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Star Periphery Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – A futadom/femdom retro sci-fi adventure game focused on atmosphere and immersion.

Developer: VoidPilgrim Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Sci-fi, Dating sim, Romance, RPG, Multiple endings, Male protagonist, Futa/trans, Trap, Milf, Virgin, Female domination, Big ass, Big tits, Monster girl, Anal sex, Oral sex, Handjob, Titfuck, Sex toys, Creampie, Groping, Humiliation, Sissification, Spanking, Teasing, Voyeurism, Internal view


A futadom/femdom retro sci-fi adventure game focused on atmosphere and immersion.

The setting’s main inspirations are cult classics like Fifth Element, Farscape, Space Truckers, Red Dwarf, Battletech, Syd Mead’s paintings, and other similar older sci-fi works. I am hoping to emulate that seedy, B-movie, lived-in atmosphere. Dirty and functional environments but still immersive and fun enough to live in. You can check the screenshots above and let me know if this goal of mine succeeded or not.
Or at least, this all applies to The Periphery, where most of Part 1 will be situated. What else is there waiting for you in this vast new universe? You’ll see!

The gameplay loop is not entirely linear as regular kinetic novels are since there are a fair number of choices. However, it is not fully open world/sandbox make-your-own-adventure either. If anything, the gameplay is a merge of more or less linear storylines (with different outcomes) situated in locations you can visit at your leisure. Both locations and characters are also tied to specific fetishes. I understand that not everyone is, for example, into feminization/sissy content; hence such content is locked in specific locations or with specific characters. If you interact with these characters in connection to the story, you don’t have to engage in fetish content you do not wish to see.
An elementary perk system reflects the main character’s experience (both practical and sexual), translating into different scenes and outcomes. Perks unlock as you play most of the time, so there is no grinding.

That’s what we are here for, after all. Star Periphery has two main themes: Futadom and femdom. Futadom offers a whole spectrum from harsh, domineering futas, to gentle, more romantic ladies and everything in between. Be vary, though – individual characters have their own numerous fetishes, be it denial or cumplay, and many others. The Femdom section primarily offers latex, edging/orgasm play, bondage, worship, medical play, training, feminization/sissification, and much more.

The game has very limited “porn physics.” As I want my game to be as immersive as possible, I believe the same should apply to sexual content. For example, you are interested in romancing a certain especially well-endowed lady. All is good, but you can hardly expect your virgin main character to be able to take her foot-long package without proper training first, right? I don’t see this as an obstacle to gameplay. I see this as a chance to make plenty of spicy stretching/butt-training scenes first. But where to look for such a thing? That depends on you, player.

Characters and story:
In part 1, there is a lineup of five “main” characters you can romance, countless side characters with whom you can repeatedly engage in lewd action, and some support characters you can have fun with at least once. Or, more specifically, they will have some fun with you.
Just like the main characters vary in their own kinks, they differ in body types. No matter if you prefer classic oh-so-thicc futas, fit tomboys, shredded muscle girls, goth-y/punk ladies, or soft motherly types with some extra meat on their bones, I got you covered. The screenshots above offer a sneak peek at some of the cast.

Star Periphery Download
Star Periphery Download
Star Periphery Download

New Content:

  • Lyssa (6 scenes )

New Content:

  • The Mines Day 3 (two new scenes)
  • Another iteration of reworks

Technical additions & Fixes:

  • A complete proofreading of the previous content (R1, R2, and R3)
  • Slight updates to the GUI (smaller notifications)
  • Numerous general fixes from previous releases.

New Content:

  • Iris Day 2
  • Amira Day 2
  • Gloryhole 2

The Market:

  • Anitta’s Fashion: Clothing & Feminization,
  • PSX Salvage: Practical items,


  • Neighbor 1

Technical additions:

  • Added The Gallery to the main menu.
  • Added numerous sound effects throughout the game.
  • Added multiple new music tracks throughout the game.
  • Expanded the Patreon/Subscribestar supporter list.


  • Even greater slaying of many typos/weird stylistic choices. A colossal thanks to a kind anonymous proofreader who went through the whole text!
  • Fixed numerous minor continuity errors.
  • Various cosmetic corrections in previous releases’ content.

New content:

  • Tessa Day 2
  • Lise Day 2
  • Space Derelict Mission 1 (2 scenes, 2 bad ends)
  • Spaceport Day 2
  • Meeting the pirates
  • Mines Day 2

Technical new content:

  • Added the bad ending mechanics
  • Added first layer of sound effects to various scenes
  • Added multiple new music tracks throughout the game
  • Expanded the Patron/Subscribestar supporter list
  • Added new icons to the main menu

Fixes and technical changes:

  • Changed the main menu look
  • The great slaying of many typos (thanks for the help, everyone!)
  • Various cosmetic R1 & R2 corrections

New content:

  • Amira Day 1
  • Iris Day 1
  • Spaceport Side Jobs 1
  • Bar Side Jobs 1
  • Bar Gloryhole 1
  • Mines Day 1

Technical new content:

  • Added skill checks to the game, including notifications
  • Added the “hide interface” button to the in-game menu
  • Added “Content List” to the main menu so that you can check what is left to do
  • Added Patron Credits to the main menu
  • Added three new music tracks

Fixes and technical changes:

  • Reworked the orientation in the Bar:
    – Changed visibility of the “Exit” and “Restrooms” buttons in the Bar
    – Removed text that sometimes caused a looping bug
    – Fixed the issue causing Booth 3 in the Bar not to respond correctly
  • Fixed a bug causing both Tessa and Lise telling the player as if it was their first day.
  • Fixed an army of typos (thank you all who helped me point them out!)

Release 1 (initial release)

How To Install Star Periphery

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Star Periphery Free Download








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