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Lust Harem Free Download Latest Version

Lust Harem Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – participate in cults and enjoy the dark comedy.​

Developer: Xiongmao –  Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 0.27
OS: Windows, Linux, MacAndroid
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Harem, Dating sim, Animated, Vaginal sex, Big ass, Big tits, School setting, Oral sex, Romance, Pregnancy, Mobile game, Drugs, Monster girl, Sabdbox, Turn based combat, Combat


Lust Harem is a free visual novel game (18+) in which you play as a novice wizard trying to make his way up the ladder, achieve independence from his family and most importantly, score girls. Struggling with tuition fees, being overworked for little to no pay and being average in magics you have a lot to work with. Fortunately, things take a turn for the better when you manage to capture a succubus and use her power for your benefit. Prank your guildmates, date girls, cheat on them, get them pregnant, take part in school life, practice demonology, necromancy, participate in cults and enjoy the dark comedy.​

Lust Harem Free Download
Lust Harem Free Download
Lust Harem Free Download

Pretty much fixes only. If you’re playing the PC 0.20 version, you can simply download the 0.20 to 0.21 7mb file and extract it to your main game directory (where the exe file is located), make sure to overwrite any files.


  • Adult Toadpole shop now properly restocks store each day
  • cure poison: player will no longer take damage from poison after curing it. In addition, the potion also reduces damage from poison (used to simply increase resistance to it)
  • added regeneration stats to character inventory
  • added name tooltips to glossary
  • fixed missing scenes in witcher laptop replay. This will need improving in the future
  • fixed Asara spawning in the library when she’s supposed to be in the dorms
  • sewer dungeon: early on when Asara is still in library at evening, selecting a map and canceling before doing any combat would take the player to the dorms. This is now fixed
  • fixed crashes/errors saying ‘currentplayer’ has no name attribute. This was caused by skipping, and in some cases the text under combatlog not changing properly
  • fixed missing sfx error on conjured skeletons
  • minor improvements to Willow story4 dialogue
  • improved enemy counterattack on touch spells
  • fixed a rare error that may have popped up during damage calculation for monsters
  • casting titus exposus during arena event will no longer cause issues with music (flies sound effect)
  • changed locations positioning on map for better clarity
  • improved character icons positioning on map for better clarity
  • fixed Helen animation in repeat
  • equipping an item for the first time could cause an error if this is the first item ever the player used


  • 2 short conversations with shopkeepers
  • Asuka 5a
  • Bernadette 1,2,3
  • guard office award
  • Helen 5, 6
  • Mizuki (cat) 3
  • Mizuki (fox) 6
  • Willow 5
  • Varess laptop
  • Repeats: Asara (Halloween outfit), Asuka, Helen, Isabella (ninja outfit), Susan



-Asara (2 + 1 short event)

-Asuka (2 + half an event in natalie’s route with sex scene)

-Eileen (1)

-Erika (3 different events with some branching)

-Fabiana (1)

-Isabella (1)

-Natalie (2, one regular and one pregnancy event)

-Willow (1, long event with multiple characters)

-a few minor conversations and mini events

Repeat events (8):

-Asuka (1, yacht)

-Eileen (3, morning, noon, afternoon)

-Eliz (1)

-Isabella (1)

-Natalie (2, yacht)

Battle minigame:

Rat dungeon is now fully completed. You also get to fight some mages during combat practice. Mana shield or some defense is highly recommended.

-increased companion limit to 5 (that means 4 summons if u have Asara in party). Will increase further in the future

-improved various scripts. Pretty much everything has been touched. Biggest changes to: damagetypes, afflictions (conditions), summons and damage calculation

-made rats summonable with talismans

-improved the buff screen. It didn’t look good at all with more than 4 people in the party

-added inventory and some basic AI to monsters

-new enemies: golem, [redacted] and some mages to fight for you. Mana shield or mirror’s image is recommended against mages

-added vfx to some spells (fireball, missile storm, bleed, bite, seduction)

-new and more sound effects to skills

-skills now properly calculate and display mana cost when it’s changed by items or spells like earth armor

-added tooltips to skills and conditions in buff screen and combat

-rats had their defense lowered. Instead they now have higher evasion

How To Install Lust Harem

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Lust Harem Free Download








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