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Trapped in Mysterious Lewd Island Remastered [v0.5.8]



Trapped in Mysterious Lewd Island Free Download Latest Version

Trapped in Mysterious Lewd Island Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You woke up mysteriously in an island with a pretty girl beside you with no memory of…

Developer: cheezygirl Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.8
OS: WindowsMac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG , Harem , Male Protagonist , Animated , Vaginal Sex , Creampie , Handjob , Teasing , Corruption , Exhibitionism , Female domination , Footjob


You woke up mysteriously in an island with a pretty girl beside you with no memory of what happened before this. are you kidnapped? are you trapped in this island? nobody knows. even the pretty girls and other people doesn’t know what happened. all you know is that if you want to escape this island, you need to win in a competition that is held in this island and its not any normal competition. its a competition that sometimes requires sex actions.. the more lewd it is, the more points you get…. can you win it? or will it find out who is behind all this and get out of this mess? Play it to find out​

Trapped in Mysterious Lewd Island Free Download
Trapped in Mysterious Lewd Island Free Download
Trapped in Mysterious Lewd Island Free Download

About 100 Renders-
-Added 1 new long scene of Amelia and Keisy
-3 new animation (from different angle)
-Added x-ray scene (1 x-ray animation) patron exclusive

-About 100 renders
– added 1 new Lancy scene
– 2 new animation
– added 1 new Vivy scene (sfw)
-added shower scene for 3 girls, (lancy, keisy and Amelia), You can go to the shower room and they appear by random.

-Micro update
-Added about 50 renders
– Added 1 new Amelia scene
-Added 2 new animation scene for Vivy (Sex challenges) ( will appear when vivy affection reach 100 & 150) please tell me if there is a bug.~
-Added phone screen to look at stat of girls (if it didn’t appear, go to extra > show mobile phone)
-Added code for gallery (but no gallery image yet)
-Fixed bug that Vivy affection will always remain at 10

-Added 60 new renders
-Added new scene (Keisy’s past)
-Added sex challenges for Lancy and Vivy. (will be unlocked after reaching 100 affection)
-4 new animation
-Proofread done (Credits to Cory for proofreading! )

-Minor update
-Added party scene
-Added new Keisy and Lurys scene
– Added 90 new renders
– Added 4 new animations

— Minor update
– Keisy and Lancy having fun after the aftermath of the incident
– 40+ new renders
-(End the day and the scenes will appear)

– Continuation of Lancy story. (more than 200 renders. Animation renders included)
– 4 new animation for Lancy (Animation still have some flaws. Sorry about that, I am still learning)
– 2 new animation for Vivy and Ayame dream mode. (Extra)

-Remake renders of episode 1
-Completed all scene “under development”
-Combined episode 1 and 2 in a single game
-For old players, Go to extra > and you will see first episode (or you can start again from the beggining)

Lancy story part1
– about 100 new renders
– 400 lines of story
No 18+ content. Lancy part 2 will have sex scene, maybe 3 some.

-1 new Celeste Story ( Will be unlocked after finishing lancy’s latest scene)

– bug fix (Keisy scene not appearing)

-1 new keisy scene (minor 18+ content) (WIll be unlocked after finishing vivy boutique scene)
– 1 new minor content for Vivy scene (Vivy class) (No 18+ content)

– 1 new Lancy scene
– Name bug fix

– 2 new character ( Yui & Luna)
– 1 new scene for Yui
– 1 new scene for Luna
– 1 new story for Lancy

– 1 new scene for vivy
– x-ray vision glasses for vivy scene
(no sex scene in new release but there is nude scene)


– 3 new scene for Lancy
-Added stat screen for all characters
-New peak for Vivy next story

note : There is no way for me to upgrade the graphic of the game, unless i abandon the previous one and start a new game of 1920×1080
So, 0.3 is the continuation of the story. I would not be updating the 0.2.6 anymore, but i still put it there for those that play this game for the first time
Sadly, the stats and points could not be brought over…but i will try to optimize for you guys.

-new 1920×1080 graphic of the game (continuation of the story)
-3 new animation
-140 new renders

Why i made it sandbox:
-1) Firstly, it doesnt require grinding. maybe just 1 time at max
-2) Does show obvious hint (as i want the player to enjoy it as much as possible not just wasting their time)
-3) Doesn’t requires endless clicking. (You will be guided straight to the point)
-3) Instead of a linear storyline, player can get to choose which girl story they want to go first, and which girl story that they want to skip
-4) The main story that i planned next is huge, and i have alot of ideas for side story. And some people says that my characters doesnt have storyline and the main story is quite rushed.
5) Dont worry, u have the option to skip all side storyline if you dont want to see it in future.

How To Install Trapped in Mysterious Lewd Island

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Trapped in Mysterious Lewd Island Free Download

Play Episode 1 first as it is a separate Episode.






ANDROID (v0.5.7)





MAC (v0.2.5)




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