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    Price for Freedom: Avarice [Build 26.0]


    Price for Freedom: Avarice Free Download Latest Version

    Price for Freedom: Avarice Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – The game will tell the story of another cast of characters, in another town, and another time.

    Developer: Team Dead Deer – Patreon
    Censorship: No
    Version: Build 26.0 Public
    OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
    Language: English
    Genre: 2dcg, oral sex, romance, seduction, male protagonist, vaginal sex, combat, cosplay, vaginal sex, fantasy, rpg, adventure, monster


    Price for Freedom: Avarice is based on the webcomic series, in the same setting and region. The game will tell the story of another cast of characters, in another town, and another time. The format will allow our team to drastically expand on world lore, side stories, and overall depth. It is a top down RPG, heavily inspired by old games such as Baldurs Gate. So expect decent amount of text, and people to talk to.​

    Price for Freedom: Avarice Free Download
    Price for Freedom: Avarice Free Download
    Price for Freedom: Avarice Free Download

    Build 26.0
    – Katie pole dance event at the brothel.

    – 2 Katie animated sprites with removable clothes.

    – Melancholic version of Hiho’s theme.

    – Melancholic version of Scylla’s theme.

    – Katie collectible.

    – Samara and Katrina strip poker collectible.

    – LW on top of Aya collectible.

    – New Alchemist and Dee ending to the Osh’to tribe quest.

    – Remove sliding characters placeholders.

    Build 25.0
    – Aya and Dee 2 animated scenes and CG.

    – Aya and Dee cuddles sprite.

    – 3 new Aya dialogue portrait poses.

    – Improved Aya dialogue portrait expressions and arms.

    – Improved Hera dialogue portrait.

    – Aya animated sprite.

    – 1 new Dee dialogue portrait pose and new expressions.

    – 4 new hidden collectible pinups.

    – Monster hunter inn location.

    – Reworked the old docks location.

    – A new soundtrack named “Nighttime Armony”.

    – Hiho theme soundtrack.

    – All the prologue fights are now in the world rather than instanced.

    – New combat tutorial at the beginning of the prologue and a combat glossary.

    – Persistent effects system affecting the combat, such as being drunk.

    – Polished the prologue.

    – Updated the game from Unity 2019 to 2021.

    Build 24.1
    – Nailah pole dance event at the brothel.
    – 3 Nailah animated sprites with removable clothes.
    – Reworked the Velvet Oasis second floor location.
    – Nailah pinup collectable (3 variations).
    – Post-Osh’to tribe quest dialogue with companions.
    – Halmech Temple location in Kaldea’s Gatehouse.
    – Add FoW to Kaldea’s infirmary.
    – Scylla theme soundtrack (2 variations).

    Build 23.0 Public

    – Osh’to scene with 3 animated CG and 2 static CG.

    – Osh’to second companion quest.

    – 2 new Osh’to collectible pinups.

    – Osh’to nude cuddles sprite.

    – Ogres tribe camp location.

    – 9 unique ogres tribe yurt locations.

    – Savannah location.

    – River location.

    – Samara 4 new dialogue portrait poses.

    – Osh’to 2 new dialogue portrait poses.

    – Hiho 3 new dialogue portrait poses.

    – Scylla and Mara new dialogue portrait expressions.

    – Ogre elder dialogue portrait.

    – Ogre elder sprite.

    – Ogre nomad sprites.

    – Several unique Ogre female/male sprites.

    – Reworked troglodytes cards and abilities.

    – Area of effect hex used by troglodytes.

    – New combat cards design with clear difficulty categories.

    – Ogre tribe music.

    – Samara sprite and portraits bandana.

    – Press Alt key to highlight all the interactables.

    Build 22.0 Public
    – Iski sprite scene (2 animated sprites).
    – New main quest development.
    – New side quest (saurian farmers family).
    – 1 hidden collectible (Iski).
    – Laqab Riaz dialogue portrait and animated sprite.
    – Master dialogue portrait and animated sprite.
    – Katie animated sprite.
    – UUlk dialogue portrait.
    – Kimber dialogue portrait.
    – Improved iski dialogue portrait.
    – 4 new locations (Alkeign).
    – Visual effect above companions when they want to dialogue.
    – Inventory storage available in the party Nathan’s inn room.
    – General quality settings now affects the fog of war quality as well.

    Build 21.0 Public
    – [Patreon] Second brothel quest.
    – [Patreon] Katie scene with 2 animated CG.
    – 1 collectible pinup of Katie.
    – 2 special sprites for Katie.
    – Terri anal animations.
    – The main character appearance can be customized in the cheats.
    – Improve Esther dialogue portrait.
    – Improve Katie dialogue portrait.
    – Knight on a Pike inn second floor location.
    – Knight on a Pike innkeeper sprite.
    – New Old Docks warehouse locations.
    – The combat fog of war now handles multiple characters.
    – Enemies behind walls in combat are now visible.
    – The prologue first fight happens in the world rather than an instanced location.
    – Highlight characters limbs behind walls in combat.
    – Highlight the characters on which a given skill can be executed this turn.
    – New skill wheel to execute skills quickly (hold left mouse button on the target).
    – Combat portrait animations.
    – Show the characters movement range.
    – Show the current skill range.
    – Visual combat cell effects for reactions and delayed actions, with tool-tips.
    – Combat cell selection animation.
    – Show which health bar is associated with the limb under the mouse.

    Build 20.0 Public
    – [Patreon] Scylla scene with 3 animated CG and 2 static CG.

    – [Patreon] Scylla companion quest with 2 pinups.

    – New Terri scene anal dialogue.

    – A new Iski collectible to find.

    – Sleeping sprite of all the companions, separate clothes layers.

    – Swimming and water sprites for Samara, Hiho and Osh’To.

    – Sleep mechanism associated with the beds.

    – Ohmish knight animated sprite.

    – 2 new dialogue portrait for Verona along with some new expressions.

    – 3 new dialogue portrait for Scylla along with some new expressions.

    – New dialogue for Katrina. She is now Toreign’s inn bartender.

    – Kaldea magician dialogue at his shop.

    – 4 new locations for Scylla quest (wilderness riverside, and new slums area / building).

    – 23 new foliage, bushes and trees.

    – Scenes now use the game post process.

    – New in game quest editor.

    Build 19.1 Public
    Fix the game freeze in combat and other bugs / typos.

    Build 19.0
    – [Patreon] Terri scene with 2 animated CG.
    – [Patreon] Terri quest with 1 pinup.
    – [Patreon] Main quest bandit fort aftermath.
    – [Patreon] More main story progress in Toreign.
    – [Public] Osh’To recruitment quest and scene.
    – 2 new collectible pinups to find.
    – Toreign boat inn location, with two floors.
    – Toreign 3 other new locations.
    – Mage shop location, two floors.
    – Terri animated sprite, including nude version.
    – Terri portrait has more expressions to play with.
    – Uulk dialogue portrait and updated sprite.
    – Admiral Gracer sprite (not animated) and dialogue portrait.
    – Mage sprite (not animated).
    – 4 Lizard Merchant sprites (not animated).
    – 3 nobles animated sprites variants.

    Build 18.2
    This is most likely the final update for the Hiho build. We are aware it is annoying for some people to download the whole game with every small update, and we will try to make a proper updater for the game, so you can quickly patch it instead.
    This one fixes a bunch of smaller bugs with some quests, as well as typos thanks to nice folks from our discord. Please keep reporting anything wrong you find, it really help to improve the overall quality over time.
    Hiho first scene is reachable again in the public build (it was made unreachable due to an oversight in the new patreon quest).
    And our friends from Thailand wont be stuck in the loading screen anymore (hopefully).

    Build 18.1
    – [Patreon] Hiho scene with 3 animated CG.
    – [Patreon] Hiho 2 new quests and 1 collectible.
    – Moira revisit scene 3 new animated variants (oral, missionary, and vag on table).
    – Verona post scene lizard ladies flash pinups.
    – Camping in the wild allows to redo Samara and Hiho camp scenes.
    – 3 new locations for Hiho quest.
    – A pinup to find in Hiho quest.
    – Basis of the new combat system.
    – A new enemy type: Sectants.
    – Hiho first scene now happens after the first visit to the temple.
    – Add “Hiho at Nathan’s inn” event after her first quest.
    – Add the party table to Nathan’s inn.
    – Fix the strongboxes.
    – Fix the short freeze during the first combat loading.
    – Some combat area have special environment effects.

    How To Install Price for Freedom: Avarice

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Price for Freedom: Avarice Free Download








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