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RE: Hero Academia Free Download Latest Version

RE: Hero Academia Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You will be able to experience many lewd situations with your favorite characters along the way. 

Developer: Double-H Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.28
OS: Windows, Linux, MacAndroid
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Point & Click, Turn based combat, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Groping, Handjob, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Vaginal sex , School setting


In the game, you play as a Pro Hero, a fresh graduate from U.A, who was killed in action but was saved by a mysterious Quirk and sent back in time.
Given a second chance, it’s time to hone your power, get closer to allies in order to solve the mystery of your future and try to avoid your impending doom.
You will be able to experience many lewd situations with your favorite characters along the way. Fair price for dying once, right?​

RE: Hero Academia Free Download
RE: Hero Academia Free Download
RE: Hero Academia Free Download

– Toru story that was supposed to be released together with 0.27 Momo, so it’s not that long either, but there will be 2 new scenes, and 3 CGs. You can start this story after the Mall rescue section AND having seen the scene where Toru was having fun at the bus stop.

– New route: Momo. You can start her route AFTER finishing the current Jiro story. Go to class in a weekday morning. The route is a bit short, because it was planned to release together with Toru’s update, but we can’t delay it any longer.
– After this, Toga will be the last girl to be added into the list. We originally planned to have many more, but it’s getting too bloated, and waiting months or years to see a particular girl’s update is not fun.
– New location: Library. You can access this area from the School Hallway. There will be an additional arrow pointing you to the library.
– New H-scene: Ochaco’s first repeatable, interactive H-scene. After finishing her current story, go talk to her at her house in the evening. She’s only there during the weekends. As this will become a feature from now on, any feedback is appreciated.
– New gallery UI.
– New Heropedia UI.

Known issues:
– Some visual errors during Mina’s replay in the gallery.
– Missing Mina and Momo’s heropedia entries. Due to the bloated code of V1, adding these is a bit time consuming, especially Mina. I need some more time to read through their code again to fill out their entries. Due to this not being very important, I’ll work on it and add them into the game when the public version comes out.

– This is a Jiro update. We pick up from the last time, after seeing a movie with her. However, to continue with the story, you have to complete the Mall Rescue event.

– 2 new H-CGs, and a few none-H ones.

– I also changed my writing style for the H-events, using more words to fill in the space where we don’t have CGs. Feedback is appreciated.

– New characters: Momo. Not much you can do with her now, but she will become available in the next update.

– New and improved Jiro sprite.

– New and improved the protagonist’s sprite.

– New UI for the Memo book.

– New combat UI.

– Added more transition effects, without making them too intrusive.

– Added a button for Android users to hide the UI, so that they can see the CGs without the textbox.

– Properly locked all ways out of the Training Ground when you’re supposed to give Ochaco a massage, so you can’t soft-lock the game at this part anymore.

– Locked all locations during the intro, so that the only place that you can get to from the map is the School Gate. These will be reopened after you attend Eraserhead’s homeroom. This is to prevent confusion during the intro, and lessen the chance of someone messing something up during that part.

– Fixed a lot of stuttering issues.

– Fixed some UI bugs where the texts on the choice buttons spilled outside the button’s boundary.

– Fixed some grammar mistakes and typos.

– This is a Mei update. A pretty straight forward one that further her story with some new scenes to see.
– Fixed Mei’s sprite a bit, let me know if you like the changes.
– Some new hidden objects minigames. Like before, you can skip them after waiting for 20 seconds.
– No new location, but we did a lot of visual improvements to some existing ones.
– The MC got a brand new room, since his old one was quite shitty.
– Touched up the visual of the School Yard a little bit.
– New UI, mostly to make them less intrusive and remove the transparency that sometimes prevents the players from reading the text.
– While we’re at the UI changes, you can now skip time by clicking on the time indicator on the top left of the screen. The old time skip button has been removed.
– Fixed the Invisible Girl’s CG, so that her hair style is more in line with canon.


– We continue with Ochaco’s story in this update.

– 2 new scenes: 1 short scene and 1 long one, which contains 3 CGs.

– The start of a new side mission, you can trigger this questline by lurking around the alleys, wearing Mei’s goggles, but only after a certain point of the story. No CG or H-scene for this questline for now, just the introduction.

– A new hidden object mini game during Ochaco’s new story. This will be the ‘default’ mini game from now on. If you can’t find all the items, or simply don’t want to play the game, wait 20 seconds, a ‘Skip’ button will appear on the top right of the screen.

– Two ATM machines that you can hack for money (cost slicers). One on the main street, and one in the mall. Each machine has a cooldown period of 7 days after being hacked.

– If you’ve done the mall rescue, whether you successes or not, Midnight will contact you on the first night after you loaded up a save file. Meet with her and get her Quirk that allows you to disable an enemy for a turn.

– If you helped Ochaco to keep her job at the store, said store will now sell a better healing item.

– Mei’s contact in the alley will occasionally have grade 2 slicers in his stock, which you will need from now on. He will also very rarely, sell a Double-H-Potion.

– New locations: The public gym, Ochaco’s hallway, and her bathroom.

– Fix the bug where Ochaco and Jiro’s texts were overlapped, softlocking the game. Hopefully I’ve caught all of them now.

– Known issue: Ochaco wears the wrong outfit at a certain point during her story. this will be fixed in the future.


– We’re finally, officially finished with ‘phase 1’. Every new content from the next update onward will require you to clear the mall rescue main quest to access. With some small exceptions that shouldn’t affect your gameplay.

– Improved Tsuyu and Midnight’s nude sprites.

– 4 new Tsuyu scenes, continue the blackmail route and connect it to the main story.

– 1 new scene with a new girl.

– 1 new gadget from Mei after the mall rescue with some neat functionalities. Use it at the right place to unlock the scene above.

– When you’re visiting Mei, again, after the mall rescue, if you’re lucky, you can catch her doing some interesting things.

– 2 new locations: Teacher’s lounge and the Main Street. Main Street can be accessed from the Mall, or if you’re on the map, click on the space right in front of the Mall.

– New item: Grade-2 Slicer. This do nothing for now, but you can still collect them. There will be more things to hack from the next update.

– New item: Firecrackers. These consumable items will deal moderate elemental damage to your enemy when used.

– New item: Shockwave Disk. These consumable items will deal moderate mental damage to your enemy when used.

– New item: Mechanical Gauntlet. This item will deal moderate physical damage to your enemy when used. No limit on how many time you can use it, but it doesn’t come cheaply.

The last 3 items can be bought at a shop in the alleyways, after you’ve cleared the mall rescue. But you will be given samples of firecrackers and the disks if you help the shop owner with a little something.

– Fixed a bug where any combo with Jiro’s Quirk – Earphone Jack doesn’t deal any damage.

– Fixed some instances where the wrong fight would occur. Hopefully I’ve caught them all by now.

v0.21 Public

Fixed some instances where the wrong fight occured within the Training Ground.

– Tweaked the Inventory screen’s UI.


-Old saves NOT compatible. I will upload my own save file if you just want to play through the new content.

– Note: You will be asked if you want to change your name when you first load a save.

– New Tsuyu scenes that expands upon the option to blackmail her after discovering her watching Midnight masturbate. This includes 4 new H-scenes, and 1 mini, can be missed, H-scene. Note that you won’t be able to get Tsuyu to join you in time for Mei’s cave dungeon if you choose this route, and the fights there with only Ochaco in your party is harder as your Quirk usage got even more limited.

– This route is still unfinished though, so new players should only choose it for the purpose of scene collecting, and make a save before choosing.

– 1 mini H-scene, repeatable, happens randomly as you visit Tsuyu when she’s in her room after clearing the current blackmail route. From now on, more mini-scenes like this will be added with each update. They don’t affect the plot though. Some of them will expand into mini-storylines, but generally they’re just nice things to find as you go around the map.

– 1 new scene where Jiro and Tsuyu talk to each other. You will only see this on normal Tsuyu route, not the blackmail route. More scenes like this will be added in future patches. They are not impacting the plot, just random scenes to find and hear what the other characters are thinking.

– Tsuyu will now be in the Park in the evening on Tuesday and Thursday, except for some certain scenes.

– New character: A new OC Villain.

– Mei will now offer to buy the security cards from the Cave Lab. Talk to her after you’ve finished her current route to exchange those cards into money.

– New location: The alley between the convenient store and the Pub, can only be accessed in the evening.

– New QoL change: On the map and on the top bar now have a button that will take you back to the MC’s bedroom.

– New QoL change: On the map, the Training Ground is now a proper building, as depicted in its BG, instead of a field.

– Also on the map, the button to access the school gate is now the school gate itself. The button on the school building will now directly take you into the school hallway.

– A new phone system, removed the redundant home screen, and the texts screen is now smoother.

– Gallery system added. You can access it from the MC’s PC. It’s appearance is still not finished, but it’s functional.

– Inventory system added. You can now check what item you have in your inventory. Hovering your mouse over them will give your their descriptions. Some items can be used directly from there (potion, chocolate, etc…)

– Together with the inventory system, there’s a new vendor system that allows you to buy and sell items to merchants.

– There’s also a storage system, accessed by a drawer in MC’s room. You can store money and items in there. You’re advised to store excess money there for the moment, as there’s a scene in this update, in which, if you don’t satisfy its conditions, you will pass out and lose ALL the money on your person. In the future, fights with this type of outcome (if you lose) will be added.

– Memo notebook added. You can check your own stats, as well as NPC’s current location. There’s also a reminder for each NPC that will tell you what to do next, if you got stuck.

– New main menu.

– Some new visual effects and BG improvements.

– Fixed a bug where wrong fights occur inside the Training Ground.

– Fixed a bug where you can’t go to sleep when certain events got overlapped (hopefully).

– Fixed some minor visual bugs.

How To Install RE: Hero Academia

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

RE: Hero Academia Free Download








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