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    Wicked Paradise [v0.19.4]


    Wicked Paradise Free Download Latest Version

    Wicked Paradise Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Take control of a young man who struggles to find a place in the world and doesn’t know what lies before him.

    Developer: VEGA Studio Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.19.4
    OS: WindowsMac, Linux, Android
    Language: English
    Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Romance, MILF, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Graphic violence, Incest, Masturbation, Sex toys, Voyeurism, Handjob, Blowjob


    Take control of a young man who struggles to find a place in the world and doesn’t know what lies before him. Discover people stories around you and your inevitable consecration into a world of crime.
    Build relationships with them, knowing what people do and like. Your choices may or may not get you what you desire.

    Wicked Paradise Free Download
    Wicked Paradise Free Download
    Wicked Paradise Free Download

    * Fixed Andrew/Steve event/s, especially Event 5 accessability
    * Added new map icons
    * Changed how Katherine’s first event triggers, now through new icon
    * Some graphical text changes
    * Changed how events are shown in the Log
    * Boring code related fixes/stuff



    Added values for Music, Sound, Voice volume, Text speed etc.
    New design for Choice buttons

    Fixed some label definitions that prevented major scenes from occurring
    New pc icons design, more colorful and with alternative hover movements
    Implemented dynamic pc icons code, pc desktop can take up to 50 icons total
    New “This PC” icon, currently have options to select color of icons text , probably will feature an option to move icons on ingame pc desktop
    Hiding GUI in Player’s room when choice to “sleep” or “stay awake” is present to avoid bugs
    Presplash image should now be properly shown, to indicate that something is going on at the game startup

    fixed bug preventing from triggering Emily’s interaction scene
    added Desired Love SE presplash icon

    further label, variable, image maintenances
    changed map transition, from fade to dissolve
    removed map ‘skip time’ button when day time is night
    attempt at better backwards compatibility (Loading from 0.05.X and older saves should now load without any errors)
    minor bug fixes and code changes
    Note: If background music isn’t playing, pick a scene from “scene replay” and skip throught it with “skip” button to start playing it.

    added Julia’s scene
    added Emily’s interaction scene
    remastered Julia’s first morning scene, twice as long, 2x30fps animations

    new reworked GUI

    added smoother transitions between rooms and locations
    added music
    added sound effects
    changed main menu buttons style
    added main menu credits screen
    source code maintenance
    images maintenance

    variables maintenance, changed and deleted old (You may get an immediate error screen after load, pass it with pressing ‘Ignore’ button. This unfortunately is a byproduct of backwards compatibility.)

    bug fix map, crash when accessing map during night
    bug fix scene replay, crash when accessing Amanda’s scene
    fixed ‘Return’ button in main menu, disabled right click to prevent background bug
    various minor bug fixes
    fixed some Katherine’s scene text inconsistencies
    fixed text typos

    Notice: Saves are still backwards compatible with previous versions (0.04, 0.05 and all their iterations), planned backwards compatibility until version 0.1. This may change with engine rework.

    How To Install Wicked Paradise

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    it requires full restart of the game. Saves do not work

    extract the file into the main folder (where the game exe is)

    Wicked Paradise Free Download



    MAC (v0.14)


    ANDROID + INCEST PATCH (v0.11.1a)

    Incest Patch: DIRECT LINK – MIRROR
    Walkthrough:DIRECT LINK – MIRROR
    Full Save (V0.10): DIRECT LINK


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