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    The Wants of Summer [v0.156F]


    The Wants of Summer Free Download Latest Version

    The Wants of Summer Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – A young man returns to his home city; Goldream city.

    Developer: GoldenGob – Patreon
    Censored: No
    OS: Windows
    Language: English
    Genre: 3dcg, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, teasing, milf, incest, sandbox, school setting, titfuck, handjob, oral sex, voyeurism, animated


    A young man returns to his home city; Goldream city – to enjoy summer to its fullest.
    He’ll come to realize that his world is not as it seems, and only upon investigating does he discover the truth.
    Meanwhile, he’ll have some fun.​

    The Wants of Summer Free Download
    The Wants of Summer Free Download
    The Wants of Summer Free Download

    v0.155/0.156F Public
    Redone scenes; Liz park scene, Kate bath scene, Keisha intro Gym scene, Jane flat intro scene
    Redone videos for those scenes
    New intro
    New commission scene included
    Changes to dialogue
    Bug Fix

    New Deep Bond Minigame, found in relationship tab on Brenda and Kate ( Have to meet requirements)
    New story progression with Kate and Triss
    13 new animations
    Redone earlier scenes (Kate Shopping and Brenda Drunk Night)
    Option to hide dialogue bar
    Bug fixes
    Adjusted some minigames to be easier

    – Extended night scenes with Brenda
    – New Keisha scene
    – Animated orgasms for most sex scenes in game
    – Changed the order of some events
    – New quest indication system
    – Fixed bug regarding inventory (crashing when giving or taking items)

    v0.141 Patreon
    Extra content

    v0.141 Free
    Bug fix

    v0.14 Free
    – New Halloween features
    – 1 Halloween scene with Brenda
    – 1 Commission scene with Brenda
    – 1 Jane scene
    – New art
    – Changed music in some scenes.

    – Fixed issue with money reset after load
    – Fixed inventory issue reset
    – Many UI changes
    – More coded messages to be found
    – New scene with Brenda
    – New scene with Maddie
    – Story progress for Lindsey
    – Fixed typos and other issues found in scenes
    – Fixed issue on not progressing beyond Kate’s onlyfan session

    Update focusing on story progression of Triss and Lindsey, including 4 new scenes with Brenda and Kate.
    – 2 new scenes with Brenda, Bath and PATREON scene
    – 2 new scenes with Kate, Spoon and PATREON scene
    – Lindsey scene in cosplay club
    – Triss scene in Staff Room
    – Bug fixes
    – Typo Fixes
    – UI adjustments

    Shorter update focusing on the developments with Liz and the larger narrative of the game.
    Many twists await and an entire world beyond your horizons seeks to make itself knowne.
    I hope I can execute this story according to my vision, but it will require skills in many areas and software.
    I will still release updates in the meantime, just that I may have to learn DAZ and UE5 to achieve what I want in the future.

    – Code reworks
    – Ability to fast travel from phone
    – Visual changes with UI
    – Changed sprites to be “animated”
    – Changed Beth sprite
    – Changed some early renders, mainly involving Kate
    – 2 new “super” scenes, very long with multiple choices involving Brenda and Kate
    – Dialogue edits throughout game.

    v0.1.1 (Patreon)
    – New scene with Keisha in Shower
    – Start of Chapter 2
    – New scene with liz in PATREON VERSION
    – New scene with brenda in PATREON VERSION
    – Changed some scenes to give you more relationship points
    – Some code rework

    – Many UI updates
    – Sprite overhaul for certain characters
    – Minigames for faster progression
    – 2 new sexual scenes with Brenda
    – 1 new sexual scene with Kate
    – 1 new sexual scene with Liz
    – Major story progression for Liz
    – Many bug fixes
    – Changed renders for beginning of game

    – Fixed Saving Issue
    – Change dialogue style, making it easier to read and identify who says what
    – Updated quest journal to make it easier to progress

    – 2 new oral scenes with Liz
    – 2 oral scenes with Kate
    – Fixed some bugs
    This is the second half of the previous update, not much has changed regarding UI or other game features. That will come later on.

    – UI updates
    – New scenes with Liz, including 1 animated sex scene
    – New scenes with Kate, Including 1 oral scene
    – Fixes for prior content
    – Fixes for inventory

    – 4 new scenes with Jane (Massage, Oral)
    – 3 animated scenes with Jane
    – 3 new scenes with Brenda (Massage, Oral)
    – 3 animated scenes with brenda
    – 1 new (tiny) scene with kate on sofa
    – Fleshed out some other content (Gym Coach)
    – Gallery
    – UI adjustments
    – New music (randomized throughout house and other areas)
    – New small intro for chapter 1
    – Option to start from previous update

    – New Main Menu video loop
    – Redone code
    – More interactivity with navigation and HUD objects (Phone, Computer)
    – More events with characters
    – 3 new scenes with Brenda (1 animated scene)
    – 2 new scenes with Kate (1 animated scene)
    – New character Jane (1 animated scene)
    – New Character Keisha
    – 1 new scene with Liz
    – New music
    – Redone intro
    – Changed many existing scenes
    – Bug fixing

    How To Install The Wants of Summer

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    The Wants of Summer Free Download



    MAC (v0.151)


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