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    Paradise Lust [v0.24.0f]


    Paradise Lust Free Download Latest Version

    Paradise Lust Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – The game follows the story of the wreck of the Moby Dick; a pleasure yacht chartered by the Miss World Media…

    Developer: Flexible Media Patreon 
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.24.0f
    OS: Windows, Linux, MacAndroid
    Language: English
    Genre: 2dcg, Animated, Male protagonist, Big tits, Exhbitionism, Harem, Lesbian, Milf, Adventure, Dating sim, Humor, Point and click, Puzzle, romance, Rpg, Sandbox


    Paradise Lust is a visual novel and erotic dating sim, interspersed with simple subgames.
    The game follows the story of the wreck of the Moby Dick; a pleasure yacht chartered by the Miss World Media pageant for a luxury promo cruise in the South Pacific. You play the role of the bartender of the vessel, washed up on the shore of idyllic Tuvatuva Island along with a cast of beautiful beauty pageant contestants and their friends. There you will sort out how to survive and thrive on the island while searching for other survivors, including your brother, who was captain of the vessel.​

    Paradise Lust Free Download
    Paradise Lust Free Download
    Paradise Lust Free Download

    – Catalog pages now handle more items

    – Updated scrolling banners on Main Menu
    – Removed end of content screen for girls with completed content
    – Removed mentions of characters that were cut

    – Another possible fix for Rachel Jogging quest issue
    – Fixed version numbers in changelog

    – Possible fix for Rachel Jogging quest issue

    – Updated hints for Grace’s selfies to the adjusted relationship points
    – Fixed Maria’s sunscreen minigame being unplayable
    – Fixed Jack and Raven standing in bed after editing Misun’s video
    – Fixed Grace’s incorrect relationship rank due to previous adjustments
    – Fixed Karen’s soulmate quest still being marked as “in development”

    – Moved display of possible catches in fishing minigame UI
    – Fixed autosave being turned off for some players when it should
    – Fixed Sinner’s Landing banner not showing on Main Menu
    – Fixed initial message for Jenn’s Favortown quest not showing the correct text
    – Fixed Maria screaming in sex scene while nothing is happening
    – Fixed iron gate shown as open in Passage at night when it’s not unlocked yet
    – Fixed typos

    – Added Karen’s Magnum Opus quest
    – Added Reyna’s Repeatable Sex scene
    – Fixed Reyna and Maria’s painting showing up at the bar at night when it’s not unlocked yet
    – Fixed Olga’s Repeatable Sex scene not being accessible for some players

    – Added alternate text for Rick after kicking out Olga
    – Added alternate text for Rick after Olga’s bungalows get built
    – Fixed the text for Mi Sun’s name prompt
    – Fixed landing circle for fishing line being jittery when clicking multiple times
    – Fixed fishing line being unretrievable sometimes

    – Fixed Jenn’s Tooty Fruity scene kicking you out when you replay it
    – Fixed Sinners Landing promo at start up showing more than once

    – Fixed missing Sinners Landing promo on Main Menu

    – Fixed Andrea’s hair being in front of her face
    – Fixed text in Rachel’s jacuzzi scene that mentions evening when it isn’t yet
    – Added alternate text for talking to Rick after Trailblazers quest

    – Added promotion for Sinners Landing
    – Fixed Rick’s awkward neck position when facing the other direction
    – Fixed relationship ranks going over the threshold

    – Fixed mismatched cutscene titles and thumbnails
    – Fixed some animations not being censored in streamer mode
    – Fixed issue where animations that should be censored being shown while fading out
    – Fixed one of Rachel’s lines not attributed to her
    – Fixed “-no text” being show in some lines of dialog
    – Fixed Grace’s latest Spankbank entry not exiting to the Spankbank at the end

    – Fixed “Just You Wait” quest not completing
    – Fixed Gabby’s sketch not unlocking the Thotfolio app

    – Added Grace’s Cold Shower quest
    – Added new Gabby sketch
    – Fixed layer sorting issues for Andrea’s face and hair

    – Fixed the sorting of Andrea’s hat

    – Fixed Olga’s missing Spankbank entry
    – Fixed Jenny’s missing Spankbank entry
    – Fixed Jenny’s painting missing at night
    – Fixed Andrea’s head and body sorting
    – Fixed typos

    – Added music to welding minigame
    – Fixed issue with Raven selfie that can’t be saved locally
    – Fixed pixelated sex scene with Jack, Maria, and Reyna

    – Fixed issue with several selfies that can’t be saved locally
    – Fixed missing bed after buying camouflage beddings

    – Updated Raven’s chatty message to be more clear that Raven sleeps again in the morning
    – Fixed issue where dialog options disappear when changing to simplified text
    – Fixed issue where Raven’s selfie can’t be saved locally

    – Possible fix to Rachel Jogging quest not triggering for some

    – Added Project Mermaids for Invisible Hand quest
    – Added selfie from Raven after editing video with Jenny
    – Added new painting for Jenny
    – Updated Grace after Jacuzzi scene to be wearing swimsuit
    – Fixed typos and incorrect names

    – Fixed Rachel’s spankbank not returning to menu

    – Added Hang Time to Rachel’s spankbank
    – Fixed more minigames that weren’t censored for Streamer Mode
    – Time should be night after Tuvatuva Explorer quest
    – Fixed some Paintings unable to be saved locally

    – Fixed more animations that weren’t censored for Streamer Mode

    – Possible UI clicking issue fix
    – Fixed minigames and animations that wasn’t censored for Streamer Mode
    – Fixed Karen’s repeatable sex not proceeding to the next day

    – Added Rachel’s Hang Time quest
    – Added first part of the Invisible Hand quest
    – Added Tori’s second sketch quest
    – Fixed Grace’s massage quest not completing properly if repeated
    – Fixed Karen’s repeatable sex quest not finishing

    – Fixed some Paintings unable to be saved to images folder

    – Added Cath’s second sketch
    – Made “cum inside/outside” animation after Karen’s stalagmite sex consistent

    – Fixed Raven falling at Launchdeck comic having weird backgrounds
    – Fixed Raven filming Maria comic having weird backgrounds
    – Fixed issue where Andrea is missing for build fence quest (Needs to load before chill at riverseide quest)
    – Fixed cupboard in Upperdeck not having a highlight when hovered
    – Fixed Jack and Reyna sitting in the air
    – Fixed missing Jack and Grace after going to the pool with Grace
    – Fixed conversation getting stuck after filming Maria with Raven
    – Fixed Olga’s dialog that was supposed to be Jack’s

    – Fixed issue where players get stuck after Andrea moves back to Upperdeck

    – Fixed Jack’s missing arm while holding gin

    – Added censor when sketches are displayed on screen
    – Fixed seams showing on Andrea’s shower scene
    – Fixed cropping on Grace’s second sketch minigame
    – Fixed Minigame UI being on top of Settings UI

    – September 2022 update complete

    – Fix Maria relationship rank getting stuck
    – Fixed Andrea’s Plowing in the Field Sex Spankbank not ending properly

    – Added Jenn Cream Dream Sex to Spankbank
    – Added Andrea’s Plowing in the Field Sex to Spankbank
    – Bartending game fixes

    – Fixed bar dialog not displaying properly

    – Fixed issue where player can’t start conversations if energy goes negative

    – Fixed Misun’s Spankbank not ending properly

    – Disable Maria, Karen, Raven repeatable sex scenes for now

    – Added Maria, Karen, Raven repeatable sex scenes
    – Fixed some dialog grammar
    – Fixed hardcoded character names

    – Clamp aspect ratio to 16:9
    – Updated some selfie hints

    – Fixed more missing Woodle selfies

    – Fixed typo in Chatty message
    – Fixed missing selfie in Cath’s Woodle Chatty message
    – Fixed issue where the last played fullscreen animation shows up for a split second
    – Added bgm for Fridge minigame

    – Steam public release April

    – Fixed missing music in the sketching minigames
    – cooldown VO added to some of the sequences
    – Fixed an issue in Maria’s Titfuck animation

    – Fixed a bug that could cause lagging if playing multiple drawing games in quick succession
    – Fixed a possible bug in Tori’s questline
    – Fixed a duplicate addressable

    – Fixed Tori bikini quest not triggering
    – Fixed missing Maria titjob scene
    – Added voice over for Karen Banana scene
    – Various animation fixes

    – Added missing Flute glass
    – Fixed Jenn and Jack’s background during kiss
    – Fixed relationship points gained for gifting flowers
    – Fixed Maria’s head appearing during Olga and Jack’s kiss on the couch
    – Fixed pool tile going beyond the screen during minigame
    – Fixed duplicate glass in Andrea’s hand during bar game
    – Fixed Karen floating during bar dialog
    – Fixed typos

    – Fixed issue where using one of Jack’s animations will make the game unresponsive
    – Fixed some unintended flowers/swimsuits being held by Jack

    – Adjusted girl responses to correct wine
    – Made pouring amounts more generous
    – Various fixes to bartending minigame
    – Fixed issue where some wallpapers can not be saved properly
    – Fixed room names for Raven and Karen’s rooms
    – Fixed Jack and Raven’s heads flickering during bong sequence
    – Fixed duplicated glass in hand during bartending minigame
    – Added lights to Jenny’s room
    – Added initial conversations for bartending per character

    – Fixed up the new bartending flow, added proper hints and requests
    – Added in the new quest flow for opening the bar
    – September release is now content complete

    0.9.25d – Public build
    – Lowered swimwear costs
    – Players now get relationship points when giving the swimwear
    – Pieces can now be directly swapped for Math minigames
    – Name in contacts list made more readable
    – Spray minigame fixes
    – Various animation fixes

    – Changed aspect handling for ultra-wide monitors and androids

    – Various small graphical fixes to the pool sequence
    – Advanced time and used energy for Jenn sequence
    – Fixed issue where Reyna is seen from Resort Beach when she shouldn’t
    – Fixed missing conversation names for Maria’s quests
    – Fixed issue where conversation options would not hide if it was in Large Text mode
    – Fixed end of content showing when other content is still available
    – Fixed some hardcoded character names
    – Fixed typos

    – Release candidate
    – Pool restoration complete
    – Pool activities
    – Can buy swimsuits from Karen

    0.9.14 – Public Build
    – Added music for flower minigames
    – Quest Button moved a bit higher for phones with notches
    – Mi Sun’s quest now starts one day after finding them
    – Fixed layering of clouds in Bungalows
    – Fixed flowers in Reyna’s room not being visible
    – Fixed flowers in Cath’s room not being visible
    – Fixed background of Kill Bees minigame
    – Fixed some rewind issues
    – Fixed issue where flowers would show in vase as you’re giving them
    – Fixed full Ryoko poster missing
    – Fixed missing Reyna’s “End of Content” message
    – Fixed flowers not showing up in conversations

    – Fixed issue where Cowboy and Handjob sex does not unlock after transformer quest
    – Added separator in between messages in Chatty
    – Increase relationship rank with Andrea after river scene
    – Quest tracker is now updated in real time
    – Fixed issue where selfies could not be saved locally

    – Raven is now asleep at morning and can’t be talked to
    – Changed Gabby in her cabin from sleeping to sitting
    – Farming with Andrea now costs energy and gives more relationship points
    – Fixed issue where player does not lose energy when building fence

    – Fixed changelog display issues
    – Fixed lighting effects in Upperdeck
    – Players can now catch several fishes in one session
    – Fixed position of heart visual effect
    – Changed Reyna’s pose at night
    – Wallpapers that players should already have are now retroactively unlocked

    – Add like+ for repeatable sex content.
    – Fixed a bug where repeatable sex in shower wasn’t repeatable.
    – Cath’s no longer wearing her hat in bed
    – Cleaned up the Give Panties puppeteering
    – Cleaned up Text2Speech code
    – Added time specific dialog to some sequences
    – Cleaned up some quests that duplicated information
    – You can no longer get likes from Erik.
    – Started on Chilling with Andrea quest-line

    – Added first pass of Chilling with Andrea questline. WIP.
    – Removed Erik getting relationship points. He doesn’t swing that way
    – Prevented getting some quests out of order
    – Fixed up some animations in Cath’s sex scene
    – Location panel now properly show characters’ names

    – Fixed Voice Over not working in player
    – Added option to tweak pitch of player. Chipmunks of the world unite!

    – Fixed issue with getting stuck in Reyna’s quest
    – Cath’s sex scene now finishes properly
    – Fixed up post-sex scene with Cath
    – Fixed up repeatable sex scene with Cath
    – Enabled Debug UI
    – Fixed issue where items can be clicked while in transition
    – Added beta-level support for Text-To-Speech (Ctrl+V, or accessible through the settings screen)

    – Cath’s blowjob scene now working

    How To Install Paradise Lust

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Paradise Lust Free Download


    Walkthrough: STEAM


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    1. Please devs build in an option in the end where we can boot karen, or rick. Like the lost and where never found again or so…

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