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    Five of a Kind Free Download Latest Version

    Five of a Kind Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You play a frustrated, young computer and video game enthusiast.

    Developer: JorogrArt – Subscribestar
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.3.0
    OS: Windows
    Language: English
    Genre: 2d game, male protagonist, milf, teasing, point and click, animated, big ass, big tits, incest, adventure, sandbox


    You play a frustrated, young computer and video game enthusiast living at home with your overextended and stressed mother, Meredith, and your self-centered and aloof sister, Brooke.

    Nominally, you and your two friends: ever-scheming, wannabe ladies’ man Scott; and hyperkinetic savant Nicole, set out to uncover the mysterious disappearance of the mercurial Dr. Joystick; however, you find the seemingly more mundane situations in your own home to be more rewarding.​

    Five of a Kind Free Download
    Five of a Kind Free Download
    Five of a Kind Free Download

    v0.3.0.0 Public

    • Reworked Meredith’s entire story and added a couple of new quests.
    • Added two new rooms to the house: Meredith’s Bedroom and a Dining Room.
    • Added a new location: Aunt Irene’s house.
    • Added two new characters: Aunt Irene and Aunt Charlotte.
    • All hotspots now have hover-over labels telling you what they are.
    • Added a “Pro Tip” system where a banner will pop up, giving information about certain mechanics. For example, when a hotspot action is repeatable, a Pro Tip popup will let you know that.
    • Expanded maximum number of Save Games to 64.
    • Increased MC walk speed by 20%
    • You can now rest in most places (not just your Bedroom or Living Room)
    • Exit Button replaces side and top hotspots (to eliminate aspect ratio bugs for closeups)
    • Spank Bank now shows “locked” slots, so you can tell how many scenes are in the game.
    • Quest Journal now capable of supporting multiple objectives.
    • Egg Hunt style quests will now report how many items you’ve collected and how many you need. Example: You have completed most home repairs [3 / 5]
    • Minor graphics enhancements in Brooke’s second dream and Meredith “bonus” scene.


    • Activated optional Meredith BJ in Kitchen scene.
    • Fix Brooke’s Status: field in her journal (always Unmet).
    • Add a “You hear voices in the kitchen” proclamation when you enter the Living Room and Meredith and Brooke are in the kitchen discussing report cards.
    • Increased maximum number of concurrent dialogue options in hopes of fixing a bug where Scott’s dialogue tree can go off the end of the screen (I was unable to duplicate this).
    • Fix a bug where an I See Dead People quest progress banner from Lucy’s quest line will get stuck on the screen.
    • Fix Jasmine phone number not showing up in the phone interface.
    • Fix issues with Jasmine’s journal hints.
    • Use day shader in the phone interface so MC isn’t sitting awkwardly in the dark when he’s calling people.
    • Fix “Meet me upstairs” line attributed to MC instead of Meredith from hug in the kitchen.
    • Adjust side and top hotspots in Computer closeup Interface so 4:3 aspect ratio (1280×1024) can exit the screen.
    • Modify the “Stay Strong” option when Brooke and Jasmine are persuading you to fix Brooke’s grades so you get the same “fan service” as the “Let’s See ‘Em” option.
    • Narrator dialogue when you try to use the map indoors.
    • Fixed a bug on first day where it says you have already showered when you haven’t.
    • Fix issues with Jasmine’s journal.
    • Improve vague hints in Meredith’s journal.
    • Add Silhouette showing where the door to Mom’s room is.
    • Remove weird artifacts from disclaimer screen (opening the game)
    • Fix not being able to pan over to Mom’s bedroom door in 3:2 aspect ratio (1280×1024)
    • Fix game map centering issue in 3:2 aspect ratio (1280×1024)
    • Fix a couple of misattributed lines when asking Scott about Time Machines.
    • Reintroduced “Make Bed” option when clicking on MC’s bed which will let the player know that the unmade bed is not part of the Clean Your Room quest.
    • Cursor pointer icon will change when hovering over an interactive hotspot.
    • Changed line of dialogue in basement about “not having enough Empathy.”


    This is what you can expect as far as new content:

    • The first set of quests for Brooke’s story. Because it’s early in her route, there are no explicit sex scenes with Brooke in this update. There are two “reward” scenes, but they are merely erotic in nature (imagine only playing Meredith’s route up to and including the kissing scene).
    • Visual/Aural Enhancements to existing reward scenes. (Meredith’s Kissing Scene, Meredith “Bonus” Scene, and Lucy Cowgirl Scene).
    • Windowed Mode/Full Screen Support + Resolution Dropdown + GFX Quality Toggle
    • New location: Video Arcade (Interior + Exterior)
    • MC Specialized sprite animations (you can now hug Meredith in the kitchen, the intensity of which depends on your progress with her)
    • Rudimentary Map interface for travel (will be improved over time)
    • Added Summon Nicole button to the HUD. She no longer pops in unsolicited. You have to summon her to get hints/advice from her.
    • Max Save Games size raised from 6 to 48.

    v1.0.0 Hotfix
    Added code in certain scenes to “unstuck” the MC upon loading. This will rescue saved games where the player is frozen. From my testing, this bug could only happen in the Living Room, Upstairs Hallway, Shed, and Basement.
    Increased the hotspot size for the trash poking out of the trash can in MC’s bedroom to encompass the entire trash can. I believe some players were clicking on the full trash can instead of just the small bit of trash poking out and coming to the (understandable) conclusion that the trash can wasn’t a hotspot.
    Renamed “Restart Game” menu option on the pause menu to “Main Menu,” since it takes you to the *checks notes* main menu.
    Changed all dialogue references to needing more “Intimacy” to generic, situation-specific “you can’t do that messages”.
    Changed all dialogue referencing needing more “Empathy” to generic, situation-specific ‘you’re not ready for quest that messages”.
    Enabled Two “Perks” for the Bonus mom scene.
    Jasmine’s phone number now appears in the Journal when you discover it.
    Lucy’s eyeball reflections also vanish with her when she disappears in her dialogue scene.

    Hotfix v0.9.4a
    Clicking while text is scrolling will complete it. Click again to dismiss.
    Increased text scroll speed significantly.
    Double clicking while navigating causes the player to move much faster.
    HUD Icons (Inventory, Map, Journal, Settings) will always be visible on the screen and the size of their icons was reduced.
    Exit hotspots were added to the top and bottom of all closeups, Character Dialogue screens, and “reward” scenes to make the game playable for players using 1280×1024 resolution.
    Using the hand icon on the newspaper will no longer show the newspaper closeup, therefore preventing the dreaded character freeze when leaving the scene.
    If you *happen* to have a save game that was saved while in the Newspaper closeup, you will be teleported to MC’s bedroom, where the freeze does not occur.
    Fixed a bug where repeating the BJ scene Meredith will come into your room and stop at the bed and the scene would never start.
    Added Quest Accepted and Quest Completed banners for the Clean Your Room quest.
    Disabled “Make Bed” option from the bed menu (so not to confuse the Clean Your Room quest). The menu will still be there if you restore from a saved game.
    Removed random debug hotspot in the Mom sitting on trunk scene.
    Fixed some Meredith portrait dialogue that was misattributed to the Narrator.

    Initial Release

    How To Install Five of a Kind

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Five of a Kind Free Download






    Walkthrough: PASTEBIN


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