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Astral Lust Free Download Latest Version

Astral Lust Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Expand your home, slay eldritch horrors, and fight against corruption and madness.

Developer: Victorius Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.4 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, MacAndroid
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Adventure, Turn based combat, Trainer, Superpowers, Sandbox, Rpg, Romance, Religion, PoV, Possesion, Paranormal, Monster, Mind Control, Horror, Graphic violence, Fantasy, Dating Sim, Cosplay, Ahegao, Creampie, Corruption, Groping, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Sleep Sex, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism, Sex Toys, Blackmail, Rape, Sexual Harassment, anal sex, footjob


You have awakened to a world you no longer recognize, filled with unexplainable darkness and overwhelming madness. A terrifying apocalypse has given birth to monsters whose mere presence will strip the sanity from what remains of humanity.
To be God is to be mad.

Expand your home, slay eldritch horrors, and fight against corruption and madness. Win the hearts of beautiful women whose love will be the only ray of hope in the depths of the fog. Secrets beyond the understanding of mortals wait to be uncovered, but are you sure you want to find out the truth? After all, ignorance is bliss.

In a world where death is just the beginning of your misery, how can you be sure what good and evil even mean? What pulls the strings in this puppet theater of madness? Take a peek behind the veil of reality and realize how truly ignorant you actually were!

Astral Lust Free Download
Astral Lust Free Download
Astral Lust Free Download


  • added: nun outfit to the Alice
  • added: footjob for Alice in nun outfit
  • added: sex for Alice in nun outfit
  • added: 3rd Lola event
  • added: Handjob, Outside and Footjob to Lola’s stats
  • added: Little Fox meeting outside event
  • added: asking Little Fox for exploring together
  • added: Little Fox exploration event – Nothing
  • added: Little Fox exploration event – Treasure
  • added: Little Fox exploration event – Stash
  • added: Little Fox exploration event – Bandits
  • added: Lola can appear outside her room
  • added: 10 new wallpapers (1 postcard, 5 Patron, 4 combat)
  • added: notifications to getting buffs
  • added: downloading new codes and messages from the server
  • added: “You died” screen after dying
  • added: option in Sound tab – “Play sound when window is minimized”, default OFF
  • added: the number of cards in the deck to the crafting menu
  • added: Hints on how to get wallpapers to the wallpapers menu
  • added: Hints where to find collectibles (on hover)
  • added: more info to the crafting menu – names of items
  • added: Map support for Lola’s events
  • added: Little Fox as a teammate in combat
  • changed: collectibles are now kept between saves
  • changed: muting volume will now no longer show sound values as 0, it’ll instead show actual volumes
  • changed: default font to the Itim font
  • changed: how item notifications look
  • changed: removed “You died” notification
  • changed: game title font and color in the main menu
  • changed: increased outline for all entries in the main menu
  • changed: some Patreon wallpapers that were unlockable
  • changed: updated looks of wallpapers menu
  • changed: Judgment card now first attacks player
  • fixed: Alice sprite persisting during her cunnilingus scene
  • fixed: possible error when catching succubi
  • fixed: using code to catch succubi caused in pc wallpaper remaining on the screen
  • fixed: most tasks on repeat not working after the first time
  • fixed: cards are drawn using other cards not updating their descriptions accounting for status effects
  • fixed: wallpaper added notification not translating
  • fixed: Justice not stunning the player and enemy instead, bypassing stun immunity
  • fixed: Stun immunity could not be granted (not affecting vanilla)

being able to trigger Christmas without any story progress
the first deck resetting after loadunable to pick up two collectibles
error when opening a vault on new saves
other save loading related bugs
healing Alice required all possible cards
error when task completed at wanderers hideouttyposixed


  • death on mina’s event has no side effects now


  • item loss on rollback
  • vault exploit
  • Freedom in Death & Death cards not ending combat
  • supporters overlapping if in game menu inside main menu
  • after Grace change, Grace position is not updated
  • supporters weird display on 4K branch


  • error when using Cease Fire Treaty


  • new deck images
  • health bar size is dependent on enemy width
  • supporters to the main menu


  • battle gui placement
  • now you can only rollback to battle start, not each move


  • error after answering all Alice questions without taking her items
  • (possibly) rollback after death not returning items if died in combat sometimes


  • errors on loading save prior to 0.1.9 if shortly before fought enemy group


  • Burning and Poison tooltips


  • Sweep description
  • The Sun tooltip
  • strength decreases to 1 with max strength on the second turn
  • burning immunity not working
  • immunities not decreasing effects on receiving them


  • strength & agility add buffs in combat again
  • wallpapers looting in the fight again
  • animated hp bar


  • X cost cards couldn’t be played
  • overlapping indications
  • Flirtatious Look not changing enemy intent
  • error on Faceless using debuff
  • looting exploit
  • card descriptions not updating after killing enemy
  • unable to skip if loaded from inside of combat
  • hp bar not reflecting actual hp at the start



  • map find events support for events triggered with dialogue options


  • now you need to met Grace first before using map
  • removed one line in beginner guide


  • map showed available events even if you already improved relations with girl that day
  • error due to having more story progress than intended, be it after using console, cheats or possibly game bug
  • map event finder not updating after some events not progressing time
  • error on opening wardrobe after new game


  • added: support for animated scenes option to explore/return scenes
  • added: time flowing in secret scene
  • added: bdsm, denial counter to succubi
  • added: wooden horse now adds to bdsm counter
  • added: reminder to mina’s 15th event
  • added: 1 audio file
  • added: 2 emoticons
  • changed: bandits with guns now deal a little more damage
  • changed: increased hovered card size in the vault
  • changed: now not all wallpapers are lootable (eq. secret wallpapers)
  • changed: balanced wallpaper drop chance
  • fixed: trader discount not saving
  • fixed: trader items reset after game exit
  • fixed: player massage skills not saving
  • fixed: bandits dealing negative amount of damage if weakened
  • fixed: block increasing from enemy attacks
  • fixed: respectful referral not triggering
  • fixed: fireball exhausting
  • fixed: dragon starting combat with ultimate ability
  • fixed: possibly weird looking buttons
  • fixed: spelling mistakes


  • added: characters, and ignored attributes to set_states()
  • added: stat_sleep to NPCs
  • added: add_submission() to NPC class
  • added: stat_bdsm to NPC class
  • added: optional set attribute to advance_time()
  • added: emoticon sm/sp screens
  • changed: how wallpaper system works, now not all wallpapers are lootable from combat
  • fixed: unable to save after using some triggers



This release bring about 540 new images, and over 100 new animations. There are many major points in 0.1.5:

  • Wanderers Hideout can be unlocked
  • card crafting was implemented with 20 recipes and 2 crafting stations
  • vault can store cards
  • 25 new items to loot and trade with
  • significantly reduced grind needed to build stuff
  • two new expansions for vault
  • two first wake up scenes
  • major progression on Mina’s story

0.1.5a is a bugfix update.

0.1.5b fixes a lot of smaller things, also adds a new dream, and a side activity for Mina at the evenings.

0.1.5c introduces a lot of qol changes, and fixes. It also adds Grace’s bathing.


  • major: Improved/Changed/Fixed over 1000 dialogue lines. All thanks to Strectmar – new editor
  • major: added story mode – disables generic combat event (toggled in preferences)
  • major: now you can spare human enemies to stop corruption from increasing (no materials)


  • added: new audio track
  • added: few new images
  • added: Now you can seal pinky promise with a kiss if she trusts you enough


  • changed: some dialogue & renders in Alice’s 8th event to make it better
  • changed: Mina’s 4th journal tip is now much more clear on what you need to do
  • changed: added new audio track to lexi’s first event
  • changed: now generic combat has 45% chance of appearing
  • changed: peeking at Alice showering now increases corruption
  • changed: Mina’s 5th event renders a little to make the flow better
  • changed: Now rape gives corruption even if you have beyond 50% corruption


  • fixed: wheel of fortune & lycanthropy & healing card mistakes
  • fixed: wandering trader intro playing out every time
  • fixed: Resurrect effect spelling mistake
  • fixed: Vulnerable tooltip spelling mistake
  • fixed: Unique cards from cheat codes disappearing on death (use code again)
  • fixed: a few status effect tooltips, to make them more clear
  • fixed: market scenes looking weird
  • fixed: getting kicked in balls is no longer so painful that it gives an error
  • fixed: improved/fixed dozens of codex entries

How To Install Astral Lust

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Astral Lust Free Download








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