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    Knightly Passions [v0.16]


    Knightly Passions Free Download Latest Version

    Knightly Passions Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – On his way he will find devious traps, deep dungeons full of treasures, mysterious palaces with adventurous princesses…

    Developer: FEYADA Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.16
    OS: Windows, Linux, MacAndroid
    Language: English – Russian
    Genre: Animated, Anal, Big Dick, Big Tits, Elves, Defloration, Group sex, Lesbian, Masturbation, Mild BDSM, Monster girl, Nuns, Squirting, Toys, Witches.


    What could be better than the good old adventures of a brave hunter in the harsh world of the middle ages?
    Of course, adventures in the world of magic! Terrible monsters, evil sorcerers, cruel lords, mean mercenaries – this is only a small part of what our main character will face, who went in search of his sister.

    On his way he will find devious traps, deep dungeons full of treasures, mysterious palaces with adventurous princesses, huts of lustful witches, ancient ruins hidden by a cover of magic and much more. Will he manage to find faithful friends and comrades in this world? Will a simple hunter be able to find powerful weapons and artifacts, to rise to heights unknown even to glorious knights? And will he have the strength to resist the devil’s strongest weapon – temptation? All this and more you will find in game ‘Knightly Passions’.

    Knightly Passions Free Download
    Knightly Passions Free Download
    Knightly Passions Free Download


    • Added Chinese language support!
    • Fixed a bug in Quest 24.
    • Improved the minigame for catching the horse in the field.
    • Improved the minigame for the chase by brigands. On monitors with high refresh rates, these two minigames will no longer be accelerated.
    • Fixed many other bugs, and probably added some new ones.
    • And much more.

    Version 0.15a:

    • New quest: “The Drunken Mare.” In this quest, you’ll help the tavern keeper make all the necessary preparations to purchase some good booze.
    • New quest: “Mercantile Machinations.” You’ll have to face off with some malevolent merchants who don’t consider it necessary to keep their word.
    • New quest: “The Best Candidate.” The tavern keeper is looking to find himself a female assistant for a cushy job in the tavern. This quest is issued automatically after completing the “Mercantile Machinations” quest.
    • New quest: “The Picnic.” At times, even the simplest forms of outdoor recreation can turn into something terrifying.
    • New minigames in quests: “Keep Your Balance on a Horse,” “Clicks on the Screen,” and “Pursuit.”
    • Now, from the very beginning of the game onward, the tavern is available for lodging only. Customers will only appear in the tavern once you’ve completed the “Mercantile Machinations” quest.
    • The price of lodging in the tavern has doubled. But don’t worry – after the tavern fully reopens, the tavern keeper will thank you with a 50% discount on lodging.
    • Added several new music tracks.
    • Fixed many bugs, and probably added some new ones.
    • And much more.


    Knightly Passions (DLC: In the Grip of Ice)

    Version 0.10c:

    • Fixes the global map button bug.
    • Ensures the English version of the game properly displays all text in English (not Russian).
    • Various minor adjustments and improvements.


    • Fixed a bug involving the “Map” button.
    • Fixed a bug when dealing a critical hit in combat.
    • Fixed a bug involving the use of vials of antidote.
    • Fixed a bug involving bears’ “Steel Claws” combat ability.
    • Fixed a bug involving items in Quests 20 and 21. The wine and the Iskandria fish now disappear from your inventory at the intended time.
    • Improved the English translation of the game, especially with regard to the new content.
    • Added a new animation for bears’ “Rage” combat ability.
    • If you’re playing on PC, hitting the spacebar during a critical hit will launch the attack. Pressing the spacebar any other time during combat still ends your turn as normal.
    • Improved the musical accompaniment in the new quests.
    • Added a “Leave” button to the arm wrestling interface.
    • Updated the in-game “thank you” list.
    • Saves from Version 0.10a are fully compatible with Version 0.10b.


    • The main quest has received an expansion! You can now get a few steps closer to finding your sister.
    • New quest: “A Liberating Outfit.” This is the final quest in the elf’s plotline, which smoothly segues into her adult content.
    • New quest: “The Young Warrior.” In this quest, you’ll be able to help the peasant boy recover his stolen toy.
    • Two new characters make their first appearances in the game: the Governor and the Vampire.
    • Added a new location: The Vampire’s House
    • Added two minigames: “Chase for Prey” and “Last Stick.” You’ll encounter the first one in the main quest, while the second can be found in “The Young Warrior” quest.
    • Improved the witch’s 18+ animations in Quest 3 (Live2D).
    • Improved the elf’s “Doggy Style” 18+ animations (Live2D).
    • The combat system has been completely rewritten and enhanced. You can expect to see more new cards, enemies, abilities, buffs, and debuffs in future updates.
    • Updated the design of the battle interface.
    • Improved critical hit mechanics. The player can now make the hunter deal triple damage by hitting a button at the appropriate time.
    • Updated the algorithm for auto-battles in hunting mode. The damage caused by auto-battles now adjusts based on the number of enemies and the hunter’s damage.
    • If the hunter hunts in the forest during Quest 15, he can now encounter the elf’s mother.
    • Added fishing training.
    • The difficulty of catching fish now scales based on your level of Hunting Instinct. If your Hunting Instinct level is above 20, then the difficulty of fishing is trivial.
    • Simplified catching an Icarius in Quest 17.
    • Fishing is no longer available in the evening or at night.
    • Updated arm wrestling. Bonuses and traps in the minigame have been enhanced. Before the start of an arm-wrestling bout, your opponent’s difficulty level is now shown. In the same window, you can also receive arm-wrestling training.
    • Updated the pause menu. We’ve implemented “Main Menu” and “Exit” buttons, which allow you to go to the game’s main menu or exit the game entirely, respectively.
    • Added some new NPC dialogues.
    • Added more options in some existing quests.
    • Improved the English translation.
    • Improved quest streamlining.
    • Updated the game’s exit screen.
    • Added new dialogue option icons.
    • Fixed a rare bug that broke the navigation screen at the end of the game.
    • Fixed a bug with prices in the tavern after the bartender sobers up.
    • Also fixed many other bugs, and probably added some new ones.
    • And much more!


    • Fixed yet another bug when arm wrestling with the old man/merchant.
    • The elven druid boss’s stun attack now takes 3 points of stamina away from the hunter instead of 1.
    • Fixed the “stun” debuff being applied multiple times when fighting boars and other enemies using a stun attack.
    • Fixed a bug involving armor values being zeroed out prematurely during fights with several opponents.
    • Fixed a substitution bug with traders’ inventories that could cause crashes when attempting to purchase bread.
    • Fixed several other bugs involving the combat system.
    • Ensured saves from 0.8a and 0.8b work with the latest version of the game (0.8c).


    • New quest: “The Family Heirloom.” In it, we continue to discover more about the elf’s character.
    • New quest: “The World of Trading.” A cute and romantic story involving Mirina :3
    • New quest: “The Forest Cove.” This is a quest that will, in future updates, introduce us to a new character.
    • Remade the adult scenes in the brunette nun’s cell in Live2D.
    • Remade 2 adult scenes with the elf in Live2D.
    • Added beautiful music that immerses you more deeply in the game for the new quests.
    • Completely overhauled hunting and slightly improved the combat system. You can now hunt several creatures at once by choosing to face one to three enemies.
    • Your level of Hunting Instinct now allows you to gain the dodge effect right in the middle of battles. The higher your level of Hunting Instinct, the higher your chance of gaining the dodge effect.
    • The item drop rate is now tied to Hunting Instinct. Each additional level increases the chances of rare items dropping.
    • Added auto-battle functionality to hunting mode. To unlock it, you need to conduct three successful hunts for animals of the given variety and number. For instance, in order to unlock auto-battles when facing three wolves, you’ll need to defeat packs of three wolves three times in normal combat. Auto-battles cost the hunter 30 HP.
    • You can now arm wrestle with the fisherman and the blacksmith.
    • Arm wrestling difficulty is now impacted by your level of Combat Training. The higher your Combat Training, the easier it will be to defeat your opponent.
    • The price of items is now dependent on your Charisma level. The higher your Charisma, the lower the cost of the goods you buy and the higher the selling price for your own items.
    • Added the “Lacerating Strike” skill card, which inflicts the bleeding condition on enemies. You can obtain it by defeating the blacksmith at arm wrestling.
    • Added an “enhanced fishing rod,” which grants you a 15% chance to catch a variety of items in the lake (including artifacts).
    • Added the “Potion of Oblivion.” It resets all stats, allowing skill points to be reallocated. It’s currently sold by the witch.
    • The Gallery now fully unlocks when unlocked via cheat codes (including all of the scenes with the elf and the brunette nun).
    • Improved the “New Game+” feature by adding the ability to skip Quests 11 through 14. (Previously, only the first 10 quests were skippable).
    • Added a convenient button in the navigation window to allocate unspent Skill Points.
    • Improved the English translations of Quests 5 through 9.
    • You now won’t be able to flee from combat during the combat tutorial. Previously, running away from the combat during the tutorial caused a critical error.
    • Fixed the tooltips on how to unlock each adult scene in the Gallery.
    • Fixed a bug with the appearance of the maid in the market in “New Game+” games.
    • Fixed trading bugs.
    • Fixed bugs when crafting items at the blacksmith.
    • Fixed bugs with the Cave location.
    • Also fixed many other bugs and probably added some new ones.
    • And much more!


    • This release focuses on the Christmas / New Year event. In this update, we’ve focused on improving the event’s English translation, adding original music, upgrading the adult scenes, and fixing the bugs people encountered in last year’s event.
    • In this update, we’ve also successfully switched the game over to a new version of the game engine, which means that the game will be much more stable on all devices.

    How To Install Knightly Passions

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Knightly Passions Free Download








    Knightly Passions (DLC: In the Grip of Ice)








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    1. This is an actual game, like a real one, not just a visual novel. A pretty good one, at least to me.

      Perhaps the low rating is it not being a visual novel? Perhaps it’s that the sex is really a reward and not the focus of the game? You gotta do a lot of work to unlock sex but I think it’s worth it so far. I’ve had fun.

      Just go into it knowing it’s game first, sex second and you should be fine? I assume…

    2. Agreed with first Anon on all points.
      It’s honestly the kind of game I’ve been looking for where talking to NPC few times doesn’t get you laid but there’s an actual character progression and you’re really wrapped in the story.

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