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Back Home Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – On your journey you will meet girls and women.

Developer: Caramba Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.p4.3
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English, Dutch
Genre: 3DCG, adventure, Male Protagonist, teasing, animated, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, small tits, outdoor sex, humor, exhibitionism


Your holiday at the beach was the most boring week of your life. All you want is to get back home. Then, on your last evening, you meet Jacky. She happens to live in the same town as you, and she will be on the same flight back home as you, the next morning. You may think that meeting Jacky is the start of an adventure. But missing that flight and being separated from her, is the start of an even bigger one.

Back Home will be a road movie. On your journey you will meet girls and women. They all have their own story. Some will help you to get back home, some will bring you further away from it. There’s a bit of mystery in it, too. Back Home a story driven game, where you don’t have to read long pages of text without the image ever changing. I believe in “show, don’t tell”. The characters are all unique, because I’ve created them myself.

To get back home, you need to stay focused. But if you don’t look around you, you won’t get anywhere.​

Back Home Free Download
Back Home Free Download
Back Home Free Download


Episode 12 covers the fourth part of the fourth day of your voyage back home, hence the serial number 0.4.p4.x of this release. It contains the full story from the beginning up to episode 12. It’s available for PC and Mac. I haven’t tested the Mac version though.

This release is the end of season 1. There will be a second, final season. Development of it has started already. To play the final season, keeping all the choices you made in season one, it is adamant that you save your game by the end of the episode. You will get a notification for that. You can load this saved game into the second season.

A preview version of the first part of episode 12 has been released earlier on Patreon only. Saves made in this preview release should work if you only want to see the rest of episode 12. If not, please let me know.

Episode 12 contains 945 new images and 62 new animations. Some old images and animations in previous episodes have been freshened up. You probably won’t notice the difference, but I do.

There are three different routes to play the story of episode 12. Well, actually four. You can focus on Giulia, Victoria, or Elena. The fourth one is to focus on neither of them. Not the most attractive option, in my opinion. If you didn’t get intimate with Giulia on the second night of your voyage, Giulia won’t be interested much, so you won’t get her route as an option. You can’t play them all at the same time, so save your game regularly if you want to explore different options. If you played more than one route and want to know where each route will lead you in season two, you must make a save for every route.

As usual: if a light bulb appears in the top right corner of your screen, you can click on it to get a hint.

If there are blanks in the photo album, you can probably find them in parts of the story you haven’t played yet.

v0.4 p2.2
There are 352 new images and 24 new animations in the game, plus a few new entries in the phone that include images as well.

v0.4 p1.1
There are 424 new images and 29 animations

v0.3 p3.2
There are 414 new images (or somewhere near) and 11 new animations.

v0.3 p2.1
There are 313 new images and 9 new animations.

v0.3 p1.1
This is the 5th release of Back Home so far.

v0.2.1 Bugfix

There are 424 new images, or somewhere near and 22 new animations, making it the largest release so far.

There are about 265 new images and 10 new animations.
An issue with an image in the photo album, where the return-button wasn’t visible, has been solved.
You can check the address book in the phone, but you can’t actually do anything with it yet.
The story is available both in English and in Dutch.

There are about 260 new images, 4 animations and 4 possible new entries in your photo album.
Both the English and the Dutch text have been proofread to get out the worst mistakes.

Initial Release

How To Install Back Home

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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