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    Zombies Retreat 2: Gridlocked [v0.8.1 Public]


    Zombies Retreat 2: Gridlocked Free Download Latest Version

    Zombies Retreat 2: Gridlocked Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Welcome to Crimson City! A city known for it’s diverse districts, cutting edge technology, and promising citizens.

    Developer: Siren’s Domain Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.8.1 Beta Public
    OS: WindowsAndroid
    Language: English
    Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Adventure, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Combat, Corruption, Groping, Horror, Incest, Male protagonist, MILF, Monster, Puzzle, RPG, Teasing, Voyeurism,


    “Welcome to Crimson City! A city known for it’s diverse districts, cutting edge technology, and promising citizens. However, everyone has their own dark secrets to hide. When a strange zombie outbreak occurs, it’s up to one hero to save the beautiful women remaining and put a stop to this horrible mystery plaguing his home.”

    Zombie’s Retreat 2 is an action RPG involving a young (18yo) adult caught up in a horrible incident. Taking place shortly after the events of Zombie’s Retreat 1, our hero will learn more about the true mysteries involving the zombie outbreak while rebuilding his own district: The Grid.
    Fight zombies, construct your own home base, and most importantly, ‘bond’ with your beautiful survivors!

    Zombies Retreat 2: Gridlocked Free Download
    Zombies Retreat 2: Gridlocked Free Download
    Zombies Retreat 2: Gridlocked Free Download

    v0.8.1 Beta Public
    This update adds NSFW content to two characters: Jenny & Meredith! Meredith receives a small new questline after her main story is complete while Jenny receives a proper conclusion to her main story!

    The NW corner of the West District has received some modifications. These new areas are very important for the new quests in Beta 0.8 as well as some upcoming content.

    Difficulty options are now available with a choice of Easy or Normal mode! (Hardcore will come at a later date.) Transferred save files will be asked to choose their difficulty the first time you enter The Grid.

    Easy mode also has the ability to activate Cheat mode. The journal in your bedroom will have the ability to toggle invincibility mode & no water/food demands. However, this will label your save file as “Cheat” as a small repercussion.

    I’m hoping these changes add a bit more accessibility for those who enjoy the world of ZR2 but don’t necessarily want to struggle surviving in it.

    == Beta 0.7.2 Changelog ==
    -Fixed Day 1 issue with Fiona
    -Fixed no paizuri option with Stacy

    == Beta 0.7.1 Changelog ==
    -Fixed collision issues
    -Fixed lighting issue in Arcade

    Beta 0.7 Changelog
    Scenes Added:
    Stacy Paizuri (+ Whipped Topping)
    Stacy Sex (Diner/Arcade)

    Profile Scene Added:
    Stacy Trip/Kiss

    Photo Added:
    Stacy Blowjob (Unlocks from Paizuri scene)

    == Content Update ==

    Beta 0.7 concludes the main portion of Stacy’s story as well as adding a bunch of new QoL features & other activities!

    Stacy’s story continues from her early milkshake creating and heats up as she feels the need to return back to her previous
    job for a short task. As usual, things can never be simple when a familiar threat appears!

    == Pictures/Camera ==

    The camera feature has been added to Zombie’s Retreat 2, offering a new gallery that you can unlock pictures for as you
    interact with the survivors of Crimson City!

    To find the camera, you will need to trade with the new mysterious dealer who can now be found south of the Medical District.
    Once obtained, the camera may snap a bonus picture during certain NSFW scenes offering a little more context and views to
    existing scenes.

    At the time of this update, only one picture exists but there will be many more added!

    (Note: The gallery size can’t be changed after a save is made. To compensate, the gallery holds 50 pictures… it is
    highly unlikely I will hit 50 pictures by the end of ZR2)

    == Fast Travel/Bus Stops ==

    The bus stop system from Zombie’s Retreat 1 makes a return now in Crimson City! Bus stops can be found in various areas of
    the city and once unlocked, you can instantly travel between discovered bus stops with ease.

    This will also mark the first time you can go to the East & West Districts in one scavenge session!

    In a future update, a buildable bus stop will be added to The Grid so you can fast travel to even further points of the city
    with ease.

    -Various typo fixes
    -Increased Meredith Heart minigame requirements (from 4 hearts to 6)
    -Future proofed to require more or less for various difficulty settings
    -Added some repeat dialogue for Meredith BJ & Sex scenes
    -Repeat BJ can lead into sex scene after story completion

    -Slight dialogue tweaks & event improvements
    -Added a couple one-time loot items around the hospital map
    -Map bug fixes
    -Fixed looping error on Meredith BJ Repeat
    -Fixed static image error on Meredith Sex Repeat
    -Adjusted loot table rates (+water & +medicinal herb. slight -ammo & -materials)
    -Fixed loot table giving wrong item in apartments
    -Fixed sleeping MC duplicate (no he doesn’t have a hidden twin brother, this is not lore lol)
    -Replaced outdated water sprite in Fiona’s crafting menu
    -Fixed potential softlock with Stacy’s starting quest

    Beta 0.5.2
    This update introduces the beginning’s of Olivia’s storyline as well as finishes up the base functionality for Stacy’s Diner!

    I mentioned a bit before during the $5+ Patron release but this update is one that in general I wasn’t super pleased with. I feel the past few updates haven’t had a satisfactory amount of NSFW content and have focused too much on game mechanics. But still, I think fans of Olivia may enjoy the start of what’s to come and those who enjoy deeper gameplay elements may enjoy the improvements that milkshakes can add.

    For Beta 0.6, my plan is to hit the ground running with a proper focus update. I’d really like to finally introduce that ‘home run’ moment with Meredith! I’ll make a post detailing my plans for that very soon. NSFW content & story are the primary focus moving into 2022.

    0.4.2 Beta

    Busts Added:
    Norman Reeves

    Scenes Added:
    Meredith Shower Masturbation

    CG Animated:
    Meredith Shower/Shower Masturbation

    CG Added:
    Meredith & MC Sleep

    Profile Scene Added:
    Meredith Kiss (Hug Variation)

    New Grid Construction:

    == Content Update ==

    Beta 0.4 splits most of it’s attention between the main story & Meredith’s personal story.
    When you have rescued atleast 2 new women, you should experience a cutscene when you go to sleep. This cutscene will lead you into the first major quest for progressing the main story of the game.
    For Meredith, her content continues where her previous update left off at. Continue to talk with her and see what new events await!

    == New Resolution ==
    Probably the most noticeable part of this update is the fact that the game is now featured in larger screen size!
    The character busts & artwork were all re-done to prevent any upscaled quality loss so the images should look a bit more crisp and clear on your screens!
    There may be some slight hiccups with some maps & other details since I often hide things offscreen that normally wouldn’t be viewable so I will monitor and check for any of these issues.

    == New Weapon ==
    The shotgun makes a return in this update finally allowing you a second weapon to use! The shotgun has a bit more utility in this game compared to ZR1 as it has the ability to kill most zombies in one shot. It’s meant to be a more expensive but effective method at clearing out zombies.
    You can find this new weapon during the new main questline content.

    == Stereo/Music Control ==
    I’m still experimenting with a default song that I think properly represents the feeling that I want to convey in The Grid.
    There is a new constructable object that will allow you to customize which song plays in your home base. For those that prefer the nostalgic ZR1 music, that can be selected.
    Future songs will likely be added along with the ability to change what music plays when exploring outside.

    == Other Misc Changes ==
    -Overhauled item listings
    -I can now manually set categories a little easier. Shouldn’t be too noticeable from the player side
    -Added some more dinner dialogue options & convos
    -Added daytime location(s) for Meredith
    -A few new sprite animations added to idle NPC’s
    -Misc fixes/improvements

    v0.2.0 Beta

    Busts Added:
    Olivia (“Counselor”)

    Scenes Added:
    Meredith Shower Peek (CG)
    Meredith Shower HJ

    New Location:
    Diner (West District)

    == Content Update ==

    Beta 0.2 begins to get the ball rolling with the main content of Zombie’s Retreat 2, starting with Meredith.

    This update begins some of her early quest/storyline so there is finally a little bit of NSFW content added to the game. Her story is by no means completed yet so there’s still more to come but I really wanted to have H content finally available.

    == The Grid Functionality ==

    Behind the scenes, this is probably the highlight of this update. A lot of time was spent trying to figure out how to properly
    convey a clean and logical menu system for building new buildings, editing previous structures, and assigning quests to items
    within The Grid’s functionality.

    With this update, Fiona’s Day 2 quest now can be completed and this gives a little tease as to how you will be able to build and
    edit buildings/facilities in future updates!

    Meredith’s questline also has some ties to this new system. I hope I’ve done a satisfactory job making sure this system feels
    easy to understand!

    == Olivia Recruitable ==

    I’ve added the first new rescuable woman to the game, Olivia. Olivia is very similar to Caroline in Zombie’s Retreat 1 as far as
    her ‘role’ to the main character. You can customize her role to your liking.

    When recruited, she will occupy the empty room in your upstairs. Future rescuable women will instead move into the motel to
    the North East of your town home.

    Her recruitment cutscenes also varies slightly if you have specific allies in your party! This should help keep the interactions a
    little more natural.

    == Other Misc Changes ==

    -Added destructable boxes in various locations
    These boxes need to be attacked to break open and will yield various resources
    -Added rain/weather effects
    -Added Quest log in options menu
    -Custom keyboard controls in options menu
    -Misc bug fixes/improvements

    How To Install Zombies Retreat 2: Gridlocked

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Zombies Retreat 2: Gridlocked Free Download






    Walkthrough: DIRECT LINK


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