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WTM Academy Free Download Latest Version

WTM Academy Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – In this game you’re managing a girlz only school.

Developer: Ninoss – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.351
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Anal sex, Corruption, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Groping, Humiliation, Male domination, Male protagonist, Management, Pov, Rape, Real porn, School setting, Sexual harassment, Simulator, Spanking, Strategy, Teasing, Vaginal sex


In this game you’re managing a girlz only school. The main goal is to disturb them when they are passing their exam to keep them in your school as long as you can to satify their parents.

The game also features many other components like PTA meeting, management, events …
This game use real porn assets and as the goal to be higly moddable to have infinite replayability and customization.

WTM Academy Download
WTM Academy Download
WTM Academy Download
WTM Academy Download
WTM Academy Download

0.351 contains Patreon’s 0.327, 0.328, 0.33, 0.332, 0.333, 0.334 and 0.34 + 0.35 hotfix)

This major update that brings substantial changes to the gameplay, graduation and progress system that sets clear goals with unlockable traits and the ability to track various stats.
With the first iteration of graduation, you can finally renew your roster of girls, completing the gameplay loop!
I’ve also added a new “report” system for sponsor’s events. Even in its early stages, it provides more insights into what happens during those events and are really sponsored by our Patreons, even in-game, you’ll see!
This update also includes a plethora of dialogues, reactions, optimizations, QoL and fixes.
I’ve spent considerable time writing and commissioning of new dialogue lines to make interactions more lively and engaging. Yes, you can now small talk with students!

– Added: Ability to let girls “graduate” at 8+ Learning Points or 20+days at the academy (Placeholder that will be removed when Graduation Update comes)
– Added: Progress system to girls, track different events, count things and allow to unlock traits and check what really happened for the narrative.
– Added: Nympho, Naturist and Photogenic traits can be gained with the progress system
– Added: Academy’s hall with all academy related places.
You can also talk to some of the students there and see if they have available events (and trigger them)
– Added: Reaction system between each exam turn to run different events
– Added: Custom reactions for 6 examActions
– Added: ~600 lines of different dialogues for “small talk” actions
– Added: Report system for hostess mission
– Added: Patreons as sponsor’s VIPs in-game
– Added: Sponsor event report system
– Added: “relieve” event with pta president
– Added: You can now launch a girl’s event directly from the “call a mother” UI. (If an event is possible it will be notified)
– Added: You can now easily decline sponsors’s request in the UI
– Added: 1 fullbody for Bernie
– Added: 1 fullbody for Serena
– Added: 1 fullbody for Ariana
– Added: 1 fullbody for Heidi
– Added: 1 fullbody for Eve
– Added: 1 fullbody for Sonia
– Added: ~10 vids to webmFinder and re-tagged some
– Added: Bribe the PTA president be able to vote a third time at PTA

– Updated: Pressure replaced with “stages” bar
– Updated: Girls and Moms are a bit more accurately chosen (hair/eyes colors)
– Updated: Optimized mom generation by ~50% (~18ms to ~9ms)
– Updated: new FullBodies can be loaded mid-save
– Updated: Bodyparts are now highlighted in exams for better readability
– Updated: Cloth “above” daring cloth are now taking into account when calculating _pressureFromClothing
– Updated: webmFinder can now find vids in sub-folders + various improvements
– Updated: Various code rework lead to various optimization and correction + bugs
– Updated: Argument lists are now scrollable
– Updated: Passed girls’s photos are now in the smart filter
– Updated: Prestige gained after an exam now tied to total learning points earned during it
– Updated: Home visit “Convince to be a naturist” event, more outcomes and tied with the new progress system
– Updated: Soft cap for corruption and naturism until nympho and naturist traits are unlocked via the progress system
– Updated: Panties’s UI
– Updated: Panties and Hostess request’s UI are now sorted by best match
– Updated: WTM API migration done, response time should be way better
– Updated: Various optimizations

– Fixed: WebmFinder now correctly reload girl’s vids on loading an existing save instead of removing them…
– Fixed: FullBodies not working with only 1 valid result and various FullBodies related bugs
– Fixed: Mothers where changing while using UI in the PTA
– Fixed: Can’t cycle home visits multiple times per day per girl
– Fixed: You could call sponsor at any hour of the day
– Fixed: Bad calculation to determine mothers’s votes at PTA
– Fixed: Crash when selecting students at PTA
– Fixed: Crash when going to the academy the weekend
– Fixed: Crash at class event while girl is edging
– Fixed: Enable to re-use learning arguments at PTA
– Fixed: Girl/Mother webms should not be wrongly exchanged now
– Fixed: Stats using traits were multiplied by 2 for no reasons
– Fixed: Panties were not stolen properly at the end of the classroom
– Fixed: Forcing a girl topless or not during narrative moments wasn’t working as expected
– Fixed: Some variables not reseting causing issues when calculating “who” is at the academy
– Fixed: Rare crash while stealing panties in specific home visit path
– Fixed: Crash during pta missed call
– Fixed: Various bugs and typos
– Fixed: Crash while mother was spanking a student during home visit
– Fixed: Rare bug with pta president webms
– Fixed: Inverted code on “report to PTA” calculations
– Fixed: Classmates dialogues during home visits
– Fixed: Nympho event triggering on WE
– Fixed: “Give a break” action was applied to all the girls, not only the 3 front row ones

– Balance: “Give the girls a break” restores some endurance
– Balance: Status bar will reduce between actions by 0 to 5% (the more it’s filled, excluding the first 2 stages + margin), except for “over” naked girls not in the excited state or above
– Balance: Sensitive area is stronger and now shown on the UI when discovered, should also make the girl more likely to accept related actions
– Balance: If a girl cums at 150+ progress, she instantly gains the LP (funny goal tbh)
– Balance: Positive argument for PTA for each LP gain (+bonus if combined to an orgasm)
– Balance: Small boobs girls are less subject to fleeing bc of upper nudity (mostly balancing that they have less chances to wear a bra)
– Balance: Reduced the number of girls/panties requested by sponsors in the first 14 days
– Balance: PTA moved to Sunday, Sponsor reports to Saturday (so you can have more $ before the PTA)
– Balance: Home visits are quite OP for now, as small rule breaks are more frequent, I’ll modify the system to take the combined “strength” of rule breaks instead of the flat number.
– Balance: PhotoClub rule difficulty 6 => 5

– Settings: Game ‘rapidity’ x0.75, x1 (default) and x3
– Settings: Only choose girls with minimum E (default), D, C Ranks

0.323 (contains Patreon’s 0.32 and 0.322)

While I’m working on the voted personality update, I took some time to address the second in-game vote! 32 new photoshoots! (~2.500 files)
Most of the girls should now be usable with sponsor’s gameplay. Will also serve for other purposes in upcoming features
Also re-worked how things are loaded by the game for scalability playing with mods.

– Added: 2 Zsanett photoshoot
– Added: 3 Jessica photoshoots
– Added: 2 Alina photoshoots
– Added: 4 Sonya photoshoots
– Added: 1 Alice photoshoot
– Added: 2 Lucretia photoshoots (Patreon’s vote)
– Added: 3 Serena photoshoots
– Added: 2 Elle photoshoots
– Added: 1 Vanessa photoshoot
– Added: 2 Leni photoshoots
– Added: 3 Sophie photoshoots (Patreon’s vote)
– Added: 1 Nana photoshoot
– Added: 1 Martina photoshoots
– Added: 1 Krystal photoshoot
– Added: 4 Caprice photoshoots
– Added: 21 additional mom portraits
– Added: PTA president small event to explain ‘tolerated actions’ to the player
– Added: All _c and _s bodyparts
– Added: PN IDs preview (debug)

– Fixed: 0$ rule was denied if the academy had less than 1000$ funds

– Updated: Significantly improved game’s start, save load and re-loading speeds
– Updated: The game won’t re-load everything by default anymore (debug will still re-load everything as expected)
– Updated: The auto-updater will be able to add photoshoots, girls, sponsors and webms mid-game
– Updated: Mothers should now have a very unlikely chance to be the same for two girls
– Updated: Some of the girl’s base pics (portraits and/or bodyparts) have been updated for variety or quality
– Updated: The auto-updater will cleanly delete girls removed from game files


– Fixed: Possible crash during PTA while using modded exam events
– Fixed: Typo causing a crash during PTA pantyless dialogs
– Fixed: Bad jump at the end of the tutoring event
– Fixed: First rule could be canceled by mothers
– Fixed: Joined day was not set properly

0.316 (contains Patreon’s 0.293, 0.3, 0.31, 0.312, 0.313 and 0.314)

– Added: PTA PRESIDENT class, related functions and modding support
– Added: 1 PTA president (Patreon’s Vote)
– Added: 1 event to Leni
– Added: 1 event to Bernie
– Added: 2 photoshoots for Ariana
– Added: 3 photoshots to Eve
– Added: 7 new photoshoots + 24 webms to Bernie (Patreon’s vote)
– Added: 5 photoshoots to Nikki (Patreon’s Vote)
– Added: 9 webms to Jazmin
– Added: 15 additional mom portraits
– Added: PTA President office
– Added: PTA President intro event + support for modded intros
– Added: PTA President dialogs during PTA
– Added: FullBody system and it’s modded support
– Added: Additional modding features for events
– Added: Code to auto-reload game files on save load + rebuild webmFinder, Girls and Sponsors when game files were changed.
Will basically avoid players to make an entire new save when adding a new mod to the game :zoeSmile:
If it’s not too much time-consuming I’ll also try to make save compatible from one version to another, can’t guarantee anything as it’s a time blackhole nightmare :zoeNotLikeThis:
– Added: Right-click shortcut to take a pic during photoshoot (optimized for one-handed gameplay)
– Added: Dialogs for the PTA President to try solving some exam action report and create rule break on a girl from thin air.
– Added: Dialogs with mothers to try to bribe them
– Added: You can ask the PTA president to schedule a girl for the next class
– Added: “Argument battle” at PTA.
– Added: Mothers/Girls can now forget reportedActions based on days and pressure.
– Added: Mothers can now vote for the removal of a rule
– Added: Dialogs/photos with own academy’s girl in PTA’s braless rule voting dialog
– Added: Girl lost event
– Added: ‘Favors’ with the PTA president (partially used but it’s there)

– Fixed: Bug ending the photoshoot before it’s actual end preventing the player of taking the last few shoots.
– Fixed: Jessica’s photoshoots were missing a photoshootConfig.ini (thx BUmann)
– Fixed: Typo for leggings in the webmFinder (thx BUmann)
– Fixed: Possible crash in the strip panties exam event (thx BUmann)
– Fixed: Home visit messing up with the exam endings
– Fixed: Out of range in mom punishment (thx stho)
– Fixed: Some miss-tagged moms causing a crash on portrait loading (thx stho)
– Fixed: Bribing a mother wasn’t removing the reported actions (thx stho)
– Fixed: Additional corrections and performance to the WebmFinder
– Fixed: Provocative, photogenic and naturist traits now “really” boost photoshoot willingness by a % instead of a flat number (stacks with Girl’s Payment)
– Fixed: Magnetic and photogenic traits now “really” boost sponsor compatibility by a % instead of a flat number
– Fixed: Typo in Outerless rule new dialogs leading to a game crash
– Fixed: scheduledForExam girls were not reset properly making them invisible during the exam
– Fixed: Terrible English syntax in the PTA President intro
– Fixed: Minor UI issue when the PTA meeting wasn’t full
– Fixed: PTA President breaking the tie in favor of the rule at a pta vote, wasn’t
– Fixed: Crash during pta fightback (thx John)
– Fixed: Missed-configured modded girls will now throw an error in the log.txt instead of crashing the game (thx Fergie)
– Fixed: Typos

– Updated: Reduced dialogue box size
– Updated: PTA UI (Punishments/Complains part still WIP)
– Updated: PTA dialogs while passing rules with multiple interventions of moms and PTA President
– Updated: Image manipulation functions in ninossHelper.rpy
– Updated: Some backgrounds
– Updated: Migrated the API + Website to https://wtm.ninoss.fr/ (also done basic design)
– Updated: Re-worked the voting API as it was not designed to save that many votes (2.5k+). Now I can also choose the question asked for more flexibility. Also fixed some parsing issues.
– Updated: You should be able to add .webms mid-game to a girl
– Updated: Almost like each update, I’ve improved the webmFinder and re-label some of the game’s vids while adding some
– Updated: Improved a bit the photoshoot’s UI

– Balance: Photoshoots should be easier to complete with less willingness loss for high stats girls
– Balance: Increased a bit the effect of sensitive area

How To Install WTM Academy

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

WTM Academy Free Download








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