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    Simple Days Free Download Latest Version

    Simple Days Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – The game will give you the choice.. but it is you, who will decide what will happen.

    Developer: Mega Lono Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.16.1
    OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
    Language: English
    Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Romance, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Group sex, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Mobile game, Sandbox


    Simple Days story is based on simple days  One at a time… Your character is a young boy, just after his 19 years birthday. You will take control of his life …finding his first job, girlfriend(s), touching the shady life, encounter awkward situations, buying first car etc. Maybe will go after the money, maybe after study, maybe just start a family. Do you want to make your character a stand up guy or join the dark side? It will be up to you. The game will give you the choice.. but it is you, who will decide what will happen. It will start with simple days, but more simple days pass, more complicated and colorful the story will become.​

    Simple Days Free Download
    Simple Days Free Download
    Simple Days Free Download

    Version 0.16.1

    Only bug fix – Alina stays pregnant after birth – now it is fixed


    Version 0.16.0

    Improvements :

    1. The stat screen -girls . You will see all girls and more details for each of them.
    2. Info app (Quest/Tasks) – Will have a new screen and more information on it (it will be not adjusted fully, but I don’t want to delay more)
    3. Enter a custom name for your saves
    4. Chapter 1 – add and improve some sex animations (anna, dora, moko)
    5. Chapter 1 – add and improve some images/audio/dialogues


    1. Oliver – we found him. Introduction of Ch3. (Business and Politics)
    2. Elena – Here is our baby. Can you buy me a car?
    2.1 Elena – repeatable sex after the first child
    3. Anna – 2 new sex animation
    3.1 Anna now can have up to 6 kids
    4. Alina first kid and ask her to move into your new house
    5. Sasha – Joy of natural….. sex. (you have to be on vegetarian path)
    6. Teodora – working late night.
    6.1 Teodora can get pregnant second time, if you go during ovulation (no kid in this update)
    7. Julia – Boyfriend is back… do you want to spend some time together?
    7.1 Julia can get pregnant with second child (no kid in this update)
    8 BDSM will be unlocked (if you made good deal with Madam) and it will have repeatable sex (now only with Suzzy)
    9. Secret is pregnant and first kid (if you used red syringe on her)
    9.1 Secret – do you want to move to my new home? (If you have kids with her)
    10. Zara – ask her to move to the new house (if you have kids with her)
    11. Betty – I have to find a new place.. the rent is too high. I have a free room at my new house.
    12. Paola – I bought a house.. can you come with me when I move there?
    14. Ema – Hey, do you know I have a big house? No need to pay rent.
    15. Dora – new sex animations
    15.1 Dora can have up to 6 kids
    16. Rebeca – New sex animation (BJ and Doggy)
    16.1 Rebeca now can have up to 4 kids.
    17. Naomi – New sex animations (without Moko)
    17.1 Naomi now can have up to 4 kids.

    18. Office computer – new app to track projects

    Bug Fix:

    1. First time watch TV porn channel – I found lines of girls not present in the room
    2. I found that you almost can’t visit Dora at her clinic because one chat with her has been delayed for too long.. Now it is fixed.
    3. Betty – if she starts her first day of work when Maria is not working, somehow MC calls Maria and talks with her –
    4. Anna dances in front of TV – Rebeca is not present but you see some dialogues with her.

    Version 0.15.0

    UI change -> Now you have DELETE button on your saves

    Moko, Anna, Dora and Rebeca can give birth of the first child without delay. – (for some reason I made the first child to be born after James arrives in Mohoro. I don’t know why, but it shouldn’t be necessary to wait for him. If you can find a glitch in the story you can write me a message. Now I will let the main girls to have first birth on time)

    The white flash screen during ejaculation has been replaced with mild white frame – some people feel uncomfortable with the strong flash screen


    MC will meet Madam and settle down the payment. Edmon and the blue pills lab will be not accessible

    Check and buy your big house (you need 5M.) (you will not move there yet, but your parents and Anna’s parents will arrive)

    Maria takes Tuesday off and she will be replaced by Sasha

    Maria first child

    SPA – “do you want to upgrade with swimming pool?” 170K cost

    Ema – “hot night” (you must to agree to play cheating in front of James)

    Anna, Dora, Naomi – (do you need something? for now only 1 task per girl )

    Each child birth will have hospital fee of 300. (if you visit the girl there)

    Naomi new and repeatable sex, now can have up to 3 kids

    Rebeca sex – new small animations

    Alina – sex at SPA (repeatable)

    Zara – sex (repeatable) still only 2 kids, but you can have sex

    Sasha – “Be one with the nature”

    Teodora – First child

    Julia -1st kid

    Oliver -“Where the hell is he?”

    Elena – “I want a house for the baby” 300K and will ask for week support – 300 a week, new sex (take blue pills), 1st child

    Dora, Anna, Moko – “I want a car.” (must to have at least 2 kids)

    Anna, Rebeca, Paola, Zara, Dora, Naomi will need 300 a week per baby

    Home computer now shows Girl Expense (if you pay for child support)

    BUG FIX :

    Computer – James salary was zero, now is corrected to be 600/week

    Elena in stats. screen now is shown correctly: Lover or Girlfriend (if you don’t want to share)

    Naomi is pregnant with her first child but no kid: I found a bug where Naomi will never give birth of her first kid .. and will never come to live with you… now it is fixed.

    Julia (in VN style it never triggers the event with the shower)

    Zara (hospital with baby) – in VN style you didn’t visit her for second time. Now it is fixed

    How To Install Simple Days

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Simple Days Free Download



    MAC (v0.15.1)




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