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Sorrow Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – What can a newcomer who has just appeared in this world do? 

Developer: LustFight – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.96.2f
OS: Windows, Linux, MacAndroid
Language: English, Spanish, Italian
Genre: 3DCG , Male Protagonist, Big Tits, Big Ass, Female domination, Lesbian, Male domination, Milf, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Vaginal sex, Horror, Female Protagonist, Animated, Anal Sex, Cheating, Footjob, Group sex, Interracial, Masturbation, Fantasy, Superpowers


The story is about an ideal society after life, where there are no human vices left, harmony and mutual respect reign, but at some point a tyrant came to power, who destroyed the balance and integrity of the whole society. What can a newcomer who has just appeared in this world do? Let’s see it in the game.

Sorrow Free Download
Sorrow Free Download
Sorrow Free Download

Version 0.96.2f
TOTAL: 67+ animations 2700+ Renders

New prologue
250+ Renders

Version 0.96.1f
TOTAL: 67+ animations 2600+ Renders
80+ New renders
4 new animation
Sex scene with Chansi
Fourplay renders with Inferno
Fourplay renders with Lonly
Sexy sounds (More soon)
New loading before open the game

Version 0.96.1
TOTAL: 63+ animations 2500+ Renders

Sorrow storyline finale
350+ new renders
3 new animations
txt changelog and walkthough in game folder
Sex scene with Sora
Sex scene with Gardenia Leishen

Version 0.95
New main menu
New animated gallery
New font
Correcting old dialogs and adding new ones
English fix
New sounds
New pages added to the Glossary
New Tips
More checkpoints
Changing the code structure
Possibility to return to the 1st island from the 2nd
Text walkthrough in the game folder
New honor board
Removed restrictions from the Gifted role on the patreon
Bug fix
Route Sorrow won the vote for the following update (patreon)

Version 0.9
The last storyline is about Sorrow
250+ new renders
5+ new animations
fix some bugs
+1 1.5$ spot on patreon

Version 0.7
300+ New Renders
10+ New Animations
Several new tracks
The new “Fana” storyline
New female protagonist.
Saves for Fana storyline
Temporarily removed ALLFUCKER mode
English proofreading in Fana and Lonly storyline
Additional checkpoints
Fix bugs in Lonly storyline
Additional available space for $1.5 on patreon.
New promotion starting tomorrow (5/23/2022) on patreon.
New update roadmap
New game trailer

Version 0.65
The Glossary System. The glossary appears at the beginning of the game and is filled in as the game progresses. Inside it is information about the characters you meet or recognize along the way. Inside is useful information and facts that you already know. The purpose of the Glossary is to show the player that things are not as complicated as they seem. The main thing is to pay close attention to what’s going on.
English subtitles in the opening cut scene
New “Honor Board” menu with the patrons that participated in the last promotion. Can be opened at any time in the main menu.
A new reworking of English. Completely fixed the “Spirit of Destruction” storyline, half of “Lonly” and half of “Chrysanthemum Chansi”. The next update will be a complete fix of Lonly and Chansi.
The 10-second survival scene has been complicated. (With Rose Fengshen.) Now there is a timer with 2 seconds and you have to click correctly on the answer choices.
Added more checkpoints
A new promotion on patreon that starts today! (29.04)

Version 0.6
250+ new renders
15+ new animations
Route “Lonly” Without a finale
Explanation of the powers of each of the Pillars, additional information about the world and tasks
70% english rewised
Walkthrough (Available at any time in the main menu)
Check Point System (Returns to the last choice after death, instead of being thrown into the main menu)
Transparency of text box reduced by 50%
New game mode “Truth and Fiction”. (So far only announced in the game, gameplay will be in the next versions)
Discord link updated
Additional extended description of the game
New game trailer

Version 0.57af
New costume for Fana in ALLFUCKER mode
Some renders in the game have been replaced by animations
End of storyline with Chrysanthemum Chansi for Episode 1
English corrections (Start-Cave(Before Inferno questions))
ALLFUCKER fix bugs
Game fix bugs
New promotion on patreon until the 21st April

Version 0.55
New video of Astra Yanvang at the beginning of the game
Added Italian language
Added Spanish
Bug fix
little Eng fix

Version 0.5
New Spirit of Destruction storyline, to start it you need to enter a cave using the map (Done everything except the final scene, all final scenes will be posted in update 0.99 to avoid spoilers)
New game mode ALLFUCKER, to try it, you need to click on the heart icon in the game map. It’s a mode where you don’t have to explore the plot, but just have fun “dating” a girl. (Currently DEMO version, only 1 girl is available, but with each new update the number of girls, costumes and features will multiply)
Full English fixes up to and including version 0.4. Version 0.5 will be checked for the next update
Some bugs fixed
If you have translations in other languages (Spanish, Italian, etc.) leave links to your sources, I’ll add them directly into the game in the next quick update
Start of development for new tags (incest, femdom, blackmail)
350+ new renders
30+ new animations
Several new tracks

How To Install Sorrow

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Sorrow Free Download





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