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Ashley the Pirate [v0.5.0.1]


Ashley the Pirate Free Download Latest Version

Ashley the Pirate Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – This game has a pirate theme, and the plot is about a princess who ends up suffering a “shipwreck” and ends up in a village..

Developer: YioruYioru – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Animated, Big Tits, Corruption, Female Protagonist, Humiliation, Internal View, Rape, RPG, Sexual Harassment, Slime, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Ntr, Oral sex, Lesbian, Monster, Group sex, Turn based combat


This game has a pirate theme, and the plot is about a princess who ends up suffering a “shipwreck” and ends up in a village,
she is in search of her father, and will do anything to find him, even become a pirate!​

Ashley the Pirate Download 
Ashley the Pirate Download 
Ashley the Pirate Download 
Ashley the Pirate Download 
Ashley the Pirate Download 

– 2 New Events on Oasis with Kaidus
-Content with story progress on Arena
-12 New Animations (5 for Ashley/7 for Female NPCs)
-Arena Outfit and NPC Reactions
-New Enemys
-Arena will have 10 fighters (4 fights for ashley, and 6 to watch.)
-Each Female participant NPC in the arena will have one or more unique scenes.
-Dungeon Pyramid expanded with Side Quest
-Improvements to some animations.
-Now the bounty hunters will be tracking Ashley’s Ship
-New Npcs added in other places.
-More Extra events (Some of them were added in update which was an unplanned update)
-More NPCs reactions added to the Princess outfit.
-M-ilkM-ilk Island and Extra Events
-Max Level 26
-Quick INN added on Noble PUB.(Now you can spend the night there.)

Note – You can recover the Arena outfit with the purple queen in case you end up losing it. )

-Downview animation scene improved with more frames.
-Some characters have been changed.
-New NPCs, (including the new arena npcs, it only has dialogues with them.)
-Some bug fixes.

Extra: 2 New Events with Mati on Heart Island

  • – New GreenKing Events
  • – Princess Dress
  • – P-eeping Scene and New NPC Girl on Heart Island Sally
  • – New Scenes for Ashley (C-Blow Scene, New Prison One, SleepS-uck)
  • – Expanded Heart Island
  • – New drinks that remove the sleep effect
  • – Make expressions in mirrors
  • – M-ilk System and Events(I will still be improving the reactions of the NPCs.)
  • – New NPCs
  • – Art and frame Improvements in some animations.
  • – Combat Maximum level 20
  • – Option for companion automatic attack


  • EmperGuard SoftLock after the lastevent Fixed
  • Heart Island INN Vicent Dialog Fixed
  • Dwarf cave Dialog Fixed
  • PrincessDress Fixed on B-lowJob Scene Fixed

New GreenKing Event with Mizumi Peeping Scene
New Peeping Event for Sarah at Night


  • The main new combat completely redone from scratch.
  • New Enemys

(Tentacle Plant Monster, BoobS-uck Plant Monster, Fairy Monster,“SlimeKing”)

  • New Wanted – Crazy Cooker – (Available after Kelvin’s arrest.(Carrot Island)
  • Status Menu

(It is possible to check the level of hunger, thirst and sleep in him and also see your level and EXP)

  • Possibility to fight unarmed
  • Torn-clothing in combat
  • L-ewd animations in combat(Almost all enemies have L-ewd animations during combat.)

(Bounty Hunters and Rotten Pirate do not have L-ewd animations in combat.)

  • Possibility to fight naked and walk naked in battle locations.
  • Peeping Scene with Orc Girl
  • Several fixes at various points in the game.

New NPCs

  • Sarah – GranPine Island
  • Jonas- V-Island
  • Hilda – EmperCity Witch House
  • Jay – Emper City Port
  • Mike Dwarf- EmperCity Center
  • Merlyn Brown Star – V-Island Arena
  • Zven The Viking – Carrot Island
  • MasterWet – Emper City Rich District

How To Install Ashley the Pirate

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Ashley the Pirate Free Download



LINUX (v0.4.2.7)



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