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    Adventurer Trainer Free Download Latest Version

    Adventurer Trainer Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is a free non-commercial fan-made porn-parody Dating Sim/Visual Novel with RPG elements.

    Developer: PastryIRL – Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.1.6
    OS: WindowsMac, Linux, Android
    Language: English
    Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Parody, Animated, Harem, Loli, Teasing, Virgin, Dating Sim, Humor, Romance, Dating sim, Fantasy, Sandbox, RPG, Turn based combat, Big tits, Big Ass, Handjob, MILF, Ahegao, Creampie, Titfuck, Incest, Exhibitionism, Vaginal Sex, Mobile game


    Adventurer Trainer is a free non-commercial fan-made porn-parody Dating Sim/Visual Novel with RPG elements, set in a fictional universe loosely based on Konosuba and other titles. You will meet familiar characters, embark on exhilarating adventures, solve mysteries and more!

    Adventurer Trainer Free Download
    Adventurer Trainer Free Download
    Adventurer Trainer Free Download


    – +2 Main Events
    – +1 Darkness H-scene
    – +1 Aqua H-scene
    – +1 Priestess event
    – +1 Wiz event
    – +1 Dream H-scene (containing the record high 21 animations)
    – +1 Bonus Event

    – +9k words, totaling 82k
    – +436 images, totaling 3518
    – +28 animations, totaling 60 (almost double the amount in v0.1.5!)
    – Redid the animated scenes in “Closet Pervert”. Replay the scene to check out the new visuals!
    – Updated the opening movie with the new visuals

    – Upgraded Ren’Py from 7.4.11 to 8.0.3
    – Equalized ALL audio files to maintain a consistent volume level (and hopefully avoid earrape)
    – Converted (ALL) uncompressed WAV files to OGG, saving tons of space
    – Added a skin system, which affects both the pixel sprite and the dialogue bust-up for characters
    – Added Discord Rich Presence (disabled by default), for those of you who have no shame or real life friends
    – Some Guild Dispatch Jobs will now have choices, which will affect the dangers, exploits, and rewards.
    – +2 new Guild Dispatch Jobs with choices
    – Redesigned the cheats menu to be more user-friendly (for those who want to cheat in this super easy game). Also, it’s pay2win now
    – Added an integrity check which will display a warning if the game was not compiled using my Renpy fork (and will therefore miss the necessary features)
    – Added the option to disable shaky camera in the game settings
    – Added a new learnable feat (“Art of the Deal”) to reduce merchant prices

    – Added two new skins for Darkness, one for Megumin, one for Kazuma
    – Added experience bar to the adventuring screen

    – Reduced Succubi Cafe’s prices to be more indebtured-adventurer friendly
    – Added 3 more books

    Minor changes:
    – Updated Wiz’s visuals across the board
    – Removed animated bustups in favor of static ones in the interest of a consistent experience
    – Optimized rendering during adventuring, noticeably increasing average FPS
    – Replaced videos in “How Far I’ve Fallen”, “Party on the Streets”, “Importance of Hygiene” and Momo’s handjob scene with VP8-encoded ones to address VP9 issues
    – Slight model changes to all models to improve the lighting quality in the current and future events
    – Added Log button to the quick menu
    – Updated quickmenu for phones
    – You can now remove characters from the party in the party selection screen
    – Removed Priscilla from the Girls menu
    – “unlockgallery” cheat will now unlock all girls
    – Added a textbox opacity slider to the Preferences menu
    – Adjusted brightness of some blushing effects in “The Entirely Avoidable Ambush”
    – Redid Rin’s bustup images (cause she’s cute and deserves cute portraits)
    – Tuned down the default amplitude shaky camera a little bit
    – Temporarily removed shop & guild job results animations while I’m working on a permanent fix
    – “Dining Room” location will now be accessible in the mansion whenever an event is available

    – Fixed the game update checker polling the server twice
    – Fixed a bug with the GUI appearing for a moment before the end of “Under the Full Moon”
    – Fixed multiple clippings across many events
    – Fixed a bug in “Importance of Hygiene” related to name variables that could result in a crash
    – Fixed overlapping elements with the Itch button
    – Fixed the bug with the total number of events being incorrect
    – Fixed the party selection screen bug that allowed selecting more than 4 heroes
    – Fixed a bug that prevented players from switching out weapons. Also a bug that instantiated a default weapon into the inventory
    – Fixed some event achievements not being granted upon completion
    – Fixed some “eyeless” visuals in Chris’s event “Cardio”
    – (Theoretically) fixed some issues with the popup screen not showing up
    – Fixed a bug related to Aqua’s Total Blessing upgrade, which could break her base Blessing skill
    – Fixed a bug that was causing erratic screen elements movement during Guild Dispatch minigame

    Episode 1.5
    – 8.800 words of story
    – 192 renders
    – 0.75 hours of playtime

    Pilot Episode
    – 9.000 words of story
    – 260 renders
    – 10 animations
    – 1.25 hours of playtime


    – +11k words
    – +428 images, totaling 2640
    – +4 videos
    – Added Yunyun’s quest!
    – +4 Main Events
    – +1 Megumin Event
    – +2 Wiz Events
    – +2 Luna Events
    – +1 Recurring Rin Dialogue
    – +1 Rin Mini-Event
    – +1 Aqua H-scene
    – +1 Darkness H-scene
    – +3 reactions to gifts

    – It may rain on some days, precluding you from doing some of the outdoor activities.
    – Some activities will now increase your stats! For example, spending a day doing construction work will increase your Health.
    – You can now work at Guild, which will produce money, make you acquainted with new characters and potentially progress some quests.
    – Reputation aspects now have icons. Dialogue options leading to an increase in one of the aspects will now be marked with an icon
    – The numbers of seen and total events can now be found in the Event Tracker & Girls menus
    – Added feats that you can learn from other people! They will affect gameplay in certain ways; for instance, lockpicking feat will allow you to pick locks while adventuring
    – Added books that you can read, which may increase your stats, teach you abilities or feats

    – Made MASSIVE performance optimizations. You should see drastic increase in FPS and a complete lack of stutter.
    – Added a new type of Curio: locked chests! Once you learn the lockpicking feat from Chris, you’ll be able to open them
    – Some adventuring scenes will now have foregrounds
    – Mimic received a new look
    – Updated some visual effects
    – Some visual effects will now display at higher FPS (thanks, performance optimizations)
    – Added a way to tell that a damage/heal value was boosted. Will consider additional changes to telegraph this effect to the player.
    – Added Ambushes. Sometimes, the game won’t tell you you’re heading into a fight, and the enemies will get the first turn… Stay on the lookout!
    – Added a type of Summoning abilities for monsters

    – Reduced Skeleton’s shields from 2 -> 1. This should act as a good enough nerf for the Dungeon for the time being while I’m reworking some combat aspects.

    Minor changes:
    – Training with Darkness will now slowly increase her Accuracy up to +60.
    – Added medals to Hall of Fame to further recognize my Patrons! The longer you’ve supported the game, the higher rank you’ll have. Supporters on annual plans will receive golden medals immediately
    – New font for floating messages in adventuring
    – Added a new overlay for when the player is skipping text
    – Added an option to enable touchscreen controls on desktop platforms.
    – Unique item drops are now also bound by requirements instead of pure random chance. For example, some items will require you see an event first before they can drop.
    – Cheat menu will now display an invalid syntax error instead of erroring out in case of invalid input
    – Touched up Wiz’s shop visuals

    – Fixed Steal reducing enemy shields.
    – Fixed arrow keys misbehaving during target selection
    – Fixed some clipping visuals
    – Fixed a bug that double-charged Megumin for using Explosion.
    – Fixed a bug where overlays were not being cleared in adventuring mode.
    – Fixed a bug that would result in quick menu disappearing after an adventure
    – Fixed a bug which resulted in spawning significantly less Curios in adventuring than was intended

    How To Install Adventurer Trainer

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Adventurer Trainer Free Download








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