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Coming of Age Free Download Latest Version

Coming of Age Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android –You play an 18 year old girl named May who has a mother, step-father, step-brother, and an older sister. 

Developer: Crazybat ULMF
Censored: No
Version: 3.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Corruption, Female Protagonist, Nudity, Striptease, Lesbian, Incest, Straight, Blowjob, Boobjob, Handjob , Vaginal sex, Sex toys, Exhibitionism, Threesome, Anal sex, Animated


You play an 18 year old girl named May who has a mother, step-father, step-brother, and an older sister. She needs to get a job, attend college, and either become more corrupt or remain pure. Fortunately, you are in charge of her decisions.​

Coming of Age Download
Coming of Age Download
Coming of Age Download

– Release 3.0 contains approximately 7790CG (~388 new CG (Including those used for animations) have been added in 3.0)
– Added 2 new npc interaction event at the beach while wearing the V-suit.
Has a more naughty variant when played for the 2nd time. comes in two variants Pierced/non-pierced.
– Added a more naughty expansion/variant of the two existing npc interaction events at the beach area wearing the V-suit.
comes in two variants Pierced/non-pierced.
– Added a new quite big event in may’s career as a professional sex worker.
– Added a new exhibitionist event with Gina. ( Timeline wise this one is placed between the 4th and 5th exhibitionist
challenge event.
– Added a few random CG’s (With variants) when May’s watching TV in the latest outfit.
– The new and some of the old NPC beach events have been added to the recollection room.

– Did some (re)work on the exhibitionist contest events.
(Removed some lines. Corrected spelling, changed contest to challenge and added 2 CG to the 3rd event)

– Fixed menu at the changing room at the beach not working if players have the V swimsuit, but don’t have the sexy swimsuit in there inventory.
– When adding Gina to the party before the cheerleader auditions you can’t leave the college area anymore.
Due to players getting stuck at the beach after adding Gina to the party and then moving to the beach.
– Fixed npc1 event in the replay room. A bug prevented the right event to be played.
-Fixed some map transitions inside the gym and photo studio where players who play with the mouse would get stuck.
– Fixed a bug when sunbathing for 2nd time and said yes to fixing her suit would result in the event not finishing.

– Release2.9 contains about 7414 CG (~300 CG (including those used in animations) have been added in V2.9.)
– Added a total of 2 small/medium sized NPC event in central city. One of those had a extended variant for daytime/nighttime. Also contains (Pierced/Plugged variants)
– Added a new old neighbor event for the final outfit. This event has several animation and contains variants with piercing and/or butt plug.
– New sunbathing event has been added. (Req 40 shame or less) Also added a pierced variant and 2 small NPC interaction with NPC on/near the beach.
– All the new NPC encounters and the existing NPC events for the last outfit have been added to the recollection room.

– A debug item will be added to May’s inventory when she’s on the 2nd floor at home.
This item can be used to “fix” some common bugs then might occur.
This item has two functions and should only be used in case of problems.
1) Not able to enter/continue because the event in progress flag is still active. (use tool to disable it)
2) Picture not cleared properly after an event. You can use this tool to clear all pictures if that happens.

– Fix an error events at the house pleasures wouldn’t progress if May didn’t wear piercings. This has been corrected.
– Fix a few small textual continuation errors.

– Release2.8 contains about 7130 CG (~420 CG (including those used in animations) have been added in 2.8)

– Added new variants of two work out at the gym events. Sit-ups + Walking on the treadmill.
The basic one she will wear the same outfit for her job at the gym. More variants will be available depending on her exhibition level.
(Topless+Nude) Both of them have also pierced/non-pierced variants.

– Added new event at house of pleasures. You’ll need to replay the event 3 times to see all the branches and options.
– Added a small npc interaction event in central city when May is wearing the sexy outfit.


– Fixed 2 small bugs during the final repeatable event at the old neighbor house. (Nude/Non-pierced variant)
– Fixed a bug/exploit with the hooker job that might lead to issue’s. You where able to go back in and start the job again if you made the choice to roam.
(Also using cancel will no longer forward time or change May’s shame or corruption.)
– Time is now properly forwarded after working a shift in the House of pleasures.

– Release2.7 contains about 6710 CG (~300 CG have been added in 2.7)

– Two new options have been added to the Webcam event with her sister that was added in V2.6.

The 2nd new option contains two diffrent endings for those with a certain fetish enabled.
(You’ll have to see the first ending, with the fetish enabled, to unlock the 2nd fetish enabled ending)

– Added a “Final” event for the Promoters job. (unlocks at 47 corruption or higher plus all the previous promoter jobs done.)
(This event has 4 variants. Including piercing, butt plug or without any)


– The promoter job will now also lower May’s shame until it has reached 80. Allow for faster progress at the very earlier stages of the game.
– Added a quest log entry for the “Special” event with Mike at the clothing store.
(It won’t be added if you’ve seen the event already!)


– Made some changes to the transfer points inside the photo studio so people using a mouse won’t get stuck on the blinking circle and have to switch to the arrow keys to move again.

– Release2.6 contains about 6410 CG (~310 CG have been added in 2.6)

– A new swimsuit added for the sunbathing event at the beach (Buy it at the store)
It has two variants. (Shaved or non-Shaved) and some additional optional parts depending on certain stats.

– Added several mini events with npc’s around the beach.
– 3 for the new swimsuit. Comes with bush/no bush variants.
(One of those will require you to talk to the npc 3 times at the right time to see everything)
– 3 small NPC interaction events while wearing the sexy swimsuit.

– Added a new event at the clothing store (35+ cor required)
– Added new webcam event.
– Added plugged variants for both outfit at the clothing store job. Also made some minor dialog changes.
– Added plugged variant for the job a the library.

– Made some changes to the sun bathing events so hopefully people won’t end up getting stuck on the beach anymore.
I removed the barrier around the beach when sun bathing. Players can now move around the whole beach area.
Player won’t be able to enter every building tho.

– replaced 1 CG and added one Cg for the toilet scene at college for the first outfit.
– replace 7 CG of the first exhibitionist contest event.

– Mouse users will now also be able to interact with the npc at the gym directly.
– Added server al tags for npc’s for mouse users.
When hovering over certain Npc’s icon will change to show you can interact with them.
– Changed name of the lifeguard to Ryan.
– Added some more status lines in the menu.
Should now always display a status line (Based on May’s shame level.)

– Fixed picture not cleared properly after event with headmaster when saying no. (only non-pierced variant)
– The 4th nurse event will no longer trigger until may has shaved herself.
– The third nurse event won’t trigger during the cheerleader try-outs anymore making players get stuck inside college.

Release 2.5 is here!


– Release2.5 contains about 6100 CG (~360 CG have been added in 2.5)

– New event at the House of pleasures. 2 variants (Pierced/non-pierced)
New option will unlock when playing the event for the 2nd time.
Both options have slightly different endings for both variants.

– New event added outside the library.
(CG and idea for this event came from JonhyBoi77! Thank you JonhyBoi77!)
I reworked the CG and created the text for this event.
(You will need to have seen all the webcam events and wear the skimpy outfit)

– New Final event for teaching assistant event train has been added.
(Should trigger 1st floor college hallway when May’s shame is 15 or lower.

– All the new events have been added to the recollection room.


– Added 2 more point to move between City Central and City east.
– Added/changed some minor dialog when interacting with npc’s in City Central map wearing the skimpy outfit.
– Up to 14000 Lines of text have been checked for spelling/typo’s and corrected by Living in a lewd world!

A big thanks to Living in a lewd world for this major effort!

Another big thank you goes out to nuqqur who created a script in ruby to replace all the old lines with the new corrected lines!
Without the help they offered voluntary to me I would have taken me a long time to get all those pesky typo’s/ errors / Grammar mistakes fixed.

I did some testing and everything seems to work fine.
However there is a small chance some text that got replaced might lead to a crash in a certain line.
I’ve added a complete backup of the old date files inside the data folder called backup org 2.5.
If you run into any crashes that you may think are related to this you can just unpack the data.7z 7zipfile inside backup org 2.5 org folder into the directory to see if that fixes the issue.
And if you could let me know where is crashes that would be great too of course.

– Release2.4 contains about 5740 CG (~340 CG have been added in 2.4)
– New event with the headmaster.
– New event with her mother in the morning. (Weekend only)
2 Variants. Each variant has a pierced/non-pierced variant.
repeat at least once to unlock a new option.
– New event at House of pleasures. (2 Variants. Pierced variant can only be seen after having the scene first once.)
– Added “plugged” variant of the 1st job at the beach cafe.
– Reworked Pink dildo masturbate events.
Now has 4 variants total. Pieced/non-pierced + Plugged variant.
– Added “plugged” variant of the 5th Fliers stage event(s). (Skimpy sailor suite)
– “plugged” variant of the small beach vent event has been added. (Thanks to JonhyBoi77 for creating the CG!)
– A variant of the park bench exposure event for the latest outfit has been added. (Thanks to JonhyBoi77 for creating the CG!)

– Replaced all up-skirt CG (6) at the general store for the 2nd outfit.
– Added Pierced CG variant for the sex stats screens.
– Slightly modified the breakfast event when the new event with her mother has been triggered.

– Fixed inconsistency at the start of masturbate scene at home when May is wearing piercings.
– Morning-greeting old neighbor event now shows the plugged variant properly when May is wearing piercings.

– Release2.3 contains about 5390 CG (~360 CG have been added in 2.3)
– New masturbation event added. 2 Variants(Pierced/Non-Pierced)
– Mom morning greeting event variant for the 4th outfit has been added (Thanks JonhyBoi77 for creating the CG!)
– Small event at the beach has been added for the 4th Outfit. (Thanks JonhyBoi77 for creating this event!)
– A new main event with the old next door neighbor has been added.
– New stage comes with 2 variants (Pierced/non-pierced)
– Can be repeated (optional) in the repeating cleaning event.
– 2 more variants of this new event can be seen afterwards. (Nude and another or a combination of both.)
– Added variants for the repeating cleaning event at the neighbor.
(After having finished all events. Total around 8 variants…)
– 4 events related to the principal. (1 bigger and 3 small events)
– Added several variants of existing events which can be seen during or after the principal event.(Or afterwards)


– Picture no longer stays on screen after Replaying the final cowboy event inside the recollection room.
– 6th webcam stage now unlocks in the recollection room after having viewed it and not before.
– Correct cg are now show during the nude breakfast event.

– Release2.2 contains about 5040 CG (~300 CG have been added in 2.2)
– New event added to the promotion job. New cowboy outfit. (2 stages and variants (Pierced/Non-Pierced))
– New webcam stage was added.
– New option added to “Working on the streets” job. 2 variants (Pierced/Non-Pierced)
There are 2 positions to choose from and each has two different endings.
– Added a shortcut key “w” to toggle May’s movement speed. (Normal/Fast)
– Added an auto save function. Auto saves when entering a map in slot 52.
– Added a small event with npc at college area when May wears the latest outfit.
– Added a small event with npc in the city you can only trigger during the New cowboy promotion event.
– Added a Alley exposure variant for the last outfit (Pierced/Non-Pierced)
– Added a Small interaction inside “House of pleasures” Can be seen after May got her piercing.
– Added a pierced variant of one of the walking naked at night mini-events.


– Version 2.1 contains around 4730 CG (~340 new CG added in 2.1)
– Added a new sexy outfit.
– Added option for May to get piercings includes a new event.
– Added 4 new breakfast event variants
New outfit piercing/no piercing
Nude piecing/no piercing
– Added a small follow-up event with mom’s morning routine.
– Added a small event at college for the new outfit.
– Added a new morning greetings with the old neighbor for the new outfit. Two variants (Piercings/no-piercings)
– Added a new ending variant in Celia class event after the latest class assistant event has been completed.
– May can now walk naked inside the house during the day. Requires her shame to be 20 or lower)
– Added a new masturbate scene on the balcony. (she needs to be nude and shaved)
It has two variants (Piercings/no piercings) and a small extra for people with a certain fetish enabled.
– Added two new options for May working as a street prostitute.
Both come with at least 2 slightly different endings and both have a piercing/non-piercing variant.
– Added a piercing variant for the boob job event of May’s street prostitute job.
– Added a no-mask variant of the 5th webcam event.
– Added a new event that triggers during the no-mask 5th webcam stage event.
– A new overlay picture will be shown when May is nude and her corruption is 45 or above.

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  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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