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Afterglow Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You are a third-year forensic student and finally getting ready to head out into the world…

Developer: GaussianFracture – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.3
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Point & click, Incest, Milf, School setting, Romance, Big ass, Big tits, Sandbox


You are a third-year forensic student and finally getting ready to head out into the world. Now, it is time to step out into the world and it is up to you to decide if your final year will be great… or extraordinary! Who knows? Maybe you could even find love… in the most unexpected of places!​

Afterglow Free Download
Afterglow Free Download
Afterglow Free Download

The Renpy version is out for public release!
It’s completed up until where the Unity version left off, right after Chapter 3 starts.
There are a few other changes including minigames, new systems and new activities.

Main story progress
~400 renders
2 new characters
1 new repeatable with Vera at night
New minigame: Benchpress

As always, save from previous update included.


  • Main story progress: End of Act 2
  • ~400 renders
  • First repeatable scene for Vera
  • 1 new Xray render
  • 3 new characters: Leon, Berkley, Nicole
  • Vera schedule update with some new dialogues and new activities, fully opened her apartment
  • Townmap hints to know where to go next
  • Skip time buttons
  • Partial rollback

– Main Story progression
– ~140 renders
– Extended dream during Late night
– Cosmetic Shop added
– Bugfix: objective staying in a waiting state in the “Practice Spectrometry” quest

Save from the previous update last scene is included.

– Main story progression
– 2 new characters: Logan and Carmen
– 1 new location: Gym
– Max can now dream during ‘Late night’
– Reworked the dialogue text box

– 1 big Meg quest (Dreamwalker) 300+ renders.
– Reworked the way the 18+ disclaimer was displayed to add a skip feature for it.
– Corrected small storyline issues from last build.
– Fixed doubled character displayed on screen during dialogues.

Save starting from the end of the previous version included, make sure to extract the game in a new folder!

– Vera’s apartment displaying correctly, now allows you to finish the last quest.
– Josie’s apartment loaded at the same time as Vera’s
– Bug where you get stuck forever during the week-end with Meg

– 1 Vera Quest (conclusion of “Practice Spectrometry” part 2)
– 1 Josie Quest
– End of the “wake up” scene
– New sub-location: Main house Bathroom
– New location: Vera’s apartment (with the complete set of sub-locations)

– 1 Vera Quest (conclusion of “Practice Spectrometry”)
– 2 Meg Quest
– 1 new Dream sequence

– 2 Josie Quest
– 1 Vera Quest
– 1 new Dream sequence
– Shop menu
– Spectrometer minigame
– New location + new schedule for Josie

– (fix) Removed re-sizable window feature
– (fix) Fixed Linux build
– (fix) Some dialogue lines automatically skipping without input
– (polish) Added quality/resolution selection back in the dialog window when starting the game
– (polish) Some grammar mistakes
– (polish) removed some unused code/assets (approx -80mb)

– 2 Meg quests
– 1 Vera quest
– new location: café, meg’s bathroom
– new default schedule dialogues for Vera, Meg
– new interactables

Rework and System upgrades:
– Rollback feature (partial, still need some work)
– Input buffer in dialogues, prevents you to skip a dialogue line while an animation is playing.
– Priority queue in the npc schedule
– Reworked some location night version (Mc bedroom, Pool)
– Resizable window (partial, still need some work)

How To Install Afterglow

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Old saves are not compatible.
Rollback had to be disabled due to a game-breaking bug with the story progression.

extract it and then
Put the csv file in Localisation folder

Afterglow Free Download




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