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Pokemon H Version Free Download Latest Version

Pokemon H Version Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You play as Caleb, a senior Field Researcher and Pokemon Trainer.

Developer: SINtax EroRR Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.596 A
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2D game, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Trainer, Pokemon, Bestially, Turn base combat, Exhibitionism, Relationship/Dating sim, Straight, Yuri, Parody, Anthropomorphic, Furry, RPG


Old school Pokemon game with a perverted twist! You play as Caleb, a senior Field Researcher and Pokemon Trainer as you traverse the Sinova Region to train a new lab-created Pokemon while uncovering the conspiracy of Team Creation; a cult of deviants hell-bent on restarting the life cycle of all living things. Features a narrative-based Romance system (akin to a dating sim) for your Rival and fellow field Researcher, and a pet system that allows you to raise certain Waifumons (for naughty reasons), and many, many quests and events!

P.S. This game is meant to be TOUGH. So use items, strategize, and play smart. Grind if you need to. If you’re a filthy casual, this game is not meant for you.

Pokemon H Version Free Download
Pokemon H Version Free Download
Pokemon H Version Free Download

Build 0.596 A [15/03/2024]

  • New side quests for a couple of Waifumon.
  • A huge new city to explore. [Roughly 10 times the size of Eclipse City] (Though there isn’t too much to do yet, so I recommend players familiarize themselves with the terrain first.)
  • Nymphlora is now available to obtain through an event.
  • A lot of new sprites (for the new city) as well as NPCs, etc.
  • New function through Gardevoir. If she has the move ‘Psychic’, you can use it to check the affection values of your human romance partners. That way, its easier to keep track of the values through Tramme’s guide/walkthrough.

Build 0.519 A [22/11/2023]

  • New Side Quest for Vexinni is out.
  • A whole LOT of new sprite art (to fix proportion size of older trainer battle sprites)
  • An entirely new Romanceable option with Seras, (You know the drill, exhaust dialogue, actually try to remember info about her, battle her when the option presents itself, etc. Tramme will update the guide about this soon.)
  • A new Villain is also added. Defacto admin (When Novus isn’t around) in Cult Admin Kevan.
  • Due to FLY being disabled until you get the Dragon Harness from Asha after Gym 2, and needing to have Drakaiden in your party, there is now a teleporter in your House in Eclipse City that will help you move around. (Still requires Badge 2 and 3 to fully activate. Only default location you can travel to is Hidden Grove.)
  • For now, You can freely pursue both Asha and Seras without repercussion, so don’t worry. The path only splits in Hua Kumu City, and that won’t be around for another 2-3 updates at least. Don’t worry, the game will warn you when it happens.
  • New battles, and other balancing/fixes.

Build 0.456 A [27/9/2023]

Bug Fixes and Misc changes.

What to expect for this version?

– Two new Side Quests for your waifumon (1 for Drakaiden, 1 for Vaporeon) is out.
– Route 6 is available.
– A small Asha event off route 6.
– Braixen is now available.
– 3 new PokeRanger quests are now available.
– A bunch of new art assets, tilesets, CGs, etc
– Access the Gallery for Vexinni’s scenes. Once more, this is only available in the Gallery for now since she doesn’t have her own side quests yet.

While this update might feel relatively small, most of the work done is art-related, which takes a long time due to conflicting daytime scheduling with my work hours. I’m still trying to adjust my time and (possibly eventually) quit my daytime job to fully focus on this game AND doujin manga with the new 20$ tier I’m considering. But for now, this is still just hypothetical.

For the next update, it will require a HARD reset, yes you heard me right. This is because we will be implementing two new things that require a reset; A new Rival(and love interest) as well as Level Caps. Don’t worry, you can still overlevel, but your overleveling will now been capped to + 5 of the last Gym leader’s strongest Mon. That is to say, if their strongest Mon is 50, your level cap for your entire team is 55. Considering that our beta testers are able to beat all Gyms at a -10 level disadvantage, I think this is a fair change.

Best regards, Sin.

Build 0.425 A [14/7/2023]

Bug Fixes and Misc changes.

– EV/IV tracker is out.
– You now have multiple save files (up to 8)
– New Speedup Function (Press Q) [WARNING, you might overshoot dialogue with this, so use wisely.]


-A new town, route, and Gym 4!
-Another battle with Novus! Prepare your butts.
-Vaporeon and a meadow filled with Eevee is out. However, just like Drakaiden, her scenes are meant to be used for future side quests, so you can currently view it for free in the Gallery. (In your house in Eclipse City)
-Sonia’s 2nd date! -A bit more Asha~
-Gobbo Chief man also has 2 more side quests for you with Drakaiden 1, and Tsarevniya 2.
-Cassie’s Cafe has another quiz.
-The much-awaited EV training dojo is out as well.

Just a reminder, that the NEXT update is going to be an ART update, and I’ll be adding a bunch of CGs, sprites for Tram’s guide and other misc things, as well as the Braixen event.

Build 0.385a [20/5/2023]

Bug Fixes and Misc changes.

– A bunch of bugfixes for Goblin’s side quests mod.
– Fixed grammatical mistakes.
– Some collision issues.


– More Sonia content (rejoice)
– More Asha content (talk to her in the beachside cafe top floor, ask her out for a date)
– New Special Event Mon Drakaiden is here! (CGs are unlocked in the gallery after you catch her, since your Goblin Chief insists that her scenes be unlocked in her future side quests.)
– An entire freaking mountain + a couple of side quests.
– More Suzume content (Challenge her again, but this time in the Mountains.)
– Team Rocket is back under new leadership(to be revealed). They now run an under-the-counter poaching syndicate that you can (optionally) participate in. (Nobody ever said that Caleb was a saint.)
– Another few new Side Quests for your waifumon, courtesy of Gobbo Chief man.
– Misc fixes here and there. Do tell us if we missed anything.

In the next update, it will be a slightly smaller one that focuses mainly on the 4th Gym, as well as two new outpost/towns that connect to the Mountain. Vaporean is also finally making its appearance in-game! (you asked for it boyos)

Build 0.335a [14/3/2023]

Bug Fixes and Misc changes.

– A ton of fixes regarding collision, and bugs for Goblin’s side quests mod.
– Fixed grammatical mistakes.
– A bunch of balancing in Enemy Trainer movesets, IV, EV, Held items, etc.


– Phobos Town has been introduced, alongside a bit more plot progression, and access to the Third gym.
– Third Gym leader Sonia is also a possible romantic interest, though not as significant as Asha (duh!)
– EV berry seller at top right corner of Phobos Town.
– A Couple more Side Quests from Goblin now available for Gardevoir, Lopunny.
– Route 4 is now available for exploration, alongside a new cave, with a Mythical mon at the back of it.
– New Special Event mon available! Explore a bit if you want her.
– Setup for the new Event Mon’s side quests and general narrative outlined from the get go. A certain other mon will be pivotal to her journey.
– A bunch of other changes and fixes to balance the Power output of several Unique waifumon moves. They have been nerfed, slightly.

Build 0.276a [21/01/2023]

Bug Fixes & Misc Changes:

– Viruark now can only be recruited once, instead of being spammed over and over.
– Allerita’s scenes should now play regardless of which side of the bed you start the event.
– Small changes to the interior of the player’s House to match a new mini-quest.
– For continuation’s sake, Asha will now disappear from the Cafe if you beat the 2nd gym WITHOUT finishing her quest (So, don’t skip it yeah?)
– Some players have been strangely teleported into the sewers if they lose to Asha in the Cafe. This is a very odd bug because the script has no error, so I assume its the game running some concurrent codes that conflict, causing the teleportation bug. To counter this (Since I don’t know how to fix it) I have added a console next to the ladder so you can open the Sewer gates from within to avoid softlocking.
– Some users have accidentally discovered the experimental feature of having Follower Pokemon. This is actually a mod I included for testing, but forgot to remove. For those of you who accidentally activated it, please turn in off by interacting with the MAILBOX in the residential district on the BOTTOM LEFT. This feature was not included because it causes issues with moving the player from location to location, causing softlocks.
– The chasing Cultists in Nephilim Outpost are now relocated in such a way that it should be much more difficult for players to accidentally softlock. The rooms on the left and right have also been sealed or partially sealed.


– A whole new City to explore, together with an adjoining town.
– Main narrative is continued with Team Spirit beginning to take more drastic steps.
– 2nd Gym can now be challenged! A familiar face awaits you.
– A whole bunch of quests, One of which involves Asha. Play your cards right, you might get something naughty from her. Play your cards wrong, and you might lose her forever.
– There is a house you can purchase in the city. This house is now your central hub and contains a bunch of H-scenes as well as access to the Gallery on the 2nd floor.
Each scene in the gallery will be unlocked once you get them in the overworld. (They will also be unlocked once you beat the Elite 4)[I suggest you save some money.]
– 3 H-scenes for Viruark, 1 for Allerita (in the house), 1 for Asha (Photo). [There will be a couple more released as part of hotfixes before the next major update.]
– Beating the 2nd gym and speaking to Asha now allows you to learn FLY! You can traverse to major cities/towns as well as the Hidden Grove!
– Game Corner has been introduced! A couple of the good ol’ mini-games are available.
– There is a Move Relearner and Move Deleter in the Eclipse Pukiman center. Use them wisely!
– And a whole bunch of smaller fixes that I would not bore you with, etc, etc.
– One new dating event with Asha if you have high relationship points. It will appear at your house on the Ground floor Couch. (Its a MUST, to finish ALL her quests in the City beforehand. The Peeping Tom quest, and the Special Duel at the Cafe.)
-Two side quests (one each for Gardevoir and Lopunny) created by Ugly Goblin Bastard. Feel free to share your feedback to him!

This is the last hotfix before ver 0.3 onwards.

How To Install Pokemon H Version

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Pokemon H Version Free Download




List Of Events: GDRIVE
Fandom: WIKI


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  1. You can set Key bindings ingame by pressing F1. Love the game so far and I can not wait for future updates, keep up the lewd lords work ^^

  2. This game has potential, but it’s hardly playable in the later sections due to severe lags. And do not expect the sexual encounters with pokémon to be something special – there’s only female human genitalia added to them….

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