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Afterparty Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is a real-time adult game created in Unreal Engine 5​.

Developer: Afterparty Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Tech Demo Version 2.4
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3d game, simulator, female protagonist, big ass, big tits, futanari (optional), sandbox, character customization


Afterparty is a real-time adult game created in Unreal Engine 5​

Afterparty Free Download
Afterparty Free Download
Afterparty Free Download

Tech Demo 2.4
•DirectX11 support added
•Lumen has been replaced with baked/dynamic lighting + screen space global illumination, resulting in a significant performance increase
•New top and shorts option for male
•2 new NPCs, John and Veronica with full 24 hour schedules
•Fixed issue of some morph values being reset/not saved
•Fixed issue of some color values being reset/not saved
•New NPC activities
•Refined head shape options and head shape presets added •Rework of dialogue cameras when an NPC is interacting with an object

Tech Demo 2.3
•Sex system added, with the following animations:
•Male/female/futa solo animations
•M/F, F/F, Futa/F animations added
•Rigging improvements
•Morph fixes
•1 new female hairstyle
•1 new female top+bottom clothing option
•Numerous bug fixes
•Changed existing object animations to work with new system
•Perspective changing during sex+object scenes
•New graphics option to use unperformant, always-on lighting (powerful hardware required)

Tech Demo Version 2.1 hotfix
•Reset hair dye color and base color now work correctly
•Skin preset 5 black mouth texture fixed
•Anim speed slider works again
•Doors can no longer be closed through walls
•Player name correctly appears in dialogue
•Doors now close in the same direction they were opened
•Interactables no longer lose focus and require the player to re-enter the interaction area
•Door widget updates correctly
•Dialogue volume is more consistent
•Expressions in the character creator work again
•Resetting the face tattoo correctly resets the face and not the body tattoo
•Lighting menu reset buttons more consistent with other menus
•Fixed issue of not being able to leave the wardrobe
•Emily’s bed is no longer interactable

Tech Demo Version 2.1
•Updated the engine to UE 5.2
•Lighting artifacts on AMD cards fixed
•Time of day is now kept track of across levels
•Fatal error when choosing clothing visibility has been fixed
•Fixed issue of NPCs not opening doors
•Added a failsafe to NPC AI in case they get stuck
•Revamped the entire object interaction system using sequences
•NPC AI is much more stable now
•Fixed issue where jiggling left boob would also jiggle balls
•Fixed piercing misalignment issues
•Fixed inventory and wardrobe item swap/duplication issue
•Can no longer open the inventory during sequences
•Prerequisites binary is included in game files
•Large code cleanup for character classes and actor components
•Head tracking improvements
•Fixed belly button piercing selection
•Updated the menu system: Now includes options for toggling GI method and reflection method, also DLSS works correctly now
•Performance improvements: Shadow casting on small props and foliage disabled. LODs reworked for groom hair. NPCs stop rendering at a certain distance to the player. Swapped out some rect lights for spotlights and point lights
•Head no longer disappears when activating a sequence in first person mode
•Head is no longer missing from player shadow in first person mode
•Keyboard can be used to select dialogue options
•Mouse no longer hides when right clicking to exit pause menu
•E button added to rebindable controls
•More gamepad support
•Sequences are now skippable by holding space
•NPCs now react to weather (No more tanning outside in the rain!)
•Fixed a number of issues with clothing equip conditions and visibility toggle rules
•Modifying NPCs in the inventory works much better
•Save and load system has been improved
•Improved lighting in character creator
•Improved hair shader
•Support added for frame generation (Requires Nvidia RTX 4000+ series graphics card)
•Mouth thick and lips thicker morph sliders no longer show twice
•2 new female hairstyles

Character creator:

-5 new hairstyles
-Accessories (nose/ear/nipple/bellybutton piercings)
-New clothing options
-Character body parts can be clicked and dragged for jiggling
-Added a player voice. Pitch can be adjusted. Volume can be set to 0 if you don’t want a voiced player


-Inventory can be accessed by pressing “I”
-Clothing and items can be stored in the inventory. All clothing items have a thumbnail and details
-Inventory has a menu for accessing NPCs that you have discovered. From here, you can change /outfits/hair color (and in the future, hair style and morphs)
-Player bed is interactable and can be used to pass time
-Shower is interactable
-Player wardrobe added, which stores clothing items from the character creator that were not picked. Also can change clothing color/materials
-Save system partially reworked
-NPC added to the game. NPC has a 24 hour schedule
-Open world map added to the locations menu inside the inventory. Currently this is empty. In the future, maps will be merged into a single open world level
-Lights added to remaining houses
-Virtual shadow maps disabled (increases performance, however this may be offset by the added NPC)
-Added a check for AMD cards that disables ray traced shadows on lights, which causes problems in Unreal 5.1
-Menu system completely overhauled
-Better graphics options
-Rebindable keyboard controls
-Partial gamepad support
-Audio level controls

And lots of other minor improvements.

What’s in the game?
-In-depth character creation with a variety of morphs, skin options, clothing, and hairstyles
-Option to switch between male and female anatomy
-Photo mode (in both the character creator and open level) with high quality export options and the option to apply filters even after photo mode is closed
-24 hour day/night cycle with random weather variations
-Multi-slot saving and loading system

There is A LOT more coming for this game! Patrons can check out my next development post for a glimpse of features that are already partially complete, and which I expect to have ready for the next release.

How To Install Afterparty

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Afterparty Free Download




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  1. Graphics looks really good Looks like something I want check out further in the future when more is added to it Not much to it now It is one that I’m adding to my list of future games

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