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The Mansion Free Download Latest Version

The Mansion Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – you arrive at your girlfriend’s residence only to discover that she is having an affair with another man.

Developer: Rustlerman – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.95.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Nudism, blowjob, threesome, real porn, vaginal sex, anal sex, real sex, creampie, drugs, degradation, perversion, corruption, netorare, male protagonist.


Recently fired from your job, you arrive at your girlfriend’s residence only to discover that she is having an affair with another man. At that moment, you receive a message from an old friend inviting you to stay at his luxurious mansion, offering you the opportunity to rebuild your life.

However, unbeknownst to you, your friend is hiding a sinister secret that gradually unfolds as the story progresses. Within the expansive estate, you encounter several women, each with their own needs and desires, which requires your careful consideration and skill to navigate the situation.​

The Mansion Free Download
The Mansion Free Download
The Mansion Free Download
The Mansion Free Download
The Mansion Free Download


Fixed bug with bars in the fight.
Fixed bug in the castle cavern with infinite fight
Added new scene with Noa


Fixed bug when you take the car keys and no work the car.
Extended plot, rescue Elsa and Andrea.
Added Lilly again in the plot.
Added 9 new fight in the game.
Now you can buy bandages and heal yourself anywhere.
New scene with Sara.


fixed bug in the clothes store
fixed bug with edward, when you talk with him
fixed bug, now you can find blue mushrooms at the river
New scene with Emma in Dusk Castor warehouse


Fixed some text bugs in various parts of the game.
Fixed bug with Bella.
The fight box has been reduced in size so it can be played on mobile.
Fixed a bug in the diary.
Fixed bug in the fight in the garden.
Fixed bug with Rose in the first date
Added new fight in Rose’s first date
Fixed a bug that prevented you from going to Emma’s house after William stopped you from entering his store.
Fixed bug with Rose’s date quest , now you can complete all the events.
2 new scene with Rose.


Added new scene with Rose(third date)
Added 4 new fights (two thiefs in a third date with Rose and fight with police chief and William)
The name “Hercules” appeared at certain moments, replacing the player’s name.
The power of enemies in fights has been modified. After a review, they will now be easier to defeat.


New combat system added. (I recomend start new game)
The old “fights” in the game have been replaced by a new, more interactive combat system where the player must defeat the enemy.
Now, the player’s statistics affect the fight.
Perception: Increases the probability of blocking and performing a counterattack. It also increases the player’s maximum action points (AP).
Agility: Increases the chance of dodging and reduces the chance of missing attacks.
Strength: Increases the damage of attacks.
New statistics added:
Endurance: Increases the player’s maximum health.
Action Moves: The points you have to perform attacks.
Life: If it drops to 0, you lose the fight.

Endurance can be increased in the usual exercise bar.

When the player is defeated, they will appear in the hospital.
To heal life, the player must go to the hospital and spend money.

Added 8 fights + intro fight:

Fight 1: Joseph in the intro
Fight 2: Lender
Fight 3: Pimp’s Lair Thug
Fight 4: Jewelry Store Thug
Fight 5: Joseph in the garden
Fight 6: William
Fight 7: Date Thief 1
Fight 8: Date Thief 2
Fight 9: Fight with Edward

Two new scenes with Rose at the hospital.


Fixed Azumi scenes in the gallery
Fixed few more little bugs with jessica.
New scene with Azumi when she is in the company, now open two scenes that will appear randomly every time you go with her to the urgent and quick meeting room.


Fixed bug in the date in the center with Rose
Fixed bug in Rose’s flat when you go for the first time
Fixed bug Magnus when you try to buy a house
Fixed bug with Mrs. Dubanoski
Fixed bug with Jessica and Tiger
Fixed bug with Rose in her office
Fixed bug when Lily disapear
Fixed a bug where two mission objectives overlapped on top of each other
Fixed text error after drink of the bloody fountain in the castle
Fixed text error in the lab of the college when Jessica dissapear
Now sell cocktails give you more money
Now work in all places give you much more money
Added a button in the inventory that leads to the street for when the player gets stuck
Added new scene with Azumi


Fixed animations of love bar
Fixed the action to give a drink to Richard
Fixed bug in the gallery with Sophia and Elsa
Fixed bug when you meet Sophia’s mom for first time
New scene with Bella
New scene with Isabella


Added new story with Bella
New content buying Bella house. Go to Bella at the castle town an bring her to her new home
New scene with Bella


Fixed bug with Albert and railcar
New content buying Isabella house (complete her quest)
New scene with Isabella


Fixed bug in gallery
Fixed bug with Albert and railcar
New content buying Isabella and Bella’s house.
New scene with azumi
New scene contruction womans
New content with Bella and Isabella


Change in the cast, the actress playing Isabella is now Blake Blossom.
New scene with Isabella
New character Azumi
New character Mi Slutty
Fixed bug with bella


Fixed bug with Rose in the park
Fixed some little bugs
Improve more game text traduction in english
Added new story with Bella
Added new scene with Bella


Fixed several bugs with Elsa, now the progress doesn’t stop
Fixed buy and sell buttons
Fixed bug with salad
Now you can find blue potion after Edwards abandone the potions room
Improve more game text traduction in english
New event and dialogues with Rose
New scene with Rose


Fixed new bug with monster and moscow mule, and Sara panties
Fixed bug with threesome with Nancy and Andrea in nancyroom the scene don’t repeat anymore
Fixed bug with Exit button in the pub
New scene with Sara (You need cocktails), now you can meet her in the street, town center, and side walk, and talk to her
New dialogues with Sara
Improved the style of the buttons for using objects in the backpack
Improved the game text.


Added icons to the shopping items in the stores, bob, fuel station and pimp
Fixed bug with monster and moscow mule, and Sara panties
Fixed bug with threesome whit Nancy and Andrea
Fixed bug with cola
Added new talk with Bob
Added new texts in all game
Added new scene with Sara
Improved the English text in the introduction.


Fixed vending machine
Fixed conversation with hooded woman
Extended plot in the castle
Added new scene with Jennifer
Added new inventory
Improved the English text in the introduction


Fixed bug with vending machine
Fixed bug with Jessica at motel
Fixed a bug with Sophia and blue mashroom
Fixed a bug with Jessica in Tiger’s apartment.
Fixed bug when you bring Lab Jessica to Tiger
Fixed error in the garage
Fixed bug trip with Jessica Tiger’s daughter
Fixed bug with Sophia and blue mushrooms
Added secondary girls gallery (Angel woman, Rita, Marie, Director Olivia, Mrs. Duabonski, Jesscia in cantine, Jessica in lab, Jessica meeting by Marie, Clara, Bella and Madison)
Upgrade avatars images
Extendend content after talk to hodded woman about black robe and enter the castle
Added threesome scene with Nancy and Andrea

How To Install The Mansion

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

The Mansion Free Download




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