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Queen in Deficit [v0.24a]


Queen in Deficit Free Download Latest Version

Queen in Deficit Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – In this game you play as a newly crowned queen of a little kingdom.

Developer: BrokenTorpedo – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.24a
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Female protagonist, Fantasy, RPG, Rape, Group sex, Vaginal sex, Exhibitionism


In this game you play as a newly crowned queen of a little kingdom, who has to pick up after her father’s untimely death. And how she found out that she could solve many of her problems sexually.​

Queen in Deficit Free Download
Queen in Deficit Free Download
Queen in Deficit Free Download

-New H-event with Gerard
-New H-event in the succession chain.
-Added the new “Reform” category in the throne room decisions,the tax base is now nerfed, and can be raise by this.
-Fixed the bug where sometimes speak with Nighveil’s “Bailabaikal” option won’t show up properly
-Other minor changes.

-Two New H-events with the Duke.
-Consequence for low trust with the Barbarian Tribe added.
-Added the option to bath in the bathroom in the second floor once per term/week, that recovers a bit of SP.
-Redraw the boobs of the Queen’s character portraits.
-Fixed the bug where the MiniEvet for the guard near the gate wouldn’t happen.
-Other minor changes.

-New H-event in the succession chain.
-New rebellion system, peasant might revolt when Prosperity gets low.
-Succession chain events in the recollection room, including the major non-H one.
-New H- event in the Barbarian Tribe trust earning line.
-Bug fixes, mostly graphical error.
-Other minor changes.

-Fixed the bug where the advenced options with Duke conquered won’t show up.
-Fixed the bug when skipping the reconstruction inspection the option of investing more money into it won’t show up.
-Other minor fixes.

-Fixed the bug with the Duke’s horse ride scene where the game is unable to play a misfiled audio file.
-Fixed the bug with the recollection version of Rite of Passage where the player character won’t show up after it ended.

-One new mini H-Event of Blow Job, triggers with two guards in town when with low morale.
-Lewd graffiti around the city will be unlocks after certain events.
-Confessional in the church now can be used to lower one’s impurity, once a week.
-New story event that sabotages your efforts in the Barbarian Tribe.
-New H- event in the Barbarian Tribe trust earning line.
-Included the Falcon-mkxp launcher, A performance enhancement that can be used instead of the Game.exe, and hopefully any compatibility issue has been worked out.
-Adjusted how tax is calculated
-Bug fix now the in the Carmelli reconstruction event chain unlocks properly for new players.

-Repeatable H-events in the Carmelli reconstruction event chain, with the option to finish inside.
-New H-event in the barrack’s morale raising options.
-Added the last Carmelli reconstruction H-scene’s recollection version, which was left out in the last version.
-Changed the game icon.
-Added an extra control sheet in the game folder, since a lot of players didn’t know those exist.
-Other minor changes and bug fixes.

-Fixed the bug where the latest nude meeting scene won’t play properly.

-New H-event in the Carmelli reconstruction event chain.
-New H-event follow up to the nude meeting.
-Added a guide to the card game with Nighveil.
-Remade the world map.
-Other minor changes.

-Fixed the bug where the game bugs out when you visit the Duke on week 4.
-Readjust the event so all three of the Duke’s bold action events have the same chance of repeating.
-Other minor fixes

-Fixed the bug with one thug on the left side of the city that freezes the game.
This is the only notable one, others are all pretty minor.

-New H-event in the Carmelli reconstruction event chain.
-One mini H-Event against the wall, for now it only triggers with one thug on the left side of the city, and another man with blue headcloth in the slum.
-Now when making peace with Floranerica, the “Seek Alternative Method” with the Duke will lead to the Duke scenes with small dialogue variation.
-The discretion of the diplomatic options during war will work and reflect the VP you have against the opponent
-More chatting dialogue with Williamina.
-Carmelli’s broken bridge cut-scene after the first time you turned down the opportunity, will now only occurs at week 3 and 4.
-Other minor changes.

-Bug fixes:
=Fixed the bug where the tar oil scene misplays before the first arena fight.
=Fixed the bug where after winning the second arena fight the screen doesn’t fade back in.
=Fixed the bug of the tribal nude meeting event where it skips straight to the repeating version of the second one.
=Fixed the bug where in the second Barbarian cultural event, it has no effect when choosing to let Teghrian attend.
=Attempted to fix the bug where player using Joiplay on android got frozen in the barbarian route’s progression event, more of an experiment, not guaranteed to work.

-New H-event with the Barbarian cultural event chain
-New H-event of Williamina in the arena of Verrtignis.
-Simple chating option with Williamina in the Palace, though the content is still very lacking at the moment.

How To Install Queen in Deficit

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Queen in Deficit Free Download




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