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    Jessika Curse [v1.7.57]


    Jessika Curse Free Download Latest Version

    Jessika Curse Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – It will feature deep turn-based combat, erotic Battle-Lust animations.

    Developer: Venus Noire JC Patreon
    Censorship: No
    Version: 1.7.57
    OS: Windows
    Language: English
    Genre: 2d Game, Female Protagonist, Simulator, Fantasy, RPG, Big Tits, Adventure, Vaginal Sex, Monster, Side Scroller, Animated


    Jessika’s Curse is a hand-painted RPG experience currently in development. It will feature deep turn-based combat, erotic Battle-Lust animations and good dose of geeky humor.​

    Jessika Curse Free Download
    Jessika Curse Free Download
    Jessika Curse Free Download

    Ava Relationship events:
    – Cosplay
    – Euphemisms
    – Ava Backstory
    – Cracks
    – Airhead
    – Pearl Necklace
    – Blackjack and Hookers
    – Sluts
    – Sacrilege
    – Greed and Love
    – Kneeling Knees
    – A sweet threat
    – Bothersome Latex
    – Wolf Mask
    – Manacles and Handcuffs
    – Tunnel
    – Gossip

    Bekahrah Relationship events:
    – Derring-do
    – Your Hair is Yellow
    – A travesty
    – Bekahrah.Exe
    – Mouse’s Grandmother
    – Comfortable
    – Dancer’s Body
    – Greedy Orphans
    – Psalms of the Virgin
    – Special Friend
    – Hang ups
    – Bless my Hammer
    – Bek
    – More than just enough
    – Living Biceps
    – Brain vs Brawn
    – Minor Lisp
    – Sisters

    Mercy Relationship events:
    – Balls Whipped
    – Burn
    – Cat and Mouse
    – Dirt
    – Fell Asleep
    – Knight Prostitute
    – Leave Them Alone
    – Peril
    – Rod Of Penitence
    – Save Me
    – Sin
    – Thief
    – Topless Technique
    – Tough Love
    – Untapped Potential
    – You Bitch

    Finn Relationship events:
    – Sir Hamsalot
    – Finn’s Butt
    – Kraken Me Up
    – Fishing vs Catching
    – Insult Battle
    – Begging
    – Latest Caper
    – Stool Pidgeons
    – With Apologies to Bobby Pickett
    – Reverse Mermaid
    – Favourite Colour
    – Wound Too Tight
    – Amalia’s BackStory
    – Clean Mug
    – Secrets and Scars
    – Faeries And Barnacles

    Balance Changes:
    – Church now removes a kink 100% of the time
    – Changed the trigger for klepto and glutton so that instead of trying every character with the kink in sequence, it will now randomly choose one and ONLY try with that one character

    New Events
    – Mouse Intro Scene
    – Bekarah Intro Scene
    – Melaina’s Intro Scene
    – Ava: 2 New Scenes (The Grand Tour, The Brothel’s Own Godmother)
    – Rodrigo: 2 New Scenes (Meet the Pack Rat, Puppy Love on a Rat)
    – Temporary buttons on Venkmar city to access the scenes

    Code Clean-Up, Refactor and Optimisations
    – Dungeon Curos
    – Dungeon UIs
    – Kink trigger

    Bug Fix
    – Kink death combat freeze
    – Glutton Trigger

    – New Scripts/Dialog Ready (A softer heart, Love at first sight)
    – relationship dialogs (Alf 2, Bekarah 2, mercy 2, Finn 2)
    – Customer for dialog

    – church animations: Jessika / Mouse / Amalia / Melaina

    – relationship dialog notification
    – relationship dialog trigger, returning to venkmar
    – improved quest UI window
    – New World Map display
    – exit button improvements
    – FPS counter

    Bug fixes:
    – poison icon display
    – detailed node on map display
    – kink gain on return to venkmar
    – kink gain during dungeon run
    – Lust break black screen
    – Lust break stuck
    – bug fix berserk

    new feature:
    – retreat move – square back
    – diminishing escape chance
    – Lust gain for cowardly
    – 10% cowardly kink gain if it’s not present.

    Dungeon Retreat
    -70% acquire kink
    – minus 50% gold
    – minus 50 % of items received will be left behind at random

    – Dungeon Fail (game over due to lust broken explo )
    – 100% acquire kink
    – minus 70% gold
    – minus 70% of items accrued

    Dungeon success
    + 20% acquire kink

    – accessory shop buy and sell
    – equipped accessory is now removed on sell shop
    – character sheet adjustments for equipped accessories

    – Accessories UI bug fix
    – Klepto Kink hover details
    – Lust break display in combat
    – debuff tool tip stuck
    – dead charas on fountain
    – lust bar on exploration now adjusts to lust heals
    – curos soft lock on Goblin Idol
    – missing curios
    – clicking too fast during combat stuck
    – Update Character sheet for accessories
    – added numbers for accessory counts
    – Guild Level up and skill up tabbing
    – Heal Targeting
    – loot animation received
    – random pop up on venkmar fix
    – equipment hover on character page

    How To Install Jessika Curse

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Jessika Curse Free Download




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