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Wifeys Dilemma Revisited [v0.48]


Wifeys Dilemma Revisited Free Download Latest Version

Wifeys Dilemma Revisited Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – This Game is a reboot of Wifey’s Dilemma.

Developer: 3Diddly Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.48
OS: WindowsMac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, male protagonist, big ass, ntr, sharing, vaginal sex, teasing, mobile game, management, sandbox


This Game is a reboot of Wifey’s Dilemma, with many new upgrades and features.
In this game, the main character marries his friend so that she can stay in the country (Both characters can be renamed).
He had feelings for her when they were younger, but never managed to act on them.
Now that she’s married to him… who knows?
The game follows the experiences of this young man.
He will meet other women, and will be able to develop his relationships with them.

Attention: NTR is avoidable. Sharing is avoidable. Read the Developer Notes please.
The developer will ignore all comments about the optional NTR in this game.

Wifeys Dilemma Revisited Free Download
Wifeys Dilemma Revisited Free Download
Wifeys Dilemma Revisited Free Download

Changelog 0.48:
Social media/phone/achievements update
Social media:
 14 new social media events have been added to the game. You’ll need to restart to see everything. Social media now has dynamic comments that will change based on your playthrough. You can see how the story evolves differently on different playthroughs.
Phone: Fixed some older phone events, and added in some more dialogue. Wifey’s profile can now be seen in texts.
Achievements: All achievements are now accompanied with a reward render that is not found in the game. Added 39 rewards.

Other changes:

  • Lots of bug fixes from older events
  • All achievements should now be obtainable
  • Menu fixes
  • It’s now possible to obtain the trait “Budding exhibitionist” by Snooping in addition to how it was obtained before.

Changelog 0.47:
Continued Lee/Mr. Davis’s path

Non NTR: The PC will discuss the current situation with the Pledged. He will have the chance to get some action in the office!
Soft NTR: Mr. Davis can show up, and the PC can invite him for more fun. Depending on the Love points, this scene can diverge a few times.
Hard NTR: Snoop to see an event (1 pre snoop, short). Depending on Wifey’s Love Points, two branches can occur.

– Fixed some bugs with DD’s script for older soft NTR scenes
– Added sexual experience counter to have better descriptions in the menus (Have to restart game to see this.

Changelog 0.46:
Continued Katie/Jamal route Valentine’s Day update

Non NTR:

  • If Love Points are high enough, Wifey will talk about her relationship with the PC
  • Katie can be invited
  • If Wifey has the Sapphic Desires trait, there will be an extra scene.
  • 2 Scene variants with Katie

Soft NTR:

  • Same beginning as Non NTR
  • Jamal is also invited
  • When Jamal shows, you can chose either Katie or Wifey to be with him. Several scene variants with a highly requested PC action at the end of one of the scene variants (You can guess what it is).

Other changes: Dialogue additions by DD to previous Jamal’s Club events in soft and hard NTR paths.

Changelog 0.45:
Continued Katie/Jamal route
In this Valentine’s update, the PC will be able to take Wifey on a romantic date for Valentine’s day! This update is a bit bigger, so I had to split the non-NTR and sharing paths to 0.46.

Hard NTR: Jamal and Rashon have plans with the girls. Depending on your choices/traits, the event will play out differently!

Changelog 0.44:
Continued Lee/Mr. Davis route

Non NTR:

  • For the next event, Wifey seems to be in distress. The PC will go to a meeting with the Pledged.
  • In the meeting you can choose to either join up with the Pledged or not. If you do, you’ll need to help them. The PC will meet a known character in the 3Diddly universe.
  • Spicy event right after the meeting!

Soft NTR:

  • Same as Non NTR, but with a twist to the spicy event!

Hard NTR:

  • The PC will not be invited to the meeting. If you picked USF, you’ll be able to Snoop.
  • Very different scene, not recommended for those who don’t enjoy hard NTR.
  • New “Permissive” trait can be obtained here!

Other changes: Some bug fixes and grey screen fixes.

Changelog 0.43:
Continued Lee/Mr. Davis route

Non NTR:
The PC will be able to spend some quality time with Wifey, having dinner and chilling at home! Wifey will do some dress up if he plays his cards right!

Soft NTR:
The PC can ask Wifey to send some spicy photos to Mr. Davis. He might call back at the end of the night, and Wifey could respond to the call!

Hard NTR:
If you are USF, make sure to use the Snoop in the menu before spending time with Wifey. This event will interact with the other scene later.
When Wifey comes home, depending on if the she is open about what she is doing with Mr. Davis or not, the scene will play out differently. If the PC’s points are higher than Mr. Davis’s points, he can still change the outcome of this evening!

Other Changes:
– Fixed a bug where portraits would bug if the 5th snoop event was opened late. If you restart the game, this event will expire if you haven’t snooped. If not, just start and end the event, and everything should be fine afterwards.
– Added bonus trait selection after choosing path with either Mr. Davis or Jamal (Beginning of the game) The trait selected will not trigger the corresponding achievement. All traits can still be obtained normally. This change was made to help players struggling to find a specific trait.

Changelog 0.42
Continued Katie/Jamal’s route, finished Xmas event!

A stranger approaches Wifey when she goes out to get some air, but he seems to have hostile intentions. Depending on what the PC does in each route, things will play out differently!
Non NTR: PC can decide to confront stranger, and Wifey will be able to get Max love points!
Soft NTR: If PC decides to back off, Jamal will come in to help. If this happens, he will gain influence points with Wifey.
Hard NTR: If PC decides to back off, Jamal will gain a major advantage in the competition.

Changelog 0.41:
Continued Katie/Jamal route, Part1 of xmas event!

In this update, the PC will be invited to a special party.
Non NTR: Katie will talk about past events with the couple, a heated scene ensues!
Soft NTR: Katie and Wifey catch up, and they have a special gift for the PC! Jamal joins on the whim of the PC.
Hard NTR: If Wifey doesn’t care that the PC knows about her affair, she will openly be intimate with Jamal in front of him with Katie for 1 scene. If not, the PC can snoop to see what they are talking about, but there are no extra Snoop scenes for this update.
Other changes: DD added some soft NTR dialogue for events in previous updates. Thanks DD!

Changelog 0.40:
Continued Katie/Jamal route

3 scenes for each route (non NTR, soft NTR, hard NTR) with 1 alternate scene for Snoop ability.
Wifey will have a special gift in this update! (Physical change)
For Soft and hard NTR routes: You’ll be able to acquire a new trait for Wifey: Snowbunny Initiate!
Other changes:
Dialogue fixes, thanks to DD!

Changelog 0.39:
Continued Katie/Jamal’s route. In this update, Wifey has stumbled into a predicament working for Jamal. There seems to be a gang war, and she might be in danger! Based on the PC’s choices, different things will happen.
Non NTR: Wifey stays with PC, and Jamal apologizes.
Soft NTR: Wifey stays with PC, PC comes to get Wifey after work.
Hard NTR: Wifey stays with Jamal, PC has to visit Wifey at work.
3 scenes, and 1 variant scene if the PC has Snoop.
Other changes:
Bug fixes. Also fixed Hardcore mode on Jamal/Katie Path so PC can sort of fight for her and regain love points (The PC will always fail on the hardcore path, gaining points is just an illusion of progress.)

0.38 Changelog:
In this update, Wifey and the PC will host a Halloween party! (Lee’s route) (Completed)
Non NTR: One more bathroom scene at the end of the update. Short Tanya scene added.
Soft NTR: Mr. Davis shows up looking stressed. The PC can decide to be a good friend, and ask Wifey to help him out. Mr. Davis can join in on the bathroom scene at the end. Short Tanya scene added.
Hard NTR: Added more renders and script to the second event.
Other changes: Added dialogue for some Soft NTR routes, written by DD.

0.37 Changelog:
Continued Mr. Davis/Lee scenes

In this update, Wifey and the PC will host a Halloween party!
Non NTR: Mr. Davis shows up, but the PC can easily tells him off. Wifey will do something special for the PC afterwards.
Soft NTR: Mr. Davis shows up looking stressed. The PC can decide to be a good friend, and ask Wifey to help him out.
Hard NTR: 2 scenes, requires Snoop. Mr. Davis shows up and causes some problems. The PC can anger him, so Wifey decides to calm him down.

Other changes:
– New social media and texting system: interactive menus, and even liking Wifey’s pictures! Unlock her social media to access it in the Daily menu.
– One APK file! No more expansion packs for android!

0.36 Changelog:
Continued Mr. Davis/Lee scenes

Non NTR:

The PC will surprise Wifey at work, and take her to a bar. You get a short foot scene if that’s your thing, if not, you can skip.

Soft NTR:
The PC will surprise Wifey at work, and take her to a bar. If the PC agrees, there will be some special videos for him! Another romantic scene will follow.

Hard NTR path:
Wifey looks uncomfortable during the date. The PC can hack into her phone to see what’s going on…

Other changes:
New side portrait: Cat girl! See the guide for the redeem code.
Bug fixes, and achievements added.

0.35 Changelog:
In this update, the PC will be able to take Wifey to a bar on the non NTR and sharing paths.
Non NTR: Mr. Davis is not present. PC takes Wifey on a date. If they have joined the Pledged, he will be able to give her a nickname (customizable).
Soft NTR: Mr. Davis can join the date. If the PC has joined the Pledged, he will be able to give her a nickname (customizable).
On the hard NTR path, wifey will explore her role as a Protected, and the PC will watch helplessly. Mr. Davis will give Wifey a nickname (customizable). If Wifey is aware that PC knows about them, this route will have a different outcome.

0.34 Changelog

In this update, you’ll be able to see some of the consequences of the choices made in the Bahamas update.

Non NTR: Jamal is not in the picture in this update. The PC will have a relaxing evening with Wifey.

Soft NTR: Jamal and Wifey will invite the PC for some fun when he picks her up from work.

Hard NTR: Wife and Jamal are doing something after work. The PC can decide to snoop on them.

Other changes: Lost of bug fixes, as usual

DD has helped me with some dialogue in past events on Katie/Jamal’s routes. You’ll be able to see the additions if you restart a gameplay through “soft Ntr” paths with Jamal.

Changelog 0.33:

Non NTR: Finished Bahamas event, and added option to upgrade Budding exhibitionist trait at the end of the update. The PC will also confront Jamal, and decide how to deal with him when they get back from the trip.

Soft NTR: Finished Bahamas event. Can also upgrade Budding exhibitionist trait at the end of the update. Added ability to upgrade Jamal’s relationship status with Wifey to boyfriend/girlfriend, or stay friends with benefits, or break up. If the PC’s relation with Jamal is poor, Jamal will confront the PC at the end.

Hard NTR: Finished Bahamas event. Can also upgrade Budding exhibitionist trait at the end of the update. Added ability to upgrade Jamal’s relationship status with Wifey to boyfriend/girlfriend, or stay friends with benefits, or break up. The PC will confront Jamal at the end of the update with a plethora of different possibilities (there’s a lot) depending on what options the player took. Explore them all!

Other changes:

– Added social media system. Check the Phone tab in the menu.

– Tons of bug fixes, including Lee/Davis route bug fixes.

Changelog 0.32:
Non NTR: Wifey spends some time with the PC at the end of the night with a surprise!
Soft NTR: the PC can invite Jamal along for some fun, or allow Wifey to choose what she wants to do (Jamal affinity vs PC’s love points check.) She will act differently based on the current stats!
Hard NTR: Wifey lets Jamal do something new with her…
Other changes: New dialogue added for 0.31 scenes, bug fixes.

Changelog 0.31:
This update is larger than my typical updates (About twice as many renders). 0.32 will consequently be shorter, and will include bug fixes and polishing.

This update includes 3 main scenes, a wet t-shirt contest scene that varies depending on your route, and a snoop scene.
In the non NTR route: The PC will take wifey on a romantic trip to the Bahamas. If the PC decides that Wifey will enter the contest, they could win a nice prize. There is currently no other content if wifey doesn’t enter the contest.
In the sharing, non antagonistic route: Jamal will join the couple on the trip. It’s up to him if he wants to share Wifey with Jamal. Beware, even though Jamal is not antagonistic, if there are multiple critical stat check failures, Wifey could gain interest in the PC’s competition.
NTR antagonistic: The PC will follow Jamal and Wifey to the Bahamas, and snoop on them. If Wifey wins the wet-shirt contest, she may drift even further away…
– Fixed a bunch of bugs from the previous Jamal event

Changelog 0.30b (bug fixes and QOL):

– Fixed Wifey’s journal entry bug on game restart

– Added ability to change save file names

– Added a status to show if Wifey is aware of the PC snooping around in the menu (Check the screen shot)

Changelog 0.30:

– Finished the birthday event on Lee’s route, tied up all different possibilities (This one had quite a few)

  • Added a romantic ending to the event if the PC decided not to join the Pledged in various routes, or if he is on the Non-NTR path or various sharing paths.
  • Added 1 soft NTR scene. The PC can allow wifey to go to Mr. Davis’s house alone after the previous sharing scene. This is still considered sharing because she keeps in contact by texting, but skip this if it makes you nervous.
  • Added 2 hard NTR scenes. They can be accessed by staying at the party. Depending on if wifey knows that PC has been snooping around, you can access a scene where Mr. Davis comes over. If Wifey wants to keep it a secret, she will go to Mr. Davis’s house.

– Other: Added side portrait skin system

How To Install Wifeys Dilemma Revisited

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Wifeys Dilemma Revisited Free Download








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