It’s been a month since this… thing… has started living in my room. I’ve actually become used to it by now… but there is one problem.

It seems to be romantically interested in me…



Yuuji is usually alone on the train home after working at the convenience store, but this time it’s different… That’s because the slime he lives with has transformed into his colleague Takamiya and is at his place of work…


Doukyo Suru Neneki Hentai English Subbed

Doukyo Suru Neneki Hentai Summary – Doukyo Suru Neneki / The Slime That Lives Next Door – Based on the manga of the same name by DATE in 2023. The protagonist of the hentai is a loser Yuji Fujiwara, who failed to get into university and now works in convenience stores. He constantly makes mistakes – he breaks a vase or makes a shortage. Therefore, on a full-time basis, he is not taken anywhere. However, the hero can not be constantly unlucky. Once he was walking home he was …

Name: Doukyo Suru Neneki (同居する粘液 第1話 日常の中の非日常)
Author: King Bee
Genre: Foot Job, Big Boobs, Monster, Blow Job, Hand Job, Plot, Censored, School Girl, Fantasy, Swimsuit,


Rating: / 5. Vote count:

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Doukyo Suru Neneki [Episode 1-2]

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