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Her Little Secret Free Download Latest Version

Her Little Secret Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You have little to no experience when it comes to dealing with girls.

Developer: Overflown Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.81
OS: WindowsMac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Handjob, Oral Sex, MILF, Masturbation, Teasing, Simulator, Sandbox, Male Protagonist, Female Domination, Animated, Dating Sim, Point & Click, Sleep Sex, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Public Sex, Humiliation, Footjob, Sex Toys


You’re a graphic designer with a stable job and a stable life at the age of 25.
You have little to no experience when it comes to dealing with girls.
Lately you’ve been experiencing loneliness firsthand when all of the sudden, out of nowhere,
you feel like you’ve just became a main character of a game.
You feel as if your life is going to become eventful and livelier than ever.
Of those events, one takes a form of a human girl. A new intern who will be joining to work under you.
You unknowingly fall for her as you spend time with her.
You build up the courage to get to know her better but the more you do, the more you realize she’s no ordinary girl.
Would she be willing to open up to you about her little secret?​

Her Little Secret Free Download
Her Little Secret Free Download
Her Little Secret Free Download


-Mifa has been added to SHU! the minigame on the laptop
-2nd mouth sex animation added to sleep sex
-Freeroam bedroom animation added (missionary)
-Jigsaw puzzles and SHU!s are no longer fully unlocked on the first start up. (Some of them will require you to progress further)
-Day 1 Night Sola’s hairstyle has been changed and rerendered
-Second half of Sola’s 4th date scenes have animations reworked
Bug fixes:
-Freeroam animations does not transition into post-ejaculation animation
-Group reward gallery throwing error
-Sola missing on day 1 night during her shower at the bathroom
-Screen reverting back to laundry screen after you leave the laundry screen


Improvements and changes:
-To-do list added on Day 1
-Home navigation UI reworked
-Tweetagram, social media app added
-Day 24 contents added
-Ciera scene 3 added
-Penny scene 3 added
-Kienna scene 5 added
Players who are continuing from day 23 (v0.2.7) won’t have access to tweetagram posts from day 1 but I did add a debug where you can at least load posts from day 14 to 23. There are over 60 posts added from day 1 to day 24.
Known Bug – Freeroam animations does not transition into ejaculation animation


Improvements and changes:
-Now save files can be named
-Day 22 – Fixed being able to decline both party invitation
-Cheat app: fixed -1 buttons not working

-Day 23 added
-6 new replayable scenes, but only 2 scenes can be unlocked in a single playthrough


-Evelyn added to SHU!, minigame on the laptop
-Kbbq scene on day 3 completely rerendered (b/c they didn’t look good for me)
-Simple cheat menu added on the phone
-Now doing freeroam stuff rewards you with secrets (e.g. drinking a soda, eating a meal, taking a shower, cleaning your room)
-Bathroom animations reworked
-Kitchen animations reworked
-Evelyn’s third date scene has two additional animations with minimal dialogue changes to make up for new anims.
-Stella’s second date with one reworked and one new animation
-Stella’s third date with one reworked animation
-Stella’s fourth date with 2 new animations and 6 reworked animations
-Evelyn’s freeroam animations in her livingroom
-Stella’s freeroam animations in her room


Improvements and changes:
-Picture messages are added for previous messages. They will only appear on new playthroughs
-Timed events/clock timings are no longer sloppy and should be precise now
-Day 4 morning SMS with Eve causes gamebreaking error
-Entrepreneur achievement missing image
-Artist achievement missing image

-Day 21 added
-Dating app, TAC (Take a Chance!) has been implemented (Expect more contents later on)
-Day 22 added
-32 new animations
-7(10 with Evelyn/Stella variations) new replayable scenes
-Rewards gallery updated related to Evelyn/Stella Party
-Achievements updated related to Evelyn/Stella Party

Big update at least for me. There are over 5000 lines of dialogue but they’re evenly split between Evelyn and Stella’s route. I still do suggest you play both since you’ll be missing out.

I’m expecting bugs in the newly added dating app. Some dialogues may be off… some might even just stop abruptly when you’re expecting, or expected to reply. If you see any of these, please report them. (These won’t throw you an error screen.)

I’m sure everyone who’s played the game immediately realized how clumsy the clock system was. While it worked, it… was a little funky. They should now be on point! No longer will Sola be still in the shower at 8 when she was suppose to be out at 7:40!

Again big changes in terms of systems and stuff which could lead to unforseen bugs. Please report them ALLZ.



  • Day 14-20 added along with a new scene with Sola

Improvements and changes

  • Changes to Mifa’s date 1: Gloryhole recollection scene has been edited. Gloryhole render has been deleted
  • Day 12: MC’s imaginary scene renders where Sola’s being toyed with has been deleted
  • Day 14: You now have the option to view or only read the dialogue when Carter shows the MC deepfaked photos
  • Now fool mode will not progress through time
  • Stella’s house throwing error in diningroom fixed
  • Dress up minigame (SMU) overlapping issues fixed
  • Limitless dating simulator fixed


  • Day 13 added along with a new scene with Sola
  • Secrets Currency system added (Further description in discord announcements ch)
  • New minigame Spruce Her Up! added on laptop

Improvements and changes

  • Animation reworks!:
  • Day 1, day 8, Sola’s date 1 has all been reworked
  • You can check these in scene gallery
  • Jelly jar sparkles added in freeroam for conspicuity
  • Now achievement unlock pop-ups show which image has been unlocked


  • Scene 3 added for Sola
  • Scene 3 added for Evelyn
  • Scene 3 added for Stella
  • Scene 1 added for Mifa
  • Freeroam added for Stella’s house (Unlocked upon completing 3rd date with her)
  • Freeroam added for Evelyn’s house (Unlocked upon completing 3rd date with her)
  • Home – 1 new livingroom animation

Improvements and changes

  • Black eyes on cunilingus scene
  • Hair and hand fix on staircase scene
  • Freeroam UI improved
  • Date selection screen added
  • Achievements updated
  • Reward and scene gallery updated


  • Stella’s house added
  • Evelyn’s house added
  • Mall added
  • Bar added


  • Added staircase animations (anal, blowjob)
  • Added Sola’s room closet animations (cunilingus

Sleep Sex

  • Added breast scene
  • Cum will now add up on Sola’s body as multiple scenes are seen
  • Achievements Updated


  • Day 10 contents added
  • Ciera’s second date added (scene added)
  • Penny’s second date added (scene added)
  • New trait added: Guilt


  • Day 9 contents added
  • 4th Kienna scene added
  • Mifa introduced


  • Scene Checklist added UI (List of scenes that can be unlocked and how)
  • Completing a route in HLS Dating Sim will now give you an option to raise relative attributes without having to play again. (3 Times max a day and 15 minutes per.)

Bug Fixes

  • Overall sex scenes transition improvements
  • Freeroam loading time imrovement
  • Few day 4 morning clicks causes day to turn night
  • Jigsaw puzzle gallery thumbnail missing
  • “Could not find label drvm”


  • Added scene gallery for day 8 scenes.
  • Added handjob animations in the livingroom.
  • Lowered all affection requirements to 10 on freeroam sex for the time being.
  • Added new sleep sex scene (vagina).
  • Added time skip feature for day 1.
  • Added 4 new achievements.
  • Added new dating sim dialogues.

Bug Fixes:

  • Existing animations improved.
  • Small bug fixes causing error, game optimization, etc.


  • Day 8 Contents added
  • 53 animations added. (day 8 and freeroam)
    – (A third of them are the same animations but of different shading, day/night)

Bug Fixes:

  • Laundry basket not showing panties images correctly.
  • Please report images or buttons that are seem out of place. I’m sure I’ve missed some after optimizing.



  • Game optimization (Less delays and load times)
  • Added markers on clickable objects
  • Added time skip feature
  • Added instruction page for game UI on day 1.
  • Day 7 content added

Bug Fixes:

  • Laundry basket not showing panties images correctly.
  • Please report images or buttons that are seem out of place. I’m sure I’ve missed some after optimizing.



  • Day 1 scenes rerendered (Interview, dream)
  • TV System completely reworked (experimental)
  • Sleep sex scene added (thigh)
  • Penny and Ciera added on phone
  • Main menu backgrounds, button sounds added



  • Looping issue from day 3 to day 1 For real.
  • Small glitches.


  • Day 6 Content added.
  • Third Kienna scene added
  • Introduction to new two characters Penny and Ciera



  • Looping issue from day 3 to day 1.
  • Small glitches.


  • Day 5 Content added.
  • To-Do List added for easier progression.



  • Fixed an issue where the girl you dated on day 4 showed up on day 5 morning again.
  • Fixed an issue where you could wait around indefinitely on Day 4 morning before dates.
  • Fixed Day 3 Kienna scene leading to day 1.


  • Found another pair of panties in the laundry basket!
  • Jigsaw updated: 16 new puzzles!
  • Achievements updated.
  • New bed masturbate scene for the girl you finish the date with.
  • Sleep Sex scenes added: Mouth and feet. (Drink coffee before bed to see!)


-Day 4 Contents added
-400+ renders
-11 animations

-Interactive map updated
-4 new locations added

-Home navigation UI updated

-Some Day 1 scenes rerendered for quality.

-New save may be required.

How To Install Her Little Secret

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Her Little Secret Free Download





ANDROID (v0.2.7)



Multi Mod: PATREON


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