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HS Tutor Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – The player controls Robert, a boy who failed the college exam and earn extra money by giving private lessons to girls.

Developer: TK8000 Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.14.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Big tits, Parody, Animated, Groping, Handjob, Masturbation, Milf, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Sex toys, Creampie, Big ass, Teasing, Prostitution, Titfuck, Spanking, Harem, Exhibitionism, Interracial, Stripping, School setting, Incest, Mobile game


My new project, a game made with images generated in the new Illusion’s Koikatu.

The player controls Robert, a boy who failed the college exam and earn extra money by giving private lessons to girls. Explore the city on different days and times to find new things to do!​

HS Tutor Free Download
HS Tutor Free Download
HS Tutor Free Download

New scenes:

1. Scarlett 7: tea and masturbation
2. Scarlett 8: first date with Scarlett (restaurant + Love Hotel)
3. Scarlett 9: blowjob (Scarlett’s bedroom)
4. Scarlett 10: Onahole (Ashley)
5. Scarlett 11: Sex (Ashley)
6: Scarlett 12: Sex – repeatable with new pose (Ashley)
7. Scarlett 13: Sex (Scarlett)
8. Scarlett 14: Sex – repeatable with new pose (Scarlett)
9. Scarlett 15: Sex – Scarlett and Ashley
10. Scarlett 16: Sex – Scarlett and Ashley – repeatable with new pose

Revised scripts:
1. events_mila
2. events_zoe
3. events_amelia
4. events_madeline
5. events_rachel

(All these scripts have been entirely re-read, with errors corrected and some changes made to make the text a little less bad.)

> first harem scene added
> repeatable strip poker scene with 3 possible outcomes

– changed some old texts
– total content: 325 new images and 82 new animations

– Scene: Zoe, Mila, Madeline and Amelia sex in the backyard
– Scene: Zoe and Mila, showering and sleeping
– Scene: Garnet and Dorothy sex scene
– Scene: Garnet and Dorothy (repeatable with new animations)
– Scene: Garnet and Charlotte sex scene
– Scene: Hannah 1
– Scene: Hannah 2
– redesigned event gallery with tips for the less obvious events

– Scarlett 1: playing shogi
– Scarlett 2: visit 1
– Scarlett 3: pool
– Scarlett 4: movie
– Scarlett 5: fist kiss
– Zoe + Mila + Claire: sex in the backyard
– Zoe: anal sex
– Garnet: sex at school (part 1 – Ursula interrupts)
– Garnet: sex at school – repeatablev0.10.6

1. repeatable sex scene with Amelia + small bonus in the shower with Zoe and Mila
2. repeatable sex scene with Madeline
3. repeatable sex scene with Rachel

In addition to bugfixes and corrections in the text.


New scenes:

1. Amelia Story 1
2. Amelia Story 2
3. Amelia Story 3 – picnic
4. Amelia Story 4 – sauna
5. Amelia Solo 1
6. Amelia Solo 2
7. Amelia Solo 3
8. Madeline (Amelia’s sister) Solo 1
9. Madeline Solo 2
10. Rachel (Amelia’s mother) Solo 1
11. Rachel Solo 2
12. Rachelo Solo 3
14. Amelia + Madeline
15. Amelia + Madeline + Rachel

I’m going to make a patch available soon adding some things I didn’t have time to put in this version, including a system of tips for all events and repeatable events with Maddy and Amy.

How to install the patch:
Unzip the patch as you wish and then drag the folder to the location where HS Tutor 0.10.0 is installed. Make sure that the old files have been overwritten by the new ones.


1. Story – Ursula and mom
2. Story – Garnet and mom
3. Charlotte – tutoring again
4. Charlotte – sex at school (+ variant)
5. Charlotte – sex at home (+ variant)
6. Emma – massage I
7. Emma – massage II (+ variant)
8. Zoe – photos + sex
9. Kelly and Jennifer – sex scene


1. Charlotte: tutoring II
2. Charlotte: tutoring III (kiss+boobs)
3. Charlotte: school I (story)
4. Charlotte: school II (story)
5. Charlotte: photo shoot
– new places to visit on the city and school
– four new characters
– fixed several lines (Charlotte’s old texts) to better suit her personality
– fixed an issue with autosaves that worsened game performance
– added the option to place tags on map locations
– added sound effects at teacher Patricia’s sex event

How To Install HS Tutor

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game
PC – Extract the “game” folder to the game’s root folder (the one with the .exe)
Android – Extract the “game” folder to the game’s “files” folder (the one with the saves folder and log.txt)

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