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Lust for Life Free Download Latest Version

Lust for Life Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – The game tells the erotic adventures of a guy in his final year of high school.

Developer: MartinDrake – Website – SubscribeStar – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.47
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English, Italian
Genre: Real porn, Male protagonist, Incest, Animated, Voyeurism, Teasing, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, MILF, School setting, Big tits, Blackmail, Exhibitionism, Group sex, Lesbian, Handjob, Titfuck, Female domination, Mobile Game


The game tells the erotic adventures of a guy in his final year of high school. His life, so far lacking in sexual experiences, will undergo a big change.

The game is an open-world populated by women and girls who are just waiting for you. You will find girls looking for a more romantic relationship or nymphomaniacs ready to have sex at the first opportunity. Each character you meet will have its own specific personality and dozens of scenes to unlock.
Play dozens of hours of content with over 300 sex scenes and over 1500 media including high-quality images and video clips.​

Lust for Life Download
Lust for Life Download
Lust for Life Download
Lust for Life Download



  • Gina – New Quest and Scenes – This month’s version will be dedicated to the increasingly kinky Gina.
    After her first experiences and discoveries of the pleasures her back hole can give her, under your guidance Gina will push herself more and more into perverse and lustful acts.
    The anal plug you have given her will become an uncontrollable obsession for her that she will no longer be able to keep in check, not only at home but also at school. Her sexual desire will reach new heights, and she will have a constant desire to satisfy and please these new cravings of hers everywhere and at all times.
    If you thought that you were the kinkiest person in your household, you will soon discover that this is not the case. What was once a shy and inexperienced girl is now giving way to a lustful new hot chick.



  • Mrs. Addams – New Quest and Scenes – This month sees the return of your favorite buxom teacher, Mrs. Addams.
    After her descent into corruption and submission because of you and Sean, Mrs. Addams is ready to reveal all her perversion.
    All her uncertainties, fears and embarrassments will disappear, and an incredible new lust will take over her actions. If she has so far shyly shown some of her kink only to you and Sean, from now she will begin to show her true slut nature to everyone without any more shame. Find out the continuation of this exciting new adventure with her.
    In addition to this there will also be some new scenes at her home that will be visible even by those who did not choose the corruption path, although I still strongly advise those who did not want to corrupt her to try even in a separate save the path related to corruption and submission to see her unleash all her lustful perversion.



  • Zoey vs Cory – New Quest and Scenes – This month will be focused on a singular confrontation: Zoey vs. Cory.
    Zoey, the perverse temptress mother of Caprice, will meet Cory and immediately begin a challenge with her on who is the better mother for you. Cory will be drawn into this feud and will try to prove to you that no one can take her place.
    Between dinners and lunches spent together to unite and get to know the two families, you will often find yourself in awkward and at the same time very exciting situations.
  • Caprice – New Quest and Scenes – In addition to some new scenes and situations in the quest related to the confrontation between Zoey and Cory, you will discover new aspects of your girlfriend that are more kinky and exciting than you ever expected, leading you toward new experiences.
  • Gina – New Scenes – A new scene during the quest related to the confrontation between Zoey and Cory.



  • Dr. Lena Peach – New Character and Quest – This month there will be a new entry, sexy Dr. Peach, your new sex therapist.
    After a scandal occurs at the school for which you of course will be responsible. Principal Ann will be forced to hire a sex therapist at the school to guide the students in proper sex education.
    While for most students these sessions will be voluntary, for some with obvious sexual issues they will be mandatory… you.
    Initially frustrated by having to attend these sessions mandatorily, you will discover a special interest and fascination on the part of the doctor in your sexual adventures. And her innovative methods for ‘curing’ you of your sexual addiction will be particularly stimulating.
    Begin this new healing journey of yours under the expert guidance of your therapist and discover how even in future releases her assistance will prove to be very helpful with so many of your other relationships.
  • Dakota – New Scenes – New scenes with Dakota during therapist’s quest.



  • Riley & Veronica – New Quest and Scenes – After you had to give up a date with Riley in favor of Caprice, Riley seems to be irritated with you again. As you try to understand your true feelings for Riley you will try to restore your relationship with her with the person who knows her best, her friend Veronica.
    This time in fact, while continuing Riley’s storyline, the events will focus mainly on the sexy and equally perverse Veronica.
    Riley will, however, be there with you most of the time, and while feigning disinterest in you, she will not resist doing crazy things with you and her friend.
    All three of you together are a danger of nature, and exciting and crazy situations will await you.
    Besides that there will also be room for Dakota, and in the finale for Todd, who after Mrs. Summer is looking forward to continuing his new adventure in sex.
  • Dakota – New Scenes – New scenes with Dakota during Veronica’s quest.



  • Completed all characters for the Speed Run. You will now be able to fully play the quest of each character in the game sequentially. (You must start a new game to access the SpeedRun).


  • Eva – New Quest and Scenes (Final part) – this month there will be the final part of the quest started last month related to Eva, Cory, Mandy and Gina.
    These are the last few weeks that Eva will be staying in your house before she goes back to campus to resume classes, so don’t waste any time and enjoy her presence as much as you can until the last day.
    You will also see how her presence will affect the other women in your house, who will begin to interact with her in increasingly explicit and uninhibited ways.
    Finally, don’t be distracted in the last scene when Eva returns to campus, because there will be two important previews of something that will happen in the next versions. The entry of a new character into the game and a major twist that will have big future repercussions on the relationship between you and the other women in your house.
  • Cory – New Scenes – New scenes with Cory during Eva’s quest.
  • Mandy – New Scenes – New scenes with Mandy during Eva’s quest.
  • Gina – New Scenes – New scenes with Gina during Eva’s quest.



  • New characters available in Speed Run mode: Lucy, Mrs. Ivy, Mandy.


  • Eva – New Quest and Scenes (Part One) – It is exam period on campus and there will be a suspension of classes for a few weeks, so Eva will take advantage of it to come home to stay with you. Unlike the previous time, however, when you were still in the early stages of your approach, you now have a much more advanced sexual relationship. So this will lead to a lot of fun and many very exciting situations in her company during these weeks of living together.
    Also with Cory, Mandy and Gina the relationships are also much more advanced than last time Eva stayed at your home. This will lead to many exciting new situations and dynamics with them as well–and with each other.
    The amount of content I have come up with for this release is such that I have not been able to fit it all in this month, so I have divided the quest into two parts, with the second concluding part to be released next month.
  • Cory – New Scenes – New scenes with Cory during Eva’s quest.
  • Mandy – New Scenes – New scenes with Mandy during Eva’s quest.
  • Gina – New Scenes – New scenes with Gina during Eva’s quest.



  • Lucie – New Quest and Scenes – Your mission with Lucie will be to push her to let go more and more and bring out her more uninhibited side. Under your guidance, the shy and insecure Lucie will become fully aware of her beauty and acceptance of her generous body shapes not only in private with you but also at school. Your work also will finally be rewarded with the most precious and intimate prize she can give you, her virginity.
  • Brandi – New Path with new quest and scenes- New path for Brandi alternative to corruption path. In this new path your relationship will take a completely different turn, instead of trying to dominate her you will try to court her, but the result will be very different from what you would expect. In fact, in this case it will be Brandi who will be more dominant over you and ‘use’ you for sexual experience and practice. However much you may feel you are being used as an object to be examined, the experience for you will still be extremely pleasurable and you will be glad to help her in her in-depth study of your body and sexual practices. (You will not need to play a new game to try out this new path; within her Quest Page there will be a button to reset her quest from the beginning.)



  • New characters available in Speed Run mode: Mrs. Summer, Mrs. Ann, Lena.


  • Milena – New Quest and Scenes – Now that your friendship with Todd is restored, it’s time to get back to spending afternoons with him… and his mother. Milena will be delighted to welcome and entertain you without any more hesitation or indecision. After so many years of fantasizing about her by secretly spying on her, you will finally have a chance to achieve your ultimate goal. Add another piece to your series of conquests and fuck the one who has always been your teenage erotic dream.
  • Gabbie – New Quest and Scenes – Continue your adventures with the quirky Gabbie. With the fear that you have gotten her pregnant after your last relationship together, you will urgently need to run for cover. In a rush between pharmacies and gynecological visits, you will try not to jeopardize your future with an unexpected pregnancy. But with Gabbie nothing is a foregone conclusion, and missteps and setbacks are always just around the corner, especially now that she has discovered sex and can’t help herself anymore.



  • New characters available in Speed Run mode: Dakota, Mrs. Jackson, Eva, Gabbie and Gina.


  • Made some retroactive changes to some old Melissa scenes to make them more consistent with the scenes in this version. When the new version loads, your current status in Melissa’s quest will be set back a few scenes to allow you to view the changes made and potentially make a different choice.


  • Melissa – New Quest and Scenes – Melissa will continue her plan of seduction and manipulation towards you without your knowledge.
    I have made some retroactive changes to the previous scenes related to Melissa’s quest to make you an unwitting accomplice in this first phase of her plan. This way you can safely continue in her quest and ‘have fun’ with her without worrying about getting Gina into trouble. Only in a future version will there then be your full awareness of her plan and you will have to make a definite choice. Choose to side with Gina and turn the plan against Melissa, or allow yourself to be corrupted by her perfidy and implement her plan.
    For those, however, who hate Melissa so much that they want nothing to do with her, it will be possible, after some household chores at her house, to decide to permanently block her quest and block all scenes related to her.
  • Gina- New Quest and Scenes – Whether you decide to continue with Melissa’s quest or block her quest, it will be possible to take Gina to exciting new perversions. In fact, you will be able to convince Gina to experience new parts of her body hitherto unexplored and conquer the last still virgin part of her body… her ass.

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