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    The Princess and the Tower [v0.9b] [Completed]


    The Princess and the Tower Free Download Latest Version

    The Princess and the Tower Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Through a magical accident you, a shady goblin.

    Developer: y.v. Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.9b Public
    OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
    Language: English
    Genre: 3dcg, adventure, anal sex, animated, bdsm, corruption, exhibitionism, fantasy, goblin, groping, handjob, male domination, male protagonist, oral sex, point & click, prostitution, puzzle, sandbox trainer, vaginal sex


    Through a magical accident you, a shady goblin, are transported into the tower of a locked up Princess.

    Procure gold for the Princess to help her escape plan, train her and put up with her sometimes odd behaviour, whilst finding out what lurks in the shadows…​

    The Princess and the Tower Free Download
    The Princess and the Tower Free Download
    The Princess and the Tower Free Download

    NOTE: _NOT_, and I can’t stress it enough, save game compatible to older versions for technical reasons.
    To only play specific content, you can start a new game and select “Jump to Act I, II, III, IV, V…”

    KNOWN BUGS V0.9 Public:

    • None

    RELEASE NOTES V0.9 Public

    • Sidequest: Rings for Irith
    • Sidequest: Attic Fun II with Nyx (Patreon VIP request)
    • Harem Animations: MC and each girl
    • Girl on Girl Harem Scenes: Nyx-Gwynn-Illiana-Irith
    • Sidequest: The Belt at Last
    • Minigames: The Goblin King Levels
    • Minigames: The Halls Of Knowledge Level
    • Magic Mirror Benefits
    • New Location: The King’s Bedroom

    RELEASE NOTES V0.8 Public

    • Act V integrating all current and future endings
    • Ending Two: (Mildly) Dark Ending
    • Evil Irith Quest (The Amulet, The Magical Contraption, The Ingredients)
    • Mini-game Dungeon: The Goblin Burrows
    • Gwynn Training Quest (Institute Interactions, Demonologist Outfit, …)
    • Mini-game dungeon: The Institute Cellars
    • New Character In The Tower: Illiana as Captive
    • New Quest Character: Neetha the Goblin Girl
    • New Tower Location: Illiana’s cells
    • Changing bath attendance screens Nyx
    • Balancing (less grind, new high value recipes)
    • Various dialogue and minor art updates, game flow bugfixes
    • GUI: All notifications respond to SPACE

    RELEASE NOTES V0.7 Public

    • COMPLETELY OVERHAULED QUEST SYSTEM (detailed steps, auto-update, …)!
    • The Crystal Plug Quest: Prepare Illiana and Nyx for the final mission
    • Assistant Plug Trainer Quest: Irith helps out with Nyx
    • A Magical Cage Quest: Build a Magical containment for Illiana
    • Infiltration Quest: Send Nyx to explore the Keep
    • Capturing The Queen Quest: Capture Illiana
    • Mini game: Map Assembly (merge & slide)
    • Mini animation: In the attic
    • Many new gallery screens (up to #45)
    • The End of A Tale: Game Ending One
    • Art & Animation: Various redone screens ( belt action scene, institute, shop, illiana poses, …)
    • QoL: Autobalancing, Dungeon loot list, portal game fast mode attack, map game skippable, …
    • GUI: Redone notification screens, supply chest, …

    RELEASE NOTES V0.6 Public

    • Story Development: A New Masterplan (Endgame Lead-In)
    • Board Game: Queen A.I. Attack Starts!
    • New character (Gwynn)
    • New Research Tree (Outfits, Items, Game play, …)
    • Dress-Up Screens for Nyx and Gwynn (new outfits & accessories)
    • New Mini-Game Boss Level (The Insanitarium)
    • Cut scenes: Interaction with Irith (Belt) – Continued
    • Cut scenes: Training of Nyx – Continued
    • Cut scenes: Training of Gwynn – Phase I
    • Balancing and QoL changes
    • Jump Start “Act III”
    • Expanded gallery

    RELEASE NOTES V0.5.1 Public

    • Irith: New cutscenes (hallway reward, belt opening, bath massage, pet walk, …)
    • Nyx: New cutscenes (tavern dancing, interaction with Gwynn)
    • Iliana: New cutscenes (toy usage)
    • Gwynn: New character & interactions
    • Portal: New portal location (The Archives, The Archives Treasure Chamber)
    • Minigame: Belt lock picking
    • GUI: Gallery with screens to collect achievements etc.
    • New items
    • New tower location (The Attic)
    • Improved inventory
    • Some bug fixes and graphical updates / re-renders
    • Rebalancing (Nyx loot improved by level, ….
    • console mode now active by default (SHIFT-O)


    • Recompiled with cleaned up renpy “from _call” code elements
    • Enabled console mode by default
    • Backmerged fix for overflow error from V0.5.1 (magic chest issue if more than 35 items in inventory)

    RELEASE NOTES V0.5a Public

    • Irith: New cutscenes (100k completion, spanking, training room)
    • Nyx: New character, Thieves’ Guild assistant for mc
    • Delegation of morning bath chore and dungeon runs to Nyx
    • Training Arc of Nyx (Phase I, Discipline, Exposure)
    • Portal Expansion strategy mini-game (new mc day activity)
    • Portal locations: Item shop, brothel, tavern
    • Arranging of game into acts ( I+ II), entry point selectable at start
    • Misc. gameplay improvements
    • New items, “use item” interface (for later extensions)
    • New dialogues

    RELEASE NOTES V0.4.1 Public

    • Irith: Lots of cutscenes with gratuitous nudity
    • Irith: Mini-animation of Irith sprites when aroused
    • Illiana: Fullscreen nude mirror dialogues once portal is open
    • Quest help system
    • Dialogue changes to give MC better guidance
    • Upgradeable build materials (eg. Iron-> silver-> gold etc.)
    • Streamlined crafting, batch crafting
    • Improved dungeon mechanics
    • Accessible inventory
    • Save game compatible to V0.4 (unless you have a corrupted V0.4 RC3 save-game w/ “no ero novel” bug”

    How To Install The Princess and the Tower

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    The Princess and the Tower Free Download








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