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Accursed: Emmas Path [v0.0.19 RC]


Accursed: Emmas Path Free Download Latest Version

Accursed: Emmas Path Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is an optional-combat erotic visual-novel-styled RPG.

Developer: MegaloDEV Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.19 RC
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, female protagonist, big ass, big tits, 2d game, adventure, fantasy, oral sex, handjob, teasing, prostitution, vaginal sex, group sex, monster girl, monster, sexual harassment, cheating, humor, virgin,


Accursed: Emma’s Path is an optional-combat erotic visual-novel-styled RPG,
with a heavy emphasis on cheating,
NTR and corruption.
The game is being made in RPG Maker MZ. All Characters are 18+!

Most of the game is played from the perspective of Emma as her entire world is turned upside down.
After falling at the hands of the reining Demon Lord, Emma’s love and the Prophesied Hero succumbs to a terrible curse!
With the hero indisposed, it is up to Emma to save her beloved at all costs!
Will she succeed?
Or will she surrender to the rising darkness within herself?​

Accursed: Emmas Path Free Download
Accursed: Emmas Path Free Download
Accursed: Emmas Path Free Download

v0.0.19 RC

  • added TWO new H-CG sets
  • added a new H-CG scene – Emma Sleepless [s-1]
    -accessed when sleeping on day 4
  • added a new H-CG scene – Cassandra and the Guard
    -accessed when trying to train with Cassandra on the morning of Day 6
  • added three new mini-CGs [s-2]
    -one is shown at various points when Emma changes herself such as on day 1.
    -another happens during the throne room DL confrontation.
    -the final one is shown if Emma chooses to drink
  • added a slime enemy to the Find Cross map alongside two new basic combat tutorials [s-2]
    -one quickly explains the BP system
    -the other explains the basics of barriers
    -we’ll improve these later with visuals and better text.
  • added Demon Lord battle during the Cross Section
    -included are some basic abilities for Cross, Garland and Kazuma
  • added a day 2 and day 4 bathing scene [s-2]
    -reminder that these are the same CGs as the day 1 just with different text reflecting the day’s events.
  • added a new interaction in the innroom – changing into night clothes [s-2]
    -sprite will update in a future build.
    -it is also not required to “change” back into Emma’s casual clothes as she automatically do this when the player attempts to leave the innroom without changing.
  • added a new Lorraine event on day 5 [s-1]
  • added bulletin board interaction [s-1]
    -located right outside the Golden Barrel
    -Nothing to here yet, but this is where most side quests and some major secondary quests will start.


  • updated the UI [s-2]
    -Thinned the edges on the UI but kept the top a bit thicker
    -mini-CG UI is also a bit thinner and no longer white
    -widened the message box which fixed text getting cut off
  • updated combat draft
    -stats have all been modified
    -new barrier system
    -while a barrier is up a percentage of damage is absorbed by MP
    -“brave” and “guard” works the same as before.
    -enemies now instantly trigger combat when they touch the player
    -combat test map has also been updated
  • Changed Sophie’s quest day 4 dialogue. [s-1]
    -it will now point the player to Lorraine rather than waiting until she returns.
  • Recreated splash screens [s-1]
    -each can be skipped by pressing any button or clicking
    -skipping can be done at any time even first boot
  • Recreated main menu [s-1]
    -spruced it up a little.
  • Changed Lorraine’s H-CG to be accessible on day 4 [s-1]
  • Changed it so the player can now enter the Church Courtyard map on days 3+ [s-1]
  • updated gallery map to include the new CGs [s-2]
  • updated the footstep sound [s-2]
  • lowered the volume of some effects [s-2]
  • updated pixi.js which should net improved performance
  • updated a few time of day tints to make more sense

Bugs and Other

  • updated end of content info slightly
  • removed a few “developer notes”
  • fix some italicized issues
  • fixed a soft locks that occurs when returning to the Church Courtyard post-Hilda HCG
  • fix mayor sprite showing during dance prior to when he should
  • fixed the mayor and Lyra still being shown in the hotspring post cutscene
  • fixed Uzul saying “Friday” when it should be “another day” [s-2]
  • fixed a crash that triggered with the skirt flip mini-event [s-2]
  • fixed rendering issues with the mini-cgs [s-1]

v0.0.18 RC (includes s-1)

  • added 2 new CG sets
  • added a new SFW CG scene – Training 1
    -accessible by talking with Cassandra on day 5
  • added a new NSFW CG scene – Solo Bathing Day 1 [s-1]
    -ONLY accessible before sleeping on the first night.
  • added a “generic” bathing scene.
    -accessible when taking a bath after the first night.
  • added new tutorial system
    -converted basic controls textbox into the new system.
  • added a new SFW CG scene – Eyes 2 [s-1]

Bugfixes and Other

  • Instances where silver is provided to (and taken from) the player should actually exchange silver now.
  • Sleeping in the bed will no longer skip multiple days and instead go to the next day once required events have been completed.
  • Changed Lorraine HCG scene to now be viewable starting on day 3 instead of day 2.
  • Changed Developer Intro Text.
  • Fixed a random Emma bust showing up during the Lorraine HCG scene.
  • Fixed a contradictory statement in the Cassandra+Garland dialogue
  • Fixed General Store men from appearing again when reentering the store.
  • Fixed General Store quest from being repeatable.
  • Fixed Blacksmith quest tracking.
  • Fixed a typo during the Bathing Scene
  • Fixed Emma sprite showing during the intro scene.
  • Fixed dialogue error in the Garland+Cassandra event.
  • Added a confirmation to entering the “Throne Room” during the Cross Section. [s-1]

Save . zip Included

Save 1= Boiled Crab 1st Visit
Save 2= First Night at the Inn
Save 3= During “Introductions” Quest
Save 4= During Golden Barrel Quest
Save 5= Start of Day 3

v0.0.17a RC (Today)
updated dialogue in “Finding Cross” scene
updated dialogue in “Rare Spices” scene
updated dialogue for Cross in “Checking In With the Crew” scene
updated dialogue in “Void Eyes” scene
updated dialogue in “Lorraine’s 1st Meeting” scene
updated dialogue in “Cassandra’s 1st Meeting” scene
changed mentions of “Eastern Kingdoms” to Eos/Kingdom of Eos

updated plugins
fixed Lyra’s hair accessory in her character bust
fixed collisions on the map “Abandoned Fort Exterior”
fixed collisions on the map “Abandoned Fort Interior”
fixed collisions on the map “Hero’s Camp”
fixed collisions on the map “Find Cross”
fixed player start location on the map “Hero’s Camp”
fixed VN buttons not appearing on Herb Storage H-CG

How To Install Accursed: Emmas Path

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Accursed: Emmas Path Free Download




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