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Down the Road Free Download Latest Version

Down the Road Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – only together can they face what is to come.

Developer: Fasder Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.0c
OS: Windows, Linux, MacAndroid
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Male protagonist, Big ass, Big tits, Animated, Teasing, Groping, Sandbox, Minigames


Our main character, Eli (name can be changed if you so please), has a bit of a rough past where injustice and misfortune lingers, despite all he dislikes about his life he’s still holding down a job, he’s got a place to live and a good, albeit somewhat enigmatic friend, called Steve (not right in image, that is Alyx). In a moment of alcohol and drug infused honesty, they will all be pulled together to what will ultimately unravel this tale, only together can they face what is to come.

The game features a full story mode, where you will occasionally be prompted to explore a sandbox, which is entirely optional. In the sandbox mode you can find bonus images, mini games and small scenes, while entertaining, won’t be necessary to do. Down the road will feature animations with high frame rate and artwork that has been polish and improved upon since my start in game development. The artwork is heavily modified in one way or another, some more than others. It also features sound effects, music and ambient sound throughout the story.​

Down the Road Free Download
Down the Road Free Download
Down the Road Free Download

##Added 205 new renders and 1 animation
##Added a date with Kitty, it can be accessed by texting her before chapter 1 starts
##Added the start of chapter 1
##Added 4 freeroam scenes
##Added a new puzzle and bonus picture in Eli’s parents house
##Added 6 new bonus pictures in Alyx’s apartment
##Added a replay gallery for lewd scenes can be accessed in the main menu
##Added a gallery where you can see pictures sent on the phone (and Alyx’s JustFans)
##Added the ability to text other characters sometimes
##Added a new mini game “connect 4”
##Made titty clicker slightly easier
##Updated to renpy 7.6.1 (engine upgrade)
##Added a tracking system for characters
##Added an alert system for points gained
##You can now cycle your earned rewards in connect 4
##You can now cycle through the rewards in titty clicker if you’ve completed a game
##Due to changes to the renpy engine a function has been added to connect 4 and the jigsaw puzzle where if you move your mouse too close to the edge of the game window the tile will be returned to its initial position

The game includes 3 animations, 400ish renders, 13 000 words sitting at about an hour of playtime.
Additionally there are optional mini games and bonus images available in the free roam mode.

How To Install Down the Road

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Down the Road Free Download



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Premium Link (Full Speed)




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