events to the guide
– Can now do Carla breast expansion without Alex being pregnant
– Fixed an incorrect icon in Haily’s progression guide
– Fixed an infinite loop with Sami racing you on Monday morning
– Fixed the reveal scenes only debug option
– Fixed a huge number of instances where you could cum inside girls without ejaculating


– You can access Jenny’s Corruption Level 2 by wandering off during the bbq again, will also unlock the other corruption if not unlocked
– Expansion of sleeping with pregnant Alex
– On friday afternoon you can interact with Jenny
– In the shower with Lina’s invitation you can now go lower with Jenny
– If you enter the shower without Lina’s invitation, something else will happen
– Haily by the lake now has an entirely new set of options for Haily C5
– Talking to Lisa for Saturday breakfast has a new option
– Lisa can send you a mail if you question her priorities
– You can have a shower with Alex on saturday night
– Alex is now pregnant when saying goodbye
– Alex has a new mail when you complete a pregnant run
– Alex will be pregnant during Sunday Dinner
– There is a new memory for Alex if Alex has maximum corruption
– Alex can now be pregnant in the Hottub
– She can send you a mail if you pull out
– The first half of a scene where you can sleep with pregnant Alex on Sunday

– Sami may notice something if you undress in front of her
– The first visible updates of the corruption system
– Changed some conditions for Alex Pregnant mails
– Updated pregnancy renders for several scenes
– Haily by the lake 2 now requires having had sex with Haily

– Grammar fixes
– Scattered Guide fixes
– When Lina escapes with her pants down, you now see her getting her hips stuck
– Several of the new corruption points were not getting applied


– If you have bred Haily enough (and during her milking), she will be having a problem when it comes time to leave
– Haily will send you a mail about how her condition is progressing
– This completes Haily’s C5
– Minor new interaction with Jenny’s midnight snack if she just encountered you in your room
– You can now do things when you sleep with a C5 Alex and Haily on Sunday
– If Haily is at C5 you can do a variety of new things in the hot tub
– If you have been on 3 adventures with Lina, she will invite you out on Sunday at midnight. This is her Corruption Progression Scene
– Lina will arrange a new scene if you select Haily if she is present
– Lina will send you a message (in loop) if you chose Haily C0/1
– Haily will also send you a mail about this
– Lina will arrange a new scene if you select Pred Jenny
– Lina will want to talk to you if she couldn’t deliver on a trade
– Lisa can be progressed to C1 by having 6 mood and telling her you understand why she moved away
– You can find the king of diamonds in the kitchen
– You can now defeat Lisa while playing poker
– Lin’s Bio
– You can activate Haily’s C5
– Haily will greet you in a more amorous fashion
– When meeting Haily in the forest you can now breed her or perhaps try out a new milking technique
– If you sleep with Alex at C5 she will have a new scene
– You can now shower with Haily on Saturday Noon
– When Sami and Haily are competing, you can suggest a kissing competition

– Updated Lina’s progression guide
– Moved the Lina Haily picnic to Sunday where it was supposed to be
– Updated Haily’s progression guide

– Fixed Sami’s progression guide needing Carla corruption levels
– Fixed Sami’s workout corruption guide not showing
– Haily’s new milking technique, now plays the correct video
– The Lina and Haily picnic can now only be gotten if Haily is present
– Alex no longer refers to the wrong Haily
– Several of Carla’s mails will now autoplay as appropriate
– The Carla and Sami scene now has the correct conditions in the guide
– You can get into the Lina Haily Picnic scene now
– Jenny’s prey scene now counts for completing Lina’s C3
– Several guide mistakes


– Lina will arrange a new scene if you select Cassidy
– Lina will arrange a new scene if you select Lin
– Lina will arrange a new scene if you select Prey Jenny
– Several short messages about when Lina has arranged something for you
– If Lina is at Corruption 3 and Alex and Haily are at Corruption 4, Alex will invite you inside when she catches you peeping
– On saturday morning Lina will send you a message
– When talking to Lina in the garden, you can ask her about her message
– If you picked Carla, you can find the result on Sunday Morning
– If Alex is walking around covered in Cum, Lina might come to speak to you
– Minor: Alex in the forest will also show you her butt when talking about her butt
– Minor: When Alex is pregnant, you can masturbate on her in the forest
– Minor: If Alex drinks all of hailys milk while pregnant, and Haily isn’t around, you can drink her milk as repayment
– When Sami finds panties (C0/1), you can tell her they are yours
– Sami will now thoroughly fall asleep on you at the movie, you have new options here
– Alex and Haily “docking” dream
– Lisa and Lin dream about an alternate ending to you getting hit with a skillet
– Lisa has a small puzzle for you out by the lake, no major prize at this corruption level
– A selection of small dreams about characters investigating the forest, the each require love
– A dream where Cassidy has a bit more fun on your car ride
– New Cassidy Dream (Some Pegging*)

– Added the missing Lina garden facial images
– Rearranged some of the new Alex forest pregnancy content because it was making the guide hard to layout
– Lina now no longer speaks when you kiss Jenny after the movie
– Expanded Lina’s offer so that you can now also choose someone during it
– Moved Lina’s Offering one timeslot earlier
– Minor update to Sami finding panties so I can write the guide easier
– Lisa’s card game now has actual cards
– Asking for Lisa’s blessing if Alex is pregnant is now quite different
– It is now slightly easier for Sami to apologise to Alex
– If you have already had sex with her, you aren’t concerned about the confusion of creampieing Haily when you bang her in the forest with Alex
– Added some extra options I found into Alex in the forest
– A small, cute little render if you do solve Lisa’s puzzle with Haily around
– Tiny addition to repeatedly poking Sami’s boob while she sleeps
– Sami’s Corruption 3 can now be gotten from her wrestling scene
– Removed several dreams that have been in the game normally for some time
– Small upgrades to the new progression hints

– The head trauma game doesn’t change what answer you gave
– Actually dissabled the old forest mystery scene as it was supposed to
– Missing cg when Alex and Haily rub their breasts together during Haily Milking Alex now appears
– Sami can no longer be both sleeping harmlessly and angrily looking at you…
– Sami no longer teleports in her sleep
– A massive amount of grammar fixes


– Carla will now offer different advice when unloading the car
– You can join Carla in the show Early Sunday Morning
– You can meet Lisa by the lake Sunday noon
– When having tea with Carla, she will now offer to solve your problem
– Carla can wake you up with breakfast on Saturday early morning (if alex isn’t in your bed)
– On Friday night Sami and Carla will be having a new interaction in your room
– Carla can now give you a mail if you let her and Sami talk about pole dancing
– You can ask Carla about her sexual relationship with Lin
– You can go for a drive with Cassidy on sunday noon
– New Carla mail if you asked to see breasts without enough concern
– You can practice kissing and groping with Carla
– With enough Concern, Carla will express how much she wants to help you on Sunday Night, C4 Progression
– Carla’s dream scene has been expended and is now a memory that canonically happens before a Carla C4 Reunion
– When out for a run with Sami, she will respond to you collapsing differently
– You can unlock a corruption bonus from this
– Sami will be splayed out on her bed on Sunday Morning
– With enough love Sami will confront you in your room on Sunday Midnight
– You can talk to Lisa about your body in her Sunday Noon scene by the lake

– Sami finds panties now makes sense in case you have Sami’s panties
– The photo Haily sends at the start of her C4 is now tradeable to Lina and Carla
– Alex now does not bedcrawl early saturday morning if she is pregnant (As she is with Haily)
– Several Carla scenes grant substantially less concern at C3
– Carla Talks now uses Carla’s expanded sprites
– The first loop of the game now has complete sprites and new renders.

– Haily’s arrival photo now shows properly when being given to Carla
– Fix for obscure bug with new variables when saved in the ending screen
– Lisa at the lake no longer overrides Hailys date
– Fixed Lisa’s hidden panopticon mode
– Fixed missing variable when trading with Lina
– Removed the unfinished “Take a Selfie” option from the lake which was causing errors
– Carla Breakfast is now no longer overridden by Alex’s bedcrawl while pregnant
– Traditional guide fixes
– Made the long missing Haily leak peek character sprite

How To Install Cabin by the Lake

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Cabin by the Lake Free Download








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