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    A Town Uncovered [v0.40a]


    A Town Uncovered Free Download Latest Version

    A Town Uncovered Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You play the new kid in town, a senior high school student is who is just trying to get through the final years of his teenage years.

    Developer: GeeSeki Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.40a
    OS: Windows, Linux, MacAndroid
    Language: English
    Genre: 2DCG, Animated, Incest, Milf, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Seduction, Lesbian, Freeuse, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Titfuck, Group Sex, Male Protagonist, Lactation, Mobile game, School setting


    You play the new kid in town, a senior high school student is who is just trying to get through the final years of his teenage years, one day at a time. When one night, you accidentally happen across this alternate universe where public lust and sex are socially acceptable. Imagine a world where you can have sex anywhere at any time you feel like it with anyone you want? Which begs the question; What bad could ever happen?

    A Town Uncovered Free Download
    A Town Uncovered Free Download
    A Town Uncovered Free Download

    CHANGELOG – The Electric Dreams Update
    Alpha 0.40

    • +Main story progress
    • +Spelling, grammar, italics fixes
    • +Added train station location
    • +Added townhouse entrance location
    • +Added forest safehouse interior location
    • +Added office tasks minigames to Main Story
    • +Added BG & CG asset for tour scene with Eloise
    • +Added CG assets for quick reminder main story scene
    • +Added CG assets for knockout news main story scene
    • +Added forest safehouse exterior location
    • +Added Missus kitchen seatfun H-Scene (talk to her in kitchen after end of her side story)
    • +Added Teghan female bathroom H-Scene (random encounter at Uni on Tuesday or Friday)
    • +Added Lailah H-scene when you visit Jacob’s house during the day (random occurrence)
    • +Updated Meghan female bathroom H-scene encounter rate (Uni on Monday or Thursday)
    • +Updated researching CG asset
    • +Updated remaining menu screens with update UI assets
    • +Fixed repeating scene at the office after the tour with Eloise
    • -Edward’s Tapes CG assets not final rendered
    • -Edward’s Scene in Truth Comes Out CG asset not included yet

    +Updated UI elements
    +Main story progress
    +Added main menu BGM
    +Added new office BGM
    +Added dev note on save and load page on how to delete save files
    +Added final email proofreading minigame assets
    +Added final copy machine minigame assets
    +Added missing remaining assets for movie threesome with Missus x Jane (H-scene)
    +Added Mc x Jane eating Effie out (H-scene, talk to Jane in the morning on a weekend)
    +Added Jane movie date
    +Updated Miss Allaway objectives
    +Fixed incorrect sprite when asking Director Lashley out to the movies
    +Fixed coffee run office task not working
    +Fixed character name typo when hanging with Missus watching dramas
    +Fixed phone objective text that goes over the box
    +Fixed Miss Allaway’s normal to casual wear sprite at the cafe
    +Fixed event not triggering in the alleyway in Director Lashley’s storyline
    +Fixed HUD not showing up during Missus x Jane x MC storyline
    -Jane post-movie dream sequences not added
    -Lashley post-movie dream sequences not added
    -Some menu screens still use old design

    Alpha 0.38b
    +Minor Bug Fixes

    Alpha 0.38a – The Red Ribbon Update
    +Main Story Progress
    +Updated More H-Scenes to new H-Scene Code Structure
    +Added Office Copy Machine Mini-game
    +Added Email Proofreading Mini-game
    +Added Post Nut Clarity CG Scene
    +Added Lashley’s Eye 2 Eye Kiss CG
    +Added Patron-voted H-Scene #1 (Missus x Jane x MC in Boxfort)
    +Added Patron-voted H-Scene #2 (Lashley visits you on a Sunday after the 20th)
    +Added Lashley’s Bedroom Interior BG
    +Added Eloise’s Office Location
    +Added Office Supply Room Location
    +Added Lashley Movie Dates
    +Added Edward’s Actual VR Headset Mini-side story
    +Fixed Townhouse button lighting bug
    +Fixed Lashley’s Objective too long bug
    +Fixed Alanna showing up when she’s on break bug
    +Fixed Corner Store pushing you to the map bug
    +Fixed Restaurant pushing you to the wrong map section bug
    +Fixed Wabee Cheat Bug
    +Fixed and Clarified Some Objective Prompts
    -Lashley Post-Movie Dream Sequences not added
    -Office Copy Machine Mini-game Assets Temporary
    -Email Proofreading Mini-game Assets Temporary

    v0.37a – The Memory Update
    +Updated the Rest of the H-Scene Code to Have it Loopable
    +Main Story Progress +Spelling and Grammar Fixes
    +Added Pre-Load Options for Lashley
    +Added Mall Stores Interior Final Assets
    +Added Night Version of Office Floor
    +Added Remaining Sprite work for Lashley’s Side Story
    +Added Lashley’s Hunger CG Scene & H-scene
    +Added Psycho Breakdown CG Scene & H-scene
    +Added Evie Character Sprite
    +Added Evie Button in Eloise’s Lobby
    +Updated Elevator Assets
    -Lashley’s Post Nut Clarity CG Complete but not Fully Coded
    -Zariah’s Party VIP Section H-Scene still need to be Rendered
    -2x Uptown Locations still need to be Rendered
    -2x Office Minigames Incomplete
    -2x Office Locations still need to be Rendered

    Alpha 0.36a – The Drunk Update
    +Spelling and Grammar Fixes
    +Completed Lashley’s Storyline
    +Updated Some H-Scene Code to Have it Loopable
    +Added School Parking Lot BG for Lashley’s Story Scene
    +Added Safety and Home Life CG
    +Added Lashley Drunk and Frisky Finger H-Scenes
    +Added Lashley Drunk and Frisky Oral H-Scenes
    +Added Lashley Drunk and Frisky Cunnilingus H-Scenes
    +Added Lashley Drunk and Frisky Boobjob H-Scenes
    +Added Lashley Drunk and Frisky Post CG Assets
    +Added Lashley Aftermath CG Assets
    +Added Funky Teas CG Assets
    +Added Character Button Assets for Zariah’s Party
    +Added Dorothea Character for Zariah’s Party Scene
    +Added Sprite work for Multiple Lashley Scenes
    +Added and Fixed some lines for continuity
    -2x Uptown Locations still need to be Rendered
    -Mall Stores Interior Final Assets Incomplete
    -Lashley’s Hunger Scene CG Incomplete
    -Lashley’s Ending Scene CG Incomplete

    Alpha 0.35b
    +Text Cleanup
    +Fixed and Added Sprites in Office Elevator
    +Fixed Violette Shocked Talking sprite
    +Fixed End of Main Story bug (end as of this version)
    +Fixed repeating dialogue bug throughout game
    +Fixed Lashley Church scene and can now be reachable
    +Fixed Waking up alone scene after movie night threesome sprites and background
    +Fixed intersecting scene triggers in the Jane and Main Story
    +Various Minor Bug Fixes

    v0.34 Alpha

    Cheatcode: stickmentos

    Alpha 0.34a 
    – The Outside Update
    +Director Lashley Story Progression
    +Updated the Up Town Map Day & Night Version
    +Updated CG Scene of ‘Post-Breakfast News’
    +Updated Police Station Exterior at Night Art
    +Updated Office Building Exterior Map Asset and Background
    +Updated Office Floor with Furnished Conference Room & Manager’s Office
    +Added ‘Climax Out’ Option for Hitomi at the Beach H-Scene
    +Added CG Scene for You Can Freak Out Now Scene
    +Added CG Scene for Bottoms Up Scene
    +Added CG Scene for The Lashley Aftermath Scene
    +Added CG Scene for Hints of a Problem Scene
    +Added CG Scene for Distractions Scene
    +Added Dishes and Vacuum Scenes During the Naked Chores Punishment
    +Added Music to the Nightclub and the Street at Night
    +Added Lashley Manor’s in Uptown
    +Added Office Conference Room Art
    +Added Manager’s Office Art
    +Added Office Bathroom Art
    +Added Eloise’s Floor Lobby Art
    +Added Abandoned Lot Art
    +Added Cliff Art
    +Added Forest Art
    +Added Mine Entrance Art
    +Added Corner Store Art
    +Added Apartments Art
    +Added Restaurant Art
    +Added Church Art
    +Added Graveyard Art
    +Added Neighbour (Left) Art
    +Added Neighbour (Right) Art
    +Added Navigation Buttons for Street, Abandoned Lot, and Cinema Locations
    +Added Navigation Buttons for Cafe and Corner Store
    +Added Cole Throwaway Chat Dialogue
    +Added Luna Throwaway Chat Dialogue
    +Fixed Ambience Playing when leaving the Gym at Night
    -Luna Throwaway Sprites not complete
    -Cole Throwaway Sprites not complete
    -Lashley Story Sprite Work To Be Done
    -4x Uptown Locations still need to be Rendered
    -Mall Stores Interior Final Assets Incomplete
    -Dusting Scene for Naked Chores Punishment Scene Incomplete


    • Added an Uptown
    • Added 8 New Uptown Locations:
      • Motel, Restaurant, Townhouses, Church, Mayor’s Estate,
        Graveyard, Forest, Cliff, Abandoned MInes
    • Added 5 New Main Town Locations:
      • Neighbour1, Neighbour 2, Corner Store, Apartments, Abandoned Lot
    • Added 9 New Office Interior Locations:
      • Main Lobby, Elevator, Main Office Floor, Conference Room, Unisex Bathroom,
        Supply Room, Manager’s Office, Eloise’s Office, Eloise’s Floor Lobby
    • Added 8 New Office Characters:
      • Carmen, Skylar, Corrine, Gloria, Kanako, Bradley, Howie, Mr Fistem
    • Main Story Progression
    • Spelling & Grammar Fixes
    • Sprites Added to Scenes
    • Added Input Box for Naming Characters
    • Added Shopping Menu for Hendai’s Comic Book Store
    • Added Shopping Menu for Grundle Sam’s Things & Stuff Store
    • Minor Logic Fixes
    • Minor Scene Transition Improvements
    • Uptown Map Incomplete
    • Many Locations Still Need to be Rendered
    • New Main Story Content written but not coded in
    • Store Interior Final Assets Incomplete
    • Gift Cards and Gacha Items Unavailable

    +Main Story Progression
    +Added Full Missus x Jane x MC Threesome Story
    +Added ‘in alpha’ disclaimer in the splash screen
    +Added ‘in construction’ and ‘art in progress’ disclaimer assets
    +Added sound effect test for Missus’ post-dinner H-Scenes
    +Added Director Lashley and ‘Missus & Jane’ option to Time Travel Feature
    +Added CG asset for Lashley’s Strange Noise Scene
    +Added CG asset for A Talk with Lashley Scene +Added CG asset for The Polaroid Scene
    +Added CG asset for Prawn Police Scene
    +Added CG asset for That Shit Ain’t Mine Scene
    +Added extra CG asset for Chilling at Mall with Friends Scene
    +Added extra CG asset for Quality Fam Time Threesome Scene
    +Added rock, paper, scissors minigame with Jane after completing her side story
    +Added ability to revisit some Jane h-scenes after completing her side story
    +Updated changelog buttons on the MC’s PC
    +Updated assets for naming characters at the start of the game
    -Missus x Jane x MC ‘Punishment’ Scene Assets Unavailable

    How To Install A Town Uncovered

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game
    Cheat code: weirditems

    Cheatcode for 0.39: sourjournal

    A Town Uncovered Free Download



    MAC (v0.39a)


    ANDROID (V0.18c)



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