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    Accursed: Emmas Path [v0.0.12]


    Accursed: Emmas Path Free Download Latest Version

    Accursed: Emmas Path Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is an optional-combat erotic visual-novel-styled RPG.

    Developer: MegaloDEV Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.0.12
    OS: Windows
    Language: English
    Genre: 2dcg, female protagonist, big ass, big tits, 2d game, adventure, fantasy, oral sex, handjob, teasing, prostitution, vaginal sex, group sex, monster girl, monster, sexual harassment, cheating, humor, virgin,


    Accursed: Emma’s Path is an optional-combat erotic visual-novel-styled RPG,
    with a heavy emphasis on cheating,
    NTR and corruption.
    The game is being made in RPG Maker MZ. All Characters are 18+!

    Most of the game is played from the perspective of Emma as her entire world is turned upside down.
    After falling at the hands of the reining Demon Lord, Emma’s love and the Prophesied Hero succumbs to a terrible curse!
    With the hero indisposed, it is up to Emma to save her beloved at all costs!
    Will she succeed?
    Or will she surrender to the rising darkness within herself?​

    Accursed: Emmas Path Free Download
    Accursed: Emmas Path Free Download
    Accursed: Emmas Path Free Download


    • Added new H-CG scene with Lorraine
      -Also accessible in the gallery
      -Context for Lorraine scene
      -Note: It is missable!
    • Added early combat.
      -Access by talking to the guard looking dude in the gallery.
      -Note: This is all placeholder. This is simply for testing chasing and basic mechanics.
    • Sex stats will now track!
    • Added “Corruption” modifiers to certain actions.
      -During the game certain optional and non-optional events/choices will increase Emma’s corruption. There will also be ways to decrease it in the future.
    • Added visual indicators to a few choices when they will affect Emma’s corruption.
      -EX: Kazuma Flash
    • Reduced Message Window to three rows.
    • Reduced the volume of a few map change SFX’s.
    • Updated various plugins
    • Changed an argument that may improve default performance on laptops with a dGPU.


    • Fixed dialogue when attempting to leave the onsen correctly reflects the stage of the MSQ.
    • Fixed a few weird BGM’s playing at awkward times.

    0.0.11a Change Log

    • Further integrated the new town square map into earlier parts of the game.
      -Such as when heading towards the hermit for the first time.
    • Added Credits Menu to the Main Menu.
    • Minor dialogue changes.
    • Reduced file size by ~250mb (heh)
    • Fixed the new scene being accessible on the first visit to the onsen.

    0.0.11 Change Log

    • Implemented L+M H-CG. Viewable in gallery as well.
    • Small scenes added post H+B H-CG linking to the new H-CG.
    • Added the first iteration of the town square map.
      -This map will serve as the central map with each cardinal direction leading to a different part of the game world.
      -Some parts of the game still “teleport” the player past the town square to the destination. This will be addressed in a follow up patch.


    • Small dialogue updates.
    • Very small performance increase.
    • Added relevant sprites next to scene “crystals” in the gallery map.
    • Quest name tweaks


    Implemented H+B H-CG with small context addition after exiting the cursed realm.
    -Viewable in gallery as well.
    Implemented Loraine wearing her exquisite Outfit 1 as voted on by supporters.
    Implemented the General Store owner.
    Added three NPC quest line introductions.

    • Loraine’s introduction
    • Blacksmith’s introduction
    • General Store owner’s introduction

    Added 8 directional movement
    Added a new 8dir sprite for Emma.
    -In addition to 8dir movement there are separate animations for walking/running
    -The sprite isn’t enabled by default.
    -You need to talk to the large rock near Cross in the campsite prior to meeting the demon lord. You can switch back and forth between the default sprite and the new one here. The reason for this is the new sprite looks out of place with the current tileset and other sprites. Both the tileset and remaining sprites will be updated over time.

    Updated several plugins to new versions which may improve performance in several cases.
    Updated core script.

    Typos… whowouldathunk?
    Fixed some mentions of the Golden Barrel (Not Golden Keg!).


    • Demon Lord Throne Servicing H-CG with 4 variations -Can be accessed by started a new game or activating the corresponding crystal in the gallery.
    • Three new character busts implemented.
    • A couple smaller scenes added post-nightmare -Go meet those newly implemented characters!
    • Small list of minor typo updates and minor bugfixes.

    Note: Depending on the build older saves might not work. We’ve included a zip file containing a save that leaves the player in the gallery. Talking to the Demon Lord sprite will teleport the player to the beginning of the nightmare for easier access to the new post-nightmare dialogue scenes.

    Lily+Kazuma Paizuri H-CG with 12 variations
    Emma flash sprite
    Emma towel sprite

    • Updated title menu screen
      -Continue added back in and should now work.
      -Should no longer restart splash screens when exiting options menu or load screen
      -Patreon button integrated with the rest
      -Splash screens are now skippable upon their second viewing by pressing “z” (from previous hotfix)
    • tons of minor typo updates and bugfixes

    How To Install Accursed: Emmas Path

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Accursed: Emmas Path Free Download




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