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    Hail Dicktator [v0.24.2]


    Hail Dicktator Free Download Latest Version

    Hail Dicktator Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Down on your luck, you suddenly receive a letter from an uncle you never knew you had.

    Developer: Hachigames Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.24.2
    OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
    Language: English
    Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Harem, Dating sim, Trainer, Lesbian, BDSM, Male domination, Female domination, Exhibitionism, Cosplay, Corruption, Big tits, Groping, Masturbation, Oral sex, Spanking, Voyeurism, Virgin, Sex toys, Handjob, Romance, Sandbox, Superpowers, Big ass, Humiliation, Vaginal sex, Footjob, Titfuck, Anal sex, Creampie, Footjob, Humiliation, Humor, Interracial, Management, Mobile game, Teasing, Tickling


    Down on your luck, you suddenly receive a letter from an uncle you never knew you had. He offers you a job to manage his tropical island resort. You find it’s full of beautiful women and a strange culture of punishment and reward. But perhaps the island itself is even stranger than the people that inhabit it…

    Build friendships and fall in love with the girls. Punish or reward them. Follow their stories. Explore the secrets of the island, upgrade the hotel, build more facilities. Maybe one day, you will become the new ‘Dicktator’!

    ‘Hail Dicktator’ features fetishes of all kinds already available in the game, including anal, bondage, spanking, tickling and feet.​

    Hail Dicktator Free Download
    Hail Dicktator Free Download
    Hail Dicktator Free Download

    * 250+ renders
    * 3 (with angles and versions a total of 9) mini animations
    * ~20 new scenes/events
    * new general punishment for Alice
    * new general punishment for Sonya
    * new general punishment for Yuki
    * main story progression
    * side story progression and new bdsm event for Scarlet/Sarah
    * side story progression for Leah/Daisy
    * side story progression for Hazel/Yuki
    * new titjob/handjob, cum dumpster, bondage, spanking, butt plug, dildo/girl-on-girl scenes
    * Better cleanup for displaying save games, as well as only loading textures when in view (fixes possible memory leak on mobile causing crashes)
    * Google Translate Languages Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese updated to 0.25
    * Translation mode fix

    * 270+ renders
    * 4 mini animations (2 scenes with 2 angles)
    * ~20 new scenes (some of them are chained into one huge scene)
    * current main story arc climax
    * new vanilla-scene
    * new anal-scene
    * new dual-bj-scene
    * 2 new bondage scenes
    * 2 new spanking scenes
    * new feet scene
    * already in last version: player now starts with some money to eliminate grinding. (economy will be balanced more with future mechanics)
    * already in last version: major memory leak has been fixed, which should fix the game randomly crashing without error message
    * already in last version: implemented after-scene smooth transition. This also prevents the occasional flickering of the navigation-background between chained scenes
    * already in last version: implemented morning transition, to manipulate the picture that fades in when the next day starts
    * already in last version: implemented smarter music switching. Non-overworld music will now loop. It will also persist in-between chained scenes

    * 220+ new renders
    * 4 new mini animations (2 variants on 2 events)
    * 25+ new scenes/events
    * current Main Story Arc continued
    * new character introduced.
    * new anal scene
    * new bondage sex scene
    * new foot job scene
    * new tit job scene
    * new bondage scenes
    * new spanking scene
    * saves made from this version on now display version and completion
    * fixed possible sequence break with Sarah’s training quest
    * fixed some spelling and minor errors

    * 200+ new renders
    * 20+ new scenes/events
    * Two new map events (one repeatable)
    * 5 new animations
    * New Hjs and Bj scenes with Leah, Hazel & Sarah
    * New sex scene with Alice
    * New bondage and spanking scene with Scarlet plus repeatable map event
    * New Strap-on scene
    * New humiliation punishment with Daisy
    * Main story continued
    * Several side stories continued
    * Current main arc climax starting
    * Can now rename MC (in settings)
    * Saves will display version and completion (only works for saves created from this version on)
    * Provided google translate language files for: German, French, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Russian, and Spanish. Some of the languages already have active translators (German, Polish). I don’t encurage people to play with the google translate translations, since the translation is pretty bad. However, it serves as a good entry point for translators, and since it’s unlikely to be translated into some of these languages anytime soon, it’s at least something.

    * Hotfix for white screen in the side room when Daisy should be there. My render verification system has failed me. I’ll improve it to make absolutely sure this doesn’t happen anymore.

    * ~15 new scenes/events
    * 220+ Renders
    * 5 new mini animations, including 2 loops
    * Added one extra animation for an early scene (Alice’s first punishment in the first meeting in the office). I’ll be continuously adding animations to earlier scenes, that don’t have any.
    * main story continued
    * new bondage/bdsm scenes
    * new sex scenes
    * new dildo-gag scene
    * new anal toy (beads)
    * new bj scene
    * two new spanking scenes with animations
    * implemented build verification to make sure no render is missing

    How To Install Hail Dicktator

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Hail Dicktator Free Download










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    1. Sorry for the low vote, but when i spend the first 5 minutes of a game wanting to commit murder, it’s time to stop playing that game.

    2. Good game, long gameplay (~6-9 hours). It has hints about what to do with quests, so there won’t be problems with this.
      If you cant go further with one of the quests, then you should complete others.
      There can be freezes when session punishment for Sonya, in that case try to save the progress and load last save.
      Cool game imho, 5 stars

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