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At the Mountains of Friendship [v1.1.0] [Completed]


At the Mountains of Friendship Free Download Latest Version

At the Mountains of Friendship Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You play as an ancient, unknowable, eldritch entity doing the thing such..

Developer: Apollo Seven Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.1.0
OS: WindowsMac
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, fantasy, monster, strategy, vaginal sex, anal sex, groping, group sex, multiple penetration, lesbian, female domination, oral sex, creampie, bdsm, big ass, big tits, male domination, tentacles, voiced, multiple protagonist, combat, LGBT


At the Mountains of Friendship is an autobattler taking inspiration from games like
Hearthstone Battlegrounds or Super Auto Pets.
You play as an ancient, unknowable, eldritch entity doing the thing such beings do best
is making teams of magical girls.

Recruit magical girls to help contain the damage you’re doing to their reality. Sure it might make them go crazy, but what’s a few ruined lives compared to saving all of time and space? Saving it from you, but that’s not important.

Form bonds between your girls to make them stronger in battle. Different pairings have different potential for how good friends they can become with each other, up to and including being lovers. Each girl has two others she can form a romantic bond with, sex scene included! With the power of friendship, anything is possible!

This first release has 40 sex scene CGs, with each girl having her own storyline about her descent into corruption. The more she fights and is exposed to your eldritch energy, the hornier she gets.

Each girl has her own sexual theme and aesthetic. Build a team based on who works best together, or who you just want to see have sex. One may be more optimal, but the other might be more fun. Fetishes themes include bondage, femdom, free use, tentacles, cuckoldry, gangbang, and more!

At the Mountains of Friendship Download
At the Mountains of Friendship Download
At the Mountains of Friendship Download
At the Mountains of Friendship Download
At the Mountains of Friendship Download


New Content:
Added Leader mechanic
Added Sarah for $10 patrons moved Lydia down to the $5 slot

Gameplay changes and other fixes:
Added an autosave feature and the ability to continue from the main menu
Reworked Cynthia’s abilities
Reworked Natalia’s abilities
Reworked Elizabeth’s abilities
Changed the ability that makes dog lovers have less health, to make dog lovers take more damage
Did some file size optimizations


New items:

  • Added Abstract statue with the effect “Granting me bonus EXP gives 2 instead of 1”
  • Added Dead Bird with the effect “If I’m the front girl, give me health equal to twice my level”
  • Added Bundle of Tentacles with “At the start of combat, if I’m the lowest level of the girls I’m fighting with, double my stats”
  • Changed Rebar to “At the start of combat I gain attack and health equal to my highest friendship level” from “Gain double relationship points”
  • Changed Fancy Jewelry to “When another girl levels up anywhere, give me 3 EXP” from “When you sell another girl gain +2/+2”
  • Changed OId Fashioned Hat to “At the start of combat, deal damage equal to the monster equal to my EXP” from “At the start of combat, kill the back girl and gain her stats permanently”

New monster abilities:

  • Items that trigger at the start of combat have the opposite effect
  • Cat lovers deal half damage
  • Dog lovers take double damage
  • Cat lovers get -1/0
  • Dog lovers get 0/-2

Other additions:

  • Added a small cut scene before the final boss
  • Added a turn counter to the recruit scene
  • Added lots of tooltips
  • Improved the tutorial and fixed some broken popups that never appeared

Fixes and changes:

  • The VHS tape item no longer counts as buffing the girl
  • Scaled-down the end bosses’ stats
  • Fixed one of the unassign girl buttons not working
  • Bundle of cash now gives +3/+3, up from +2/+2
  • Changed the scaling of some girl abilities (mostly Maya and Elizabeth to make them more in line with each other)
  • Added a name box to the girl info screen
  • The number of EXP boosts left is now displayed
  • Increased the size of the monster ability text on the girl assignment screen
  • Fixed a number of typos and cut scene scripting errors
  • Fixed Madison having her day exposed and slutty clothes switched in some cases
  • Fixed setting audio sliders to 0 causing them to reset.
  • Fixed the hide dialogue button only hiding the textbox and not the text itself
  • Fixed the scene indicator exclamation not showing up for scene 7
  • Renamed Scene Viewer mode and Gallery to Scene Gallery and Image Gallery

How To Install At the Mountains of Friendship

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

At the Mountains of Friendship Free Download






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