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Scarlet Ashbringer [v0.2.4]


Scarlet Ashbringer Free Download Latest Version

Scarlet Ashbringer Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – you play as a common Scarlet Crusade’s soldier working at Tyr’s Hand…

Developer: Scarlet Ashbringer Studio – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, parody, dating sim, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, teasing, adventure, sandbox


Scarlet Ashbringer is a Dating Sim/Visual Novel (In development) set in Warcraft’s universe. So far, only Eastern and Western Plaguelands are available, but more region will be explorable too.
In this game, you play as a common Scarlet Crusade’s soldier working at Tyr’s Hand, when destiny decided for some reason that you should be the one wielding the Ashbringer ! Freshly taken by force at Naxxramas, so it is corrupted.
Azeroth needs the Scarlet Crusade ! Can you save it from fanatism and its inner enemy ?…​

Scarlet Ashbringer Free Download
Scarlet Ashbringer Free Download
Scarlet Ashbringer Free Download


Known bug : I was told at some point, when you hug Whitemane, the previous image wouldn’t disappear and you would seen two Whitemanes superposed. I couldn’t find the bug, if you encounter it, please contact me

But let’s talk about the Update first
First of all, it will not have as much content as the Jaina part, since the story is mostly done. It will have, however, no less than 4 artworks, depending of what choice you made at the end of the last update!
Also, I’ve started to implement new mechanism. You can now sleep in bed with Whitemane. I mean, more than a black screen!

A few quest chain has been started as a set up for the next update, and might end abruptly. Don’t worry, I won’t abandon them!
Speaking of abandoned quest chain, I have finally finished Light’s Hope return quest, so you can report to Tyrosus if you blew up the Ziggurats! It will also start a new quest chain around Darrowshire, but it is not finished. There’s much to explore in there! I hope you will have fun

What’s next ?
As you can see, there is not that much content. This update is more a “proof of life” and a trial of some new ideas. The “Crimson Update” will be the big gun. I know you may be disappointed to see a small update after all this time, but it is only a “part 2” of a previous update. I made it bigger and it took time, but it is not a “true” update.
So thank you for your patience, I will keep working on the next update. I’ve already put together a lot of work, but it will be truly a giant update. So for now, please enjoy the Jaina Part 2 update, I hope you will like it. I had a ton of fun working on it, and I hope we will continue this adventure!0.2.3c

  • Added an option to forcefully start the Jaina update at Chromie. Only accessible if you finished Hearthglen’s storyline

The Jaina update is divided into 3 phases, and two of them are ready ! The two first phases are the storyline, the last phase is more focused on the H scenes and closing content. I will release it somewhere in February I think

Also : You will see a placeholder for Jaina’s reading, it will be changed in the future update.

Phase 1 :

  • Focused on Jaina story and Gandling
  • Few mild H-scene with Jaina (placeholder)

Phase 2 :

  • Second act, stuff happening with Jaina very story-focused
  • Development of Alistra !
  • A few H-scenes with Alistra

How to play
To reach Jaina’s update, you need to finish Hearthglen story. Or more exactly, you need to do so to finish it.

0.2.2c patchnote
-Corrected a bug preventing to update a 0.2.2 save
-Corrected a bug that would prevent you from seeing your private quarter’s poster
-Corrected a weird bug where Benedictus would morph into a giant at some point
-Corrected a bug where you couldn’t see abbendis due to an event not defined
-Corrected a bug where Abbendis’ new scene won’t trigger if you already completed Hearthglen’s story in your previous save

Should be rich in content, but given hwo Abbendis’ update was long I cannot promise Jaina’s update will be quick
A bug seems to have escaped my beta and my patreon’s release, so I am forced to release the 0.2.2b already

-Corrected a typo that caused an error when goign at the tavern for some hints

-Removed The French Space™ that was before every “?” or “!” because it annoyed people
-Corrected a few typos

-Fixed an issue in Stratholme where the game tried to use a deprecated display system because I forgot to update in there :/

-Fixed an incomprehensible error and didn’t properly set up the variable during a new save
-Fixed a dumb typo in tavern where I wrote True instead of False >.> It only affects early game, if you didn’t have any issue, carry on

v0.2.1 : Madness of Hearthglen
-Hearthglen is now open ! What adventures await you ?
-Around one-two hour of content
-Meet Lilian Voss and Marjhan !
-Discover the mysteries of Scholomance !

How To Install Scarlet Ashbringer

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Scarlet Ashbringer Free Download






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